I Miss My Boyfriend: What To Do When You Miss Your Boyfriend

Being apart from your boyfriend can be tough, especially if you two share a deep bond and you do many activities together. Missing your boyfriend so much is a totally normal reaction to being separated from them.

Long-distance relationships, occupation, and many different things sum up to make you miss your boyfriend so much. Missing your boyfriend is a whole new thing, like just missing someone else like your friend. A boyfriend is someone you have intimacy with and engage deeply with. It will always take a lot more, so if you are far apart most of the time. Far apart, like different locations, or maybe he is a person of too much traveling due to his occupation.

Understanding how busy and how tight his schedule is so breathtaking. Therefore, you need engaging things to keep you busy so that you may not take all of your time thinking and missing him so much.

Here are some of the best things you can do when you miss your boyfriend. The tips are to make your relationship bond stronger.

Reduce the anxiety of you missing him and not allowing sadness to cover you when you miss your boyfriend and give you a positive mindset is the purpose of this article. 

Things To Do When You Miss Your Boyfriend

Create your time

In a relationship, you can hardly have time for yourself, and you focus on your goals with your partner.

It comes hard for some when they miss someone and are not able to deal with the situation.

Although it is selfish not to follow up with your boyfriend, you will do yourself good by taking your own space and unwinding from your relationship.

When you miss your boyfriend, it is advised to take your time which means you can either read your favorite book, rewrite dreams you had for yourself, do things you could not do, talk to family and friends.

This will always give you more happiness and content than you had in your relationship.

You will build up a better person who loves themselves and with nerve-breaking self-esteem without any self-doubt.

Devote time to your friends

In dating, we tend to solely devote ourselves to our soulmates, that we even forget that we had friends way back before the relationship started.

When your boyfriend is away, do not let the loneliness get into you; start chatting up old school buddies or go out on dates with the girls to keep your head off your boyfriend.

Friends are there to listen to your feelings and make you feel better.

Whatever you and your boyfriend are passing through is not hard enough to not make it through. Always look ahead and be optimistic to see each other again.

Get hold of him

Call him, text, email, post his pictures on social media to show him just how much you would love to have him close to you.

Also, you can send cute missing you text to show how much you miss. With deep love messages for boyfriend, you make him feel special.

He will respond with the utmost sincerity that he loves you even more.

This will, in turn, open up a conversation that will make your love even blossom to deeper depths.

Write to him

I know you think this is outdated, and you prefer to use text instead.

Writing letters has more significance than the use of cute texts to send to your boyfriend.

The letter is not formal; therefore, it allows you to joke around and even be vulnerable in expressing your feelings. You can write paragraph for boyfriend. You will be able to call him ”my love,” and say how much you miss being in his company.

When you are missing your boyfriend, writing these old-school letters is an activity you can opt to do when you are missing your boyfriend.

Letters send a heartwarming feeling. You can even tell your partner to keep all the letters you will be sending so that he can be reminded of your love for him.

Although letters are more expensive than normal texting and calling, emotional love letters express emotions deeper than words or even texts, and if well kept, they can stay longer than text, and you will not forget easily.

Put on his clothes

You may find this stupid and probably ask yourself how it will help you stop missing him.

Wearing his oversized sweatshirts, baggy sweatpants are always romantic.

Men tend to fall for you when you wear their clothes because they want to be closer to you and let you have his smell.

You can take a selfie and tell him that you miss his scent; wearing his clothes will make you feel closer to him.

Watch a movie that reminds you of your love.

You probably watch movies together or going out to the movies to watch his favorite movie.

Watching romantic movies will make you think that it will increase your loneliness, but instead, it will warm up your heart and see the similarities you and your boyfriend have to the movie.

This will change your loneliness to enjoyment, and it will make you feel better.

You can even watch his favorite movies; for example, if he likes action movies, you can take time and watch to know what attracts him to those action movies.

You will get to know your partner even better although he is far from you, which will grow you closer to each other.

Facetime/ call him

Waking up with a voice note from your boyfriend makes every girl vulnerable and starts your day even more psyched.

When you miss your boyfriend, you can always facetime, talk on the phone, use skype, or even voice notes.

The technology is more advanced, and you can reach him in whatever place he is as long as he is available for you as well.

Hearing his voice will make you feel better, and seeing his face though not physically, will ease your missments towards him.

Connect with your hobbies

I know you have a hobby, talent, or something extraordinary you can do.

Create time to venture into your skill or sing that song you wrote ages ago; this will make your mind shift from missing your boyfriend, and you will drown in your talent that you maybe don’t focus on.

You can sing and even send him a video of what you did throughout the day. If he is a supportive boyfriend, he will always have your back and encourage you to do even better.

Avoid looking at past pictures of the both of you.

This is a no-go zone. When you are alone in the house, and you start missing his presence, do not go down memory lane to look at old photos and the memories you made together; this will only make things more complicated than they are.

You will be in a more profound emotional crisis than when you began an hour or two ago.

Fantasizing about the day that you two will meet will also not do you any good. Find something to keep you preoccupied and any activity that will help keep your boyfriend out of your mind.

Play Games Over Text

Sometimes, to get to know your boyfriend better and get closer to them, the easiest way to do it is through flirty games to play over text.

It’s a fun way to spice up the long-distance relationship.

Go for adventures

Going on adventures is a great way to douche your feelings.

Instead of staying in and reminding yourself that your boyfriend is far away, you can leave the city and take a short trip to remove your mind from missing your boyfriend.

Exploring alone can be rather frightening, but you can include your friends in maybe a camp trip out of the city, which is more relaxing, and it will give you a chance to unwind.


Missing your boyfriend is normal in any relationship, and sometimes it’s hard to deal with it. We understand you cannot stand to be away from him but do not let him dominate your brain that you cannot stop thinking of him.

This shows how emotionally attached you are, and it will make life even harder for you when he is away.

Subsequently, thinking about him all the time comes with consequences of its own. Do not let your life revolve around a man.

Constantly contacting him and announcing to everyone how much you long for him can easily ruin your perfect relationship, and the ship will sink in your face.

These activities will aid you in what to do when you miss him.

It is always better to have more time for yourself because it is best and healthy for your long relationship.

Creating time, engaging in different activities, consume your mind, and drive a lot of time to think of something better, just your boyfriend and anything correlated.

You and your boyfriend need a lot of different time a lot and reflect on personal time, and therefore the tips above will help you do so.

What To Do When You Miss Your Boyfriend