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“I love the LORD because he hears my voice and my prayer for mercy. Because he bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath”

God is so responsive that you can always reach him. He bends down and listens to your voice. This writer’s love for the Lord had grown because he had experienced answers to his prayers. If you are discouraged, remember that God is near, listening carefully to every prayer and answering each prayer in order to give you his best.
This is an intensely personal “thank you” psalm to the Lord for saving the psalmist from death (116:3; 8). The occasion and author remain unknown, although the language used by Jonah in his prayer from the fish’s stomach is remarkably similar. While this appears to deal with physical death, the same song could be sung by those who have been saved from spiritual death.(Tyndale Study Bible)
The first thing that comes to my mind is, how many people say that, if there is a God, He won’t allow something? Why would there be all that sorrow? He should not allow you to sin either. There is much sin in this world by all. Why? Because we follow our own minds, we have choices. We can either make right or wrong choices. With all the correct teaching we still make the wrong choices. And that is what creates all the trouble and sorrow in the world, all those wrong choices.
This scripture is about praying and God responding to those prayers because He always listens. It makes we think of those people that in their darkest hour they call on God. And that hour is different for all. I think of myself we want to call on God when the chips are down. Then when the going gets good, we forget about Him. I have made myself guilty of this many times. The funny thing is God listens all the time. If we keep praying and be grate full imagine how much better it could be. There is no limit to God’s favour and grace. We put limits on God’s favour because of our disobedience and wrong choices.
If you read the rest of the Psalm, it’s a thank you to God saving the writer’s life. He goes on to pledge the rest of his life to God. Do we realise that salvation promises eternal life? Yes, we forget from time to time. Because we are so busy with worldly things. So, in essence, we should also pledge the rest of our life’s to God. Why wait to be close to death? Why wait on accepting salvation? Do it sooner than later then you can share in favour and blessing earlier.
Eternal life, yes that is available to all of us. No matter what the extent of your sin or bad choices. Just pray to God, because He listens to every single prayer you might have. And yes, miracles still happen.
In our work environment, we wait until we are in deep trouble before we ask for help. At that point, we sometimes don’t even have a choice. Why not pre empt a situation and ask for help sooner than later. Help and better skills can only make you better at what we do. Don’t be scared to ask for the Lord’s help.
“Lord I thank you for salvation and eternal life. Holy Spirit guide me to and in my daily prayers. For I know you hear. In Jesus name. Amen.”

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