19+ Best Kim Namjoon Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Kim Nam-joon, better known as RM, is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, and record producer. Profoundly inspirational Kim Namjoon quotes will make you look at life differently and help you live a meaningful life.

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Famous Kim Namjoon Quotes

Because Bobby and I are both under the category of idols, I think it became a larger controversy. I hope that many people are able to realize that within hip-hop, this is a way to express yourself and that it’s natural. — Kim Nam-joon

Sometimes I have that kind of critical mind to myself as well. This is because there are times where I have to do things that I don’t wish to. — Kim Nam-joon

I personally respect Bobby. He does really well on stage. Although I don’t think his raps are exceptional or that he has a wide spectrum, his ability to dominate the stage is good, and he has a cool style of hip-hop that rappers aren’t able to achieve. — Kim Nam-joon

More than anything, I want to just have the largest amount of people possible listening to my music. This is the biggest thing to me. — Kim Nam-joon

I wrote out the lyrics that I would do at MAMA 4~5 days in advance. After I said that, Zico hyung told me that it’s dangerous to write lyrics quickly like that and that I should be carefully. — Kim Nam-joon

To be honest, my goal is very clear. It’s to have many people listen to my music. I want to confirm my existence even more by standing on a large stage. — Kim Nam-joon

When G-Dragon released ‘Heart Breaker’, I remember it. The reactions to when that was released as opposed to ‘One of a Kind’ is really like heaven and hell. — Kim Nam-joon

When I see other rappers’ lyrics of I don’t do what I don’t like to do, I feel like it’s really cool and there’s also an envious side to me about it. — Kim Nam-joon

I decided upon the thought that I can only find myself once I can admit to myself and approve that both sides are sides of myself. — Kim Nam-joon

Because I believe that I know about that aspect of hip-hop better than any one else, I’m trying my best in order to be the most real I can in this situation. — Kim Nam-joon

I understand that people have a critical mind towards my position. And receive a lot of confusion too. — Kim Nam-joon

However, I have a lot of greed. The types of music I want to show are on this side and on that side. Conclusively, if I’m able to make good music and people continue to look for my music, won’t this kind of controversy get better… is my thought. — Kim Nam-joon

If I could just have my music be played for many people no matter what method or way is used, I would reply that that is not the case. — Kim Nam-joon

I liked hip-hop, wanted to do rap, and wanted to stand on a large stage. If you look at it in another angle… it’s something that I chose. — Kim Nam-joon

Bobby made references to me a few times on Show Me The Money. He seemed to enjoy using words like ‘sangnamja (T/N: true man, also the title for ‘Boy in Luv’) and ‘leading a fast life’ (T/N: pronounced as Bangtang). Saying Like a true man, I lead a fast life isn’t a common mix of words, right? I thought that it wasn’t just a coincidence. — Kim Nam-joon

I knew Zico hyung ever since I was a young child. I believe that hyung’s actions in general show me a lot. It gives me help, but also stimulates me. — Kim Nam-joon

Why do you do smoky makeup, why do you try to act pretty on broadcast, etc. For hip-hop where purity is important and masculinity plays a large part, I believe it’s definitely a critique that could come out. — Kim Nam-joon

I believe that there’s no improvement if you have an inferiority complex and victim mentality. — Kim Nam-joon

Honestly, I really hated dancing at first. Because I’m not good at it. I still don’t like dancing. — Kim Nam-joon