Inner child Pt. 2 (wounds)


So, I am not sure if you guys are familiar with the show : Iyanla : House of Healing …

Basically it’s a life coach show and this one in particular is working on the stereotype of the,        ” Mad Black women “…. I actually have been following this show because I love her and she understands the tools that we all need to heal and just like us as women as men she too has had her fair share of living in this world having the experience of dealing with the misfortunes of heartaches and traumatic events.

I binged watch til 2am this morning to catch up and all I could do is cry …. I think pain is pain and hurt is hurt no matter , what your background is , no matter how you were raised and no matter what your skin color is . We all bleed the same and cry the same tears. As I watched the women on this show tell their story of why they were sad and why they were hurt and why they were angry. I realized that we all suffer from the same thing .

I always say ,” You will never know who suffers from the same traumatic events without speaking your story “…. and , when I say that , I am basically saying we as people do not share hurt and pain because for some reason we have figured that I have to be the only one going through this  ! I have to be the only one stupid enough to allow this to happen too me ! or I am plain old to embarrass to share my story because no one will understand… all of those are lies !!!

We have no idea who has gone through what and how they sympathize with us as human beings.  I speak  my truth now to help the next not make the same mistake ! If we took the time to share and speak up about OUR TRUTH ! We could You could help the next younger version of you to either not make the same mistake or help them figure out how to turn wrong into right !!

I am not my sisters keeper I am my sister ! I am not my brothers keeper I am my brother !

I just talked about healing the inner child because it is very vital for who you are and how you act out towards certain things …Traumatic events can be kept housed in your inner child …Yes, you are now grown but the little you is still in you and is still hurt by whatever may have happened too you !

At what point do you let out the emotions towards what has made you become bitter  or may have contributed to the reasoning why you are angry . Until you release and began to heal .Anything that happens will began to trigger that little YOU !


We deserve happiness and positive vibes to be exuded throughout our lives but you have to make the first step .. My heart goes out to that inner girl or boy  that parents did not choose you or show you how much you were valued because that was me .. I was also the girl that father did not choose to be a present figure in my life but I choose to no longer allow that to define who I am … I have taken my power back …I now decide who and what remains dormant in my life ..I have given myself back the power to  CHOOSE and so should YOU !

We need to figure out the way to BE LOVE and BE UNITED and help lift each other up ..what I have learned is that FAMILY is a word and family could be a friend that is apart of your soul tribe or a friend who has helped you when you were in the darkness….



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  1. I often see a quote posted that says: ‘Be the person you needed when you were younger,” Most people feel alone when life knocks us done, the truth is we are not alone and there are people out there who are willing to share their truth and guide people through their pain. I am not sure why people obsess over status, religion, and even ethnicity. Facts are we all love someone who hurts us, we have all been betrayed, we have all failed at something and we have all loved someone who didn’t love us back. Once you learn to love and embrace all you are and everything you are yet to become life becomes easier because the process makes sense, One must fail to know success and hurt to know love. Ironically, suffering is the only thing that can bring peace and gratitude because without it we would always desire more. Trials make us strong and life doesn’t always get easier we just get stronger and mature to know we are not the only ones who face life’s challenges. The truth is all of us can be a mentor to someone share your story to inspire a young women and show her a path. You thoughts are wise and offer strength!


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