Inspirational “Trouble”


Wednesday morning I woke up to something that elated me. Somewhere by the coasts of the Aegean Sea, a courageous brother of mine, finally, released his first ever music video featuring himself. “Trouble” is the name but joy is what you feel the instant you know about the background of this astonishing music video.

“Trouble”, is a collaboration of a few young talented individuals who combined their uniqueness with their limited sources to produce a song to fulfill their passion. All they needed were; a couple of feet to walk, a camera and, most importantly, an igniting desire.

Friends, Try to learn from what you see! And try to get motivated. Because all you need is yourself and a deep faith in your abilities. You don’t need massive studios, soundproof cubicles or super intelligent computers to do, to play, to sing, to enjoy what you love. just believe and work hard and be ambitious.

Don’t expect from anyone to give you a sign to start, to give an approval, or to tell you when to do it! It is all up to you. you shall decide when and where to start. never ever expect a phone call from a friend, a message from a pigeon, a heavenly light to illuminate the sky or some sort of a deity to descend from the skies on your balcony 😉

I saw Dave & co go out every day, walk for miles relentlessly, talk to thousands of people to record some moments and incarnate their experience into a light box. The moment he was home (Yes, I’m his roommate ) he was staying up late until after midnight to edit the work of the day. The result of ceaseless work was “Trouble”.

Here is the video. Like it, share it, love it and get inspired from it 😉

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