I Am Just A Woman: An Extraordinary Woman



Who am I?


I’m nobody special.


I’m just another person who lives with mental illness. Bipolar Disorder 1, being the primary, along with others.


I’m one more added to the pre-existing bunch who has lived a not-so-great life. I tend to think of mine as far from Champagne and roses, though hell on earth may be a more fitting description.


I am just one more grown-up still trying to heal the wounds of living a dysfunctional childhood.


I am yet another woman who’s has the unfortunate experience of foolishly falling in love with a narcissist again and again.


I am just another parent trying to figure out the “right way” to do things with their kid.




I am nothing spectacular.


I am just a woman.


An extraordinary woman.


A woman who has lived a life that would have crushed the spirits of others.


A woman who has had no choice but to learn to cope and heal from a life of mental illness, toxic relationships, and simply; chaos.


I am a woman who has a love, peace, and happiness vibe towards life. Some would say I have a rather eccentric but enjoyable personality.


I am an advocate


A survivor.


A dreamer.


I am a woman who tries to inspire whomever I can in whatever way I can. I guess you could say I’m a modern day Mother-Teresa dressed in a much better outfit.


I’m a woman who strives to live life to the fullest, with a smile on her face, no matter what life may choose to throw her way.


And I’ve been doing it for Twenty-Two years; Four of those being free of medications and therapy.


How do I do it?




I write.


I write every single day.


I write the thoughts that dance around in my brain.


I write to cope.


I write to heal.


I write so that none of us feels alone.


I write to educate.


I write to inspire.


I write so that you and I both, can survive for at least one more day.

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