Sometimes life can take unexpected turns and force you to reassess where you think are in your journey. There was a time in the past where I’d see that kind of interjection in life as a nuisance, a hurdle, an injustice. Something which got in the way of my plans and rendered my vision unbelievable. Over the years (after many hurdles)I have done a lot of soul-searching, learning and inner work and without realising it, in doing so, I embarked on a journey of authenticity and connection to my divine nature. Such that now there is no room for nuisances, hurdles or injustices. These things have instead become learning curves, visions, pit-stops and lessons. I NEVER cease to be amazed by the synchronicity in life but it’s only in being open and awake to these energies that I spot them. I will never subscribe to the brainwashing of positive-thinking. I subscribe to reality – the light and the dark, for without one we don’t know the other. Humanity remains the biggest mystery of all to me. And at a time when I am about to embark on a journey of learning about human behaviour and the psychology of human beings I do feel my interactions with people (some loved, some not) in the last two years have all prepared me for the next step. The winds have gently been wafting over me and a recent gust pushed me firmly into the path that is now ahead of me. “There’s a reason why you attracted that energy into your life, and only you will figure that one out” my good friend Ngombo said to me recently. Painful to hear but necessary. “I know first hand how people (often unconsciously, often purposefully) seek to thrive on finding someone stronger, more emotionally honest, and therefore (paradoxically) more vulnerable than themselves to coerce them into doing all their emotional work for them.” said my good friend Javena. Insightful and mind-blowing to see it articulated in this way! I am so blessed to be part of a collective of consciousness that thinks openly and is fully accepting of the magical divinity in life. Blessed am I also that I am meeting people, sometimes transiently, who are opening my eyes in ways unimaginable. I am thankful and grateful for all the lessons from ALL the people who I’ve known or crossed paths with. So, just as people come into your life, disappear, stay, reappear – so should the lessons that they bring. Life is fluid – it’s a everchanging pattern of energies, a dance, a theatrical show. When you bend and soften to the undulations of our universal energies your responses to those influences also become a dance. So when I say we should write our own stories and make our own music this is what I mean. People, experiences, challenges, even victories don’t harden me anymore. When we harden we create pain, illness, dis-ease, confrontation, vitriol and suffering in various forms. These are forces which are heavy, divisive, consuming – they take life away. The ultimate power comes from an understanding and embracing of the higher forms of consciousness accessible to all of us – acceptance, courage, willingness, love, joy and peace. These are light, complete and energizing forms of consciousness, that when properly embraced no-one or nothing can break. For there is nothing to break. Soften like the sea-grass against the wind. There is no weight there. There is nothing to hold you down. So, when people try and hurt or maim, these are reflections of their own lower forms of consciousness at play. They reflect their own failings and fears on to others. If you aren’t in tune with the magical dance of life you may make the mistake of hurting or breaking under someone elses influence. Observe the perpetrator, observe the energy. Give it light and love, for in those moments of “injustice” they need it more than you. As the great Mahatma Gandhi said “You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”

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