71+ Best Life Is A Gift Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Life is the period between birth and death, or the experience or state of being alive. Profoundly inspirational Life Is A Gift quotes will challenge the way you think, change the way you live and transform your whole life.

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Famous Life Is A Gift Quotes

To me, life is a gift, and it’s a blessing to just be alive. And each person should learn what a gift it is to be alive no matter how tough things get. — Tony Bennett

The gift of writing is to be self-forgetful, to get a surge of inner life or inner supply or unexpected sense of empowerment, to be afloat, to be out of yourself. — Seamus Heaney

Technology is a gift of God. After the gift of life it is perhaps the greatest of God’s gifts. It is the mother of civilizations, of arts and of sciences. — Freeman Dyson

Life is such a gift, I just say thank you all day. — Natalie Cole

What if you gave someone a gift, and they neglected to thank you for it – would you be likely to give them another? Life is the same way. In order to attract more of the blessings that life has to offer, you must truly appreciate what you already have. — Ralph Marston

Making a difference – and allowing God to use your gifts to change someone else’s life – is truly the greatest joy you will ever experience. — Ainsley Earhardt

I’ve been funny my whole life. This is a gift God gave me. — Tracy Morgan

Faith in God is the gift that takes us beyond our limited self, with all its incessant demands. It opens us to a life that stretches us, enlightens us, and often springs surprises upon us. Such faith, like love, sees that which is invisible and lives by it. — Vincent Nichols

September 11 impressed upon us that life is a precious gift. Every life has a purpose. And I think we all have a duty to devote at least a small portion of our daily lives to ensuring that neither America nor the world ever forgets September 11. — Bill Frist

It is in the gift for employing all the vicissitudes of life to one’s own advantage and to that of one’s craft that a large part of genius consists. — Georg C. Lichtenberg

I have to certainly stand for life. I know that there are some who disagree, and I respect their point of view. But I believe that life begins at conception. The only exception I have to have on abortion is in that case – of the life of the mother. I struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize life is that gift from God. — Richard Mourdock

A woman of faith is blessed by faithful men in her life who hold the priesthood of God and honor this privilege: her father, bishop, husband, brothers, sons. They value her and the divine gifts given by God to His daughter. They sustain and encourage, and they understand the great mission of her life as a woman. They love her; they bless her. — Margaret D. Nadauld

‘The Lunchbox’ has been a blessing – all gift-wrapped and tied with a bow. Life is a lunchbox of chocolates now! — Nimrat Kaur

I would argue that nothing gives life more purpose than the realization that every moment of consciousness is a precious and fragile gift. — Steven Pinker

Life is such a precious gift. Whatever life throws at us, if we could just learn to get through that day and hang on to the next, you never know what may come. It may get worse, but you never know. — Stephen Baldwin

Life-writing calls for any number of dubious gifts: A touch of O.C.D., a lack of imagination, a large desk, neutrality of Swiss proportions, tactlessness, a high tolerance for archival dust. Most of all it calls for an act of displacement. ‘To find your subject, you must in some sense lose yourself along the way,’ is Richard Holmes’s version. — Stacy Schiff

We are the only alive creatures that are mortals; the animals are immortal, which is why they live stupidly. We are the only creatures that know that we will die, but that is a gift. It’s important because we know we have to take advantage and squeeze life and understand why we’re here in the first place. — Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

I don’t need no stool and mike stand. I don’t need all of that to be funny. I’ve been funny my whole life. This is a gift God gave me. I spread love wherever I’m at. I’m like Marvin Gaye. — Tracy Morgan

Age is just a number. Life and aging are the greatest gifts that we could possibly ever have. — Cicely Tyson

Yes, whatever is born, dies, but I thank life for gifting us a Nelson Mandela. He will sparkle in our consciousness for times to come. — Mahesh Bhatt

My mother is a strong woman. Her strength comes from being tested by life’s unpredictability. It comes from soldiering on for her children, even when she might rather have given up. I know it hasn’t always come easily, but I also know it’s her greatest gift. — Matt Lauer

Life is a precious gift – a gift we often take for granted until it is threatened. — Lecrae

Your life story is a gift, and it should be treated as such. — Emily V. Gordon

Life eternal is to live in unity, in families, with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Eternal life is only possible through the keys of the priesthood of God, which were restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith. Holding that eternal goal before the youth you lead is as great a gift as you could give them. — Henry B. Eyring

If my life and music brings a smile or makes a difference in any individual’s life, then there is nothing beyond for me as a god’s gift. — Adnan Sami

This life is a gift, and to reject that gift or abuse that gift is not human and not worthy of us. — Michael Moore

I’ve had a lot of people pass away in my life. I guess it’s all a matter of how you deal with your mortality – and recognizing that you are mortal. I’m trying to see what a gift life is and how quickly it can be extinguished, without any warning. — Timothy B. Schmit

I look upon life as a gift from God. I did nothing to earn it. Now that the time is coming to give it back, I have no right to complain. — Joyce Cary

My life has been a gift up to this point, and I’ve been blessed beyond my wildest imagination. And wherever this ride takes me is where I’m going. — Sean Hannity

Physical exercise and sport is not just about sport; it’s about self-care and self-care is a gift for life. — Sophie Gregoire Trudeau

Live your life while you have it. Life is a splendid gift. There is nothing small in it. Far the greatest things grow by God’s law out of the smallest. But to live your life, you must discipline it. — Florence Nightingale

The single overriding objective in wellness is creating constant personal renewal where we recognize and act on the truth that each day is a miraculous gift, and our job is to untie the ribbons. That’s the Law of Esprit: living life with joy. — Greg Anderson

The nature of human beings is to eat meat and fruits and vegetables, and therefore we have to kill animals. I don’t have a problem with that. But it’s a sacred moment. It’s a gift of life. — Eric Ripert

I believe every one of us has a gift, I believe every one of us human beings has a path in this life, and it is up to each of us, through circumstance, through knowledge, through awareness, through luck – and luck does play a huge part – to hopefully achieve that path and walk the path and realize the gift. — Mauro Ranallo

My wife and I don’t believe in exchanging gifts. A happy and healthy life together is our gift to each other. — Vishwajeet Pradhan

I’ve titled this book ‘Eighty Is Not Enough’ not just for the obvious play on words, but as a way of expressing the single idea that has governed my entire life, that every moment of life is precious, that every step we take is an adventure, that every day on earth is a gift from God. — Dick Van Patten

I myself had a rough life and it’s been a struggle but I believe my gift is the ability to connect with everyone. — Shannon Briggs

The fact that I am able to live a life and act and to do all of those things and support myself and my family is a gift. — Michael Cudlitz

When you lose something in your life, stop thinking it’s a loss for you… it is a gift you have been given so you can get on the right path to where you are meant to go, not to where you think you should have gone. — Suze Orman

I was never forced to go to church, and there is a lot of beauty in Christianity that I take in my life as a gift, and there is a lot of beauty in other religions. I’m kind of a spiritual mutt. — Emily Saliers

There is really only one way to deal with Misery. Accept her presence. Like most experiences in life, we must acknowledge the passage gracefully and let her move through our lives because she brings with her a hidden gift. — Sarah Ban Breathnach

I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to bring Peter Morgan’s Princess Elizabeth to life; she is a gift of a role and a challenge I am so grateful for – a young woman trying to navigate a path through an extraordinary situation. — Claire Foy

A mentor long departed told me that the greatest gift in political life, in any life, is to view yourself objectively, at arm’s length, to make an assessment of yourself. So whom do I rely on? I rely on myself. — Hugh Carey

I think there’s something that happens at 40 where you settle into your own skin and you stop caring what people think – you realize life is a gift from God and you want to live it to the fullest. — Tyler Perry

Life is constantly supporting us and giving us gifts. It’s a matter of opening ourselves to that. — Dan Millman

He’s meant to be that classic Homer, Ulysses, Hercules – a character who goes out or has some gift of some kind. He goes on a journey of discovery and part of that is falling into darkness – the temptations of life. — Robert Redford

I believe life is a gift, and I want to live it productively. I am not into this numbers game. — Ajith Kumar

Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more. — Tony Robbins

The sweetest feeling you can have in this world is to feel the hand of the Lord upon your shoulder. In my patriarchal blessing as a boy, I was promised that I would have the gift of discernment. I have to acknowledge that such a declaration has been abundantly fulfilled in my life. — Thomas S. Monson

To allot God a secondary place in life was, to me, inconceivable. Though He is the sole Owner of the cosmos, silently showering us with gifts from life to life, one thing yet remains which He does not own, and which each human heart is empowered to withhold or bestow – man’s love. — Paramahansa Yogananda

Life is a gift, given in trust – like a child. — Anne Morrow Lindbergh

I just feel that God gave me a certain gift, and that was to go out, do storytelling and be an actor. And my responsibility with that gift is to do the best job possible and to re-create real life. — Eric Close

To know that every moment – regardless of how it comes wrapped – is a gift greater than you can give yourself, is to be well on your way to a life without fear. — Guy Finley

I think cancer came into my life as a gift. My vision is sharper, my mind clearer, my perspective realigned. — Manisha Koirala

I look at my voice and my abilities as a gift. I don’t feel that I can even take any credit for it, but it’s such a huge presence in my life. It is my life. It’s my identity, it’s everything. And it’s given me a great deal of joy and a sense of purpose – I can’t imagine my life without it. — Emmylou Harris

To confer the gift of drawing, we must create an eye that sees, a hand that obeys, a soul that feels; and in this task, the whole life must cooperate. In this sense, life itself is the only preparation for drawing. Once we have lived, the inner spark of vision does the rest. — Maria Montessori

If you work hard at anything, you’re going to experience some success. And the greatest gift is when you have something you really love to do and you can integrate that into your work life. I feel like it’s a real privilege that I get to do something that is good for my community and good for the world. But it’s also pleasurable for me. — Robert Kennedy, Jr.

The love of husband and wife, which is creative of new human life, is a marvellously personal sharing in the creative love of God who brings into being the eternal soul that comes to every human being with the gift of human life. — Vincent Nichols

My voice is a gift. My talent is a gift. The life process is a gift. The opportunity for the journey is a gift. — Roy Orbison

As precious as life itself is our heritage of individual freedom, for man’s free agency is a God-given gift. — David O. McKay

As my parents taught me, by both words and deeds, a life of public services is as much a gift to the person who serves as it is to those he’s serving. — Merrick Garland

Feeling good about your life, but not expressing a heartfelt ‘thank you,’ is like wrapping a gift for someone and never giving it to them. — Chip Conley

To me, spending your life doing what you love is a gift. Everyone enjoys different walks of life, so find what you love to do and try to make a living at it. — Tim Holmes

Here’s what I tell anybody and this is what I believe. The greatest gift we have is the gift of life. We understand that. That comes from our Creator. We’re given a body. Now you may not like it, but you can maximize that body the best it can be maximized. — Mike Ditka

My husband was adopted, and we had difficulty having both of my children, so we know the gift that life is. We do believe marriage is between a man and a woman. It’s how you stand on that kind of thing or how you vote that really makes a difference. — Nikki Haley

This life that has been given to us as a gift, as such a precious gift. To really try to understand it, really try to recognize it, is the greatest meditation. Through the media of this Knowledge we can tap into our inner sources that are so beautiful. — Prem Rawat

Perhaps the virtue of coming from a place like Tasmania is that you had the great gift of knowing that you were not the centre of things, yet life was no less where you were. — Richard Flanagan

Queen Victoria was a woman of peerless common sense; her common sense, which is a rare gift at any time, amounted to genius. She had been brought up by her mother with the utmost simplicity, and she retained it to the end, and conducted her public and private life alike by that infallible guide. — E. F. Benson

I admit that invective is one of my pleasures. This only brings me problems in life, but that’s it. I attack, I insult. I have a gift for that, for insults, for provocation. So I am tempted to use it. — Michel Houellebecq

I found that this life is a gift, and everything that comes with it is a gift. — Manisha Koirala

A lot of life is about trying to turn bad experiences into something good. Usually if you work at it, you can figure out a way to do it. Even our worst misfortunes are gifts. — Robert Kennedy, Jr.

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