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Famous Innocence Quotes

I was a nursery school teacher, and I worked with youth groups. I loved that job. It was exhausting, but you got a lot back – all their purity and insight and innocence is so on the surface, and they’re so unrepressed; they’d really scream at you and then give you a massive kiss. — Bat for Lashes

Guilt and innocence were not really at issue here. It’s clear that he violated the statute. — Jon Bruning

Being at the centre of a film is a burden one takes on with innocence the first time. Thereafter, you take it on with trepidation. — Daniel Day-Lewis

I don’t know how to defend myself: surprised innocence cannot imagine being under suspicion. — Pierre Corneille

Love, wonder, joy & awareness are the gifts of innocence. — Deepak Chopra

Had it not been for the DNA testing done by, and in some ways, forced by the Innocence Project, these people would still be incarcerated or on Death Row. The Innocence Project has helped save lives. — Wayne Smith

God never did make a more calm, quiet, innocent recreation than angling. — Izaak Walton

Victims suggest innocence. And innocence, by the inexorable logic that governs all relational terms, suggests guilt. — Susan Sontag

One by one I will disprove the accusations, and I will restore my innocence and my honor, — Alberto Fujimori

She was so young, inexperienced and unlearned and yet she was able to accomplish these amazing things. The fact that she is a woman in those dark times of stupidity and arrogance brought innocence and feminine power to that period. — David Morgan

Any government that supports, protects or harbours terrorists is complicit in the murder of the innocent and equally guilty of terrorist crimes. — George W. Bush

My wide eyes make me look much younger without make-up, and although it’s fun to have a line in innocence corrupted, I doubt I’ll get to play the vampy vixen or a Hedda Gabler or Lady Macbeth. — Talulah Riley

Christ is the very epitome of innocence, and without the blood of Christ, shed on Calvary, God’s plan of salvation would not have been fulfilled. — Alan Keyes

I wrote ‘The Match,’ my cricket novel, between 2002 and 2005. In retrospect, almost an age of innocence in cricket and a time when it was rare to find the game deep in fiction. — Romesh Gunesekera

Innocence is suffering and the loss of that innocence is something to fear. — Diane Wakoski

There is an innocence in admiration; it is found in those to whom it has never yet occurred that they, too, might be admired some day. — Friedrich Nietzsche

Those who are incapable of committing great crimes do not readily suspect them in others. — Francois de La Rochefoucauld

I can sing very comfortably from my vantage point because a lot of the music was about a loss of innocence, there’s innocence contained in you but there’s also innocence in the process of being lost. — Bruce Springsteen

When a person is found less guilty than he is suspected, he is concluded more innocent than he really is. — Charlotte Lennox

I didn’t do what they said I did. I may have done enough so that I don’t know if I can prove my innocence. — Dick Morris

I was greeted as Miss Lamarr in dimly lit restaurants. Personally, I liked the idea of escaping from all that bland, blonde innocence and thought the whole thing was very funny, but I don’t think Hedy found the comparisons very amusing. — Joan Bennett

Never resist a sentence you like, in which language takes its own pleasure and in which, after having abused it for so long, you are stupefied by its innocence. — Jean Baudrillard

One threatens the innocent who spares the guilty. — Edward Coke

Thoughts are just what is. They appear. They’re innocent. They’re not personal. — Byron Katie

Tony Curtis was a joy to work with. He had a curious innocence that is very young and wise at the same time. — Nicolas Roeg

I’m interested in how innocence fares when it collides with hard reality. — Geoffrey S. Fletcher

Whoever blushes is already guilty; true innocence is ashamed of nothing. — Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Like, you can find your dream, if you firmly believe. You have to have the innocence, and you have to have the daringness to trust. — Bai Ling

He is probably physically incapable of doing the sort of thing they are suggesting he was doing. It takes a lot of work to cut through a limb. He maintains his innocence completely. — James Leavitt

This is not politics… it’s to protect the innocence of children. — Bob Dole

Every life is a march from innocence, through temptation, to virtue or vice. — Lyman Abbott

I don’t know exactly what evidence they have against my client, but I can tell you he is innocent. We’ll be able to prove his innocence in that case just as we proved he was innocent of the rape charge. — James Watson

Rather leave the crime of the guilty unpunished than condemn the innocent. — Marcus Tullius Cicero

I feel like I’m a much better person when I’m developing my imagination and my innocence and my vulnerability. I like that version of me better than the version where I’m just working on my analytical mind. — Brit Marling

Innocence most often is a good fortune and not a virtue. — Anatole France

He insists on his innocence and will defend it vigorously. — Peter Strianse

Based on the scope and character of the similarities it is inconceivable that this was a display of youthful innocence or an unconscious act. — Steve Ross

Whether we knew many who died on September 11 or personally knew none, we all lost something on that day. Innocence. Security. A trust that our homeland would always be safe. — Bob Taft

A clear and innocent conscience fears nothing. — Elizabeth I

He went to bed and slept the sleep of the good-for-nothing which, by an anachronism not a single songwriter has yet struck, is proven to be more sound than that of innocence — Honore de

The greenhorn is the ultimate victor in everything; it is he that gets the most out of life. — Gilbert K. Chesterton

How paramount the future is to the present when one is surrounded by children. — Charles Darwin

Until Majority Leader Tom DeLay has his day in court, it is vitally important he be afforded the same presumption of innocence afforded to every other American, — Tom Reynolds

Innocence is like polished armor; it adorns and defends. — Robert South

In your present-moment awareness, awaken to your innocence, your trust, your love, your eternal being. — Deepak Chopra

When you see Liana [Liberato], who at the time was 14, there is an inexperience and innocence that you can’t act and you can’t fake. — David Schwimmer

I think it’s a stupid way to read a book, … to say that because something happens to one person the author is trying to suggest that all people are like this. The novel is the art of the particular. And I’m talking about a particular person whose development from innocence to guilt, if you like, is his own particular narrative arc. The point is to make that coherent – not to read the book as some kind of simple allegory, but to read it as a story about a person. — Salman Rushdie

Through our own recovered innocence we discern the innocence of our neighbors. — Henry David Thoreau

Writing novels preserves you in a state of innocence – a lot passes you by – simply because your attention is otherwise diverted. — Anita Brookner

It’s the first villain that I’ve played in a movie that has absolutely no vulnerability and no innocence, nothing whatsoever that is likeable about her other than she’s so bad. — Daryl Hannah

The only thing I was trying to portray was serenity. Also, innocence, vulnerability and elegance. — Sylvia Kristel

Happy the innocent whose equal thoughts are free from anguish as they are from faults. — Edmund Waller

Everyone realized I was the innocent victim of a shakedown. — Anthony Anderson

They’re innocent movies, and they’re fun movies and there were no pretensions about ’em. — Alex Winter

But when she had information that according to her would help demonstrate the president’s innocence … she selfishly refused to provide it to the grand jury or anyone. — Julie Myers

Women ought to be free – as free as we are,’ he declared, making a discovery of which he was too irritated to measure the terrific consequences. — Edith Wharton

I’m very mature for my age, but I’m also innocent in a lot of ways. — Kirsten Dunst

And that’s the mission of The Innocence Project in New York, is to exonerate people who have been wrongfully convicted, and also work from a policy angle with Congress and state legislatures to prevent future wrongful convictions. — John Grisham

In retrospect, the political and cultural climate in the early ’60s seems both a time of innocence and also like a sultry, still summer day in the Midwest: an unsettling calm before a ferocious storm over Vietnam, which was not yet an American war. — Tom Brokaw

He (Cooper) does maintain his innocence and will defend himself in court if indicted. — Jerry Summers

Presumptions of guilt or innocence may sometimes be strengthened or weakened by the place of birth and kind of education and associates a man has grown up with, and good character may at times interpose, and justly save, under suspicion, one who is accused of crime on slight circumstances. — Levi Woodbury

I feel I lost my innocence to cancer. — Delta Goodrem

Kids have this amazing ability to counter-attack what adults create around them. For me and my friends, the war was trying to rob our innocence, so we created these games. I realize now we were using our innocence to rob the war. — Oscar Torres

Be ever watchful for the opportunity to shelter little children with the umbrella of your charity; be generous to their schools, their hospitals, and their places of worship. For, as they must bear the burdens of our mistakes, so are they in their innocence the repositories of our hopes for the upward progress of humanity. — Conrad Hilton

The knowledge that makes us cherish innocence makes innocence unattainable. — Irving Howe

He is armed without who is innocent within, be this thy screen, and this thy wall of brass. — Horace

The Southerner is usually tolerant of those weaknesses that proceed from innocence. — Flannery O’Connor

The quality of artistry is the capacity to assume innocence at will, the quality of experiencing innocence as if for the first time. — Robert Fripp

Already old, the question Who shall die? Becomes unspoken Who is innocent? — Karl Shapiro

I like being able to see an innocence in people. I see a lot of beauty in youth. Young people are in progress. Their faces and bodies and minds are constantly changing. It’s exciting to capture that on film. — Bernardo Bertolucci

Your characters have to remain innocent of what your picture is after. — Douglas Sirk

Because there is something helpless and weak and innocent – something like an infant – deep inside us all that really suffers in ways we would never permit an insect to suffer. — Jack Abbott

Justice while she winks at crimes, Stumbles on innocence sometimes. — Samuel Butler

Remaining childish is a tremendous state of innocence. — John Lydon

Kids are the alltimechampions of questioning. What could you gain by imitatingthe innocence and curiosity of children who are completely determined to get ananswer? — Anthony Robbins

Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being. — Albert Camus

He crossed over the line that divides and adult from a child by violating the innocence of five young girls. — Thalia Murphy

Innocence is thought charming because it offers delightful possibilities for exploitation. — Mason Cooley

To vice, innocence must always seem only a superior kind of chicanery. — Ouida

When I first made a grid, I happened to be thinking of the innocence of trees, and then a grid came into my mind and I thought it represented innocence, and I still do, and so I painted it and then I was satisfied. I thought, ‘This is my vision.’ — Agnes Martin

The great challenge of adulthood is holding on to your idealism after you lose your innocence. — Bruce Springsteen

The innocence of childhood is like the innocence of a lot of animals. — Clint Eastwood

Innocence is one of the most exciting things in the world. — Eartha Kitt

Innocence does not find near so much protection as guilt. — Francois de La Rochefoucauld

More oftentimes than not, you’re automatically guilty before innocent. — Anthony Anderson

Mr Black asserts his innocence without qualification… (and) has, at all times, acted in good faith. — Edward Greenspan

People might think I’m very hard, what with my black make-up, my hair over my eyes, etc. My innocence didn’t always help me, but it did preserve something in me that maybe others don’t have anymore. I’m inside my bubble, you could say, and thankfully so, because I don’t think daily life is always great. It protects me. — Carine Roitfeld

He’s an innocent in a lot of ways. He’s a very simple person who really doesn’t have the resources or the strength, ultimately, to handle the situation. — Jared Leto

It is innocence that is full and experience that is empty. It is innocence that wins and experience that loses. — Charles Peguy

I’ve got a massive actor girl crush on Carey Mulligan, so I’d love to be buddies with her. She just oozes this joyful, natural innocence and always brings a nice emotional depth to her character. — Holliday Grainger

Sex traffickers or pimps debriefed by the FBI indicate approximately 20-40 percent of the victims forced or recruited into prostitution are juveniles. As of today, 25 field offices are investigating child prostitution matters in support of the Innocence Lost National Initiative. — Chris Swecker

Power is something of which I am convinced there is no innocence this side of the womb. — Nadine Gordimer

In this rat-race everybody’s guilty till proved innocent! — Bette Davis

I love the excitement, the childlike spirit of innocence and just about everything that goes along with Christmas. — Hillary Scott

The United States government can indict you on something, and now you’ve got to prove your innocence. And that’s not the Constitution of the United States. — Leonard Peltier

Trials are no longer about freeing the innocent, punishing the guilty, and making restitution to the injured. They have devolved into a contest over who will win. — Tammy Bruce

Mr. Graham, your honor, stands on his presumption of innocence and rests, I decided the best way to keep the jury focused on the weakness of the state’s case was to rest right behind them. — Dan Cogdell

WWI is a romantic war, in all senses of the word. An entire generation of men and women left the comforts of Edwardian life to travel bravely, and sometimes even jauntily, to almost certain death. At the very least, any story or novel about WWI is about innocence shattered in the face of experience. — Anita Shreve

I want to make things that put me in the position of innocence, that recreate the feeling of innocence in you. — Brian Eno

Once a child is confronted with the concept of death there’s a certain innocence that goes. — Patsy Kensit

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