19+ Best John Witherspoon Quotes: Exclusive Selection

John Weatherspoon, better known as John Witherspoon, was an American actor and comedian who performed in various television shows and films. Profoundly inspirational John Witherspoon quotes will fire up your brain and encourage you to look at life differently while making you laugh.

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Famous John Witherspoon Quotes

I always tell comics you got to hang with your stand-up. — John Witherspoon

That’s my father’s theme. Get up in the morning, ‘hello, Dad.’ ‘Get a job, leave the food alone… Who took my car?’ America, you young kids, get a job. All that sagging, the clothes hanging behind, that ain’t nothing. Get a job. You want to be somebody, get a job. — John Witherspoon

The word got out that I can ad-lib very well. — John Witherspoon

I didn’t change my voice for ‘The Boondocks.’ — John Witherspoon

The kids of America, please get a damn job. Get out of the house, leave the refrigerator alone. Stop wearing my shoes. Leave my shirts alone, get a job. Spend your own money. — John Witherspoon

When we did ‘Boomerang,’ which is one of my favorite scenes, the whole dinner scene was ad-libbed. — John Witherspoon

If something is too risque, don’t watch it. — John Witherspoon

Being on the toilet stool is the grossest thing there is, to me. — John Witherspoon

I’m every father. I’m not only a black father. I’m a white father. I’m a Chinese father. I’m a Mexican father. I’m all fathers that want their sons out of the house and stop eating up all the food. Get a job, please. Stop looking at the TV. — John Witherspoon

St. Louis is an excellent city. — John Witherspoon

There’s a real outcry out there for ‘The Boondocks.’ — John Witherspoon

My father was a preacher so I wouldn’t sing at all when he was around, but as soon as he locked the door, ‘La la la.’ — John Witherspoon

When you’re hungry, everything tastes good. — John Witherspoon

In ‘Boomerang,’ they didn’t have a script at all, they just told me to come up with some stuff. — John Witherspoon

When you’re poor, an egg sandwich is dinner and you cut your potatoes with a butter knife. — John Witherspoon

If I hit the lotto, I would be nowhere near the road. But I got bills to pay. — John Witherspoon

I am old-school. — John Witherspoon

I am cantankerous. — John Witherspoon

I’m sick of all these boring cooking shows. — John Witherspoon

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