104+ Best Medical Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Profoundly inspirational medical quotes will encourage you to think a little deeper than you usually would and broaden your perspective.

Famous Medical Quotes

Health is not valued till sickness comes. Thomas Fuller

Always laugh when you can, it is cheap medicine. Lord Byron

Helping those in need is not charity, it’s humanity. Abhijit Naskar

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates

Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings. Publilius Syrus

Isn’t it a bit unnerving that doctors call what they do practice? George Carlin

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. Mahatma Gandhi

How do you tell the psychiatrists from the patients in the hospital? The patients get better and leave. Lisa Scottoline

Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have. Winston S. Churchill

After you find out all the things that can go wrong, your life becomes less about living and more about waiting. Chuck Palahniuk

Good health shapes an expression of experiences. Arif Naseem

Medicine is my lawful wife, and literature is my mistress. When I get fed up with one, I spend the night with the other. Anton Chekhov

Health and healthcare are not synonymous. Archelle Georgiou

The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease. Voltaire

Cannabis is just way too healthy for a sick health care system. Sebastian Marincolo

A medicine cat has no time for doubt. Put your energy into today and stop worrying about the past. Erin Hunter

America’s healthcare system is neither healthy, caring, nor a system. Walter Cronkite

Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the mind. Luther Burbank

Exercise promotes positive self image and good well being. Lailah Gifty Akita

Let us be the ones who say we do not accept that a child dies every three seconds simply because he does not have the drugs you and I have. Let us be the ones to say we are not satisfied that your place of birth determines your right for life. Let us be outraged, let us be loud, let us be bold. Brad Pitt

Celebrities are not health experts. Abhijit Naskar

In the words of the philosopher Sceptum, the founder of my profession: am I going to get paid for this? Terry Pratchett

Illness has a lot to teach wellness. Matt Haig

In my opinion, our health care system has failed when a doctor fails to treat an illness that is treatable. Kevin Alan Lee

The first wealth is health. Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is very expensive to give bad medical care to poor people in a rich country. Paul Farmer

Every single journey of your life starts with a healthy mind and a healthy journey. Jitendra Attra

Hospitals should be arranged in such a way as to make being sick an interesting experience. One learns a great deal sometimes from being sick. Alan Wilson Watts

It is hard to talk about a middle ground for something that is a fundamental right. Teri Reynolds

Life is choices, and they are relentless. No sooner have you made one choice than another is upon you. Atul Gawande

There is no illness that is not exacerbated by stress. Allan Lokos

Anywhere you have extreme poverty and no national health insurance, no promise of health care regardless of social standing, that’s where you see the sharp limitations of market based health care. Paul Farmer

Teachers and nurses get the best seats in heaven. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Though the doctors treated him, let his blood, and gave him medications to drink, he nevertheless recovered. Leo Tolstoy

The health care bill is nothing about health care it’s about controlling the people. David Lincoln

I don’t understand why asking people to eat a well balanced vegetarian diet is considered drastic, while it is medically conservative to cut people open and put them on cholesterol lowering drugs for the rest of their lives. Dean Ornish

As grandmothers used to say, Better to pay the grocer than the doctor. Michael Pollan

You are a placebo responder. Your body plays tricks on your mind. You cannot be trusted. Ben Goldacre

Modern allopathic medicine is the only major science stuck in the pre Einstein era. Charlotte Gerson

It was a lie but he believed in telling lies to people. Truth telling and medicine just didn’t go together except in dire emergencies, if then. Mario Puzo

It is important that USA healthcare workers realize that New York City is a 5G wireless radiation hot zone. Steven Magee

Be sceptical, ask questions, demand proof. Demand evidence. Don’t take anything for granted. But here’s the thing When you get proof, you need to accept the proof. And we’re not that good at doing that. Michael Specter

Healthy children will not fear life if their elders have integrity enough not to fear death. Erik H Erikson

The art is long, life is short, opportunity fleeting, experiment dangerous, judgment difficult. Hippocrates

It would not be possible to praise nurses too highly. Stephen Ambrose

Disease is the biggest money maker in our economy. John H. Tobe

Births and cancer treatments are so expensive, it’s a luxury to live, a privilege to die. J. Andrew Schrecker

A story a true story can heal as much as medicine can. Eben Alexander

The current system is broken. We need to move towards an era of disease prevention and personalized medicine. Emmanuel Fombu

Good medicine always tastes bad. Ron Hall

Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos the trees, the clouds, everything. Thich Nhat Hanh

One dictum I had learned on the battlefields of France in a far distant war: You cannot save the world, but you might save the man in front of you, if you work fast enough. Diana Gabaldon

Most people can afford healthcare and education in the age group when both these things are not relevant. D. S. Pandit

I’ve been asked a lot for my view on American health care. Well, ‘it would be a good idea, to quote Gandhi. Paul Farmer

The medicalization of American life from birth to death is killing our souls. Hattie Bryant

It’s true that laughter really is cheap medicine. It’s a prescription anyone can afford. And best of all, you can fill it right now. Steve Goodier

Everyone deserves fair access to quality food, nutritional education,and adequate health care. Donna Maltz

I am rather disturbed by the fact that so many people who are neither medical professionals nor trans themselves would want to hear all of the gory details regarding transsexual physical transformations, or would feel that they have any right to ask us about the state of our genitals. Julia Serano

Having free healthcare is easy, just eliminate the health insurance companies. James Thomas Kesterson Jr.

Be consistent in your dedication to showing your gratitude to others. Gratitude is a fuel, a medicine, and spiritual and emotional nourishment. Steve Maraboli

The aim of medicine is to prevent disease and prolong life; the ideal of medicine is to eliminate the need of a physician. William J. Mayo

The purpose of science is not down scaling everything to physical level and measure, but to penetrate deeper into the realm beyond the sensory perceptions and bring more in depth knowledge and wisdom to the world. Amit Ray

Politicians are interested in the health of the people like predators savor live prey. A.E. Samaan

The physician should not treat the disease but the patient who is suffering from it. Moses Maimonides

Health care and education are too important not to be left to the free market. Kevin D. Williamson

Doctors most commonly get mixed up between absence of evidence and evidence of abense. Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The bad news is that our healthcare system does not provide any added values that come along with paying more. Kat Lahr

The most exquisite pleasure in the practice of medicine comes from nudging a layman in the direction of terror, then bringing him back to safety again. Kurt Vonnegut

It is much more important to know what sort of patient has a disease than what sort of disease a patient has. William Osler

When we give government the power to make medical decisions for us, we in essence accept that the state owns our bodies. Ron Paul

The collective principle asserts that no society can legitimately call itself civilized if a sick person is denied medical aid because of lack of means. Aneurin Bevan

The patient is the one with the disease. Samuel Shem

The more we see health as a practice rather than as a problem to fix, the more we encourage the body’s natural potential to be healthy. Aarti Patel

When you got a condition, it’s bad to forget your medicine. Frank Miller

I associate hospitals with florescent lights, radio frequency exposure and toxic air. Steven Magee

At a cardiac arrest, the first procedure is to take your own pulse. Samuel Shem

It’s now so dysfunctional that I sometimes think the only solution is to blow the whole thing up. Glenn Melnick

You cannot separate passion from pathology any more than you can separate a person’s spirit from his body. Richard Selzer

High quality medication and swift access to treatment must be provided to all free of cost. There should be no difference in the treatment received by the high powered and the weakest in the state. Shivanshu K. Srivastava

Death, of course, is not a failure. Death is normal. Death may be the enemy, but it is also the natural order of things. Atul Gawande

Healthcare authorities neglect the role of psychological factors in pandemic related infection even though these factors are important for many reasons. Steven Taylor

Failing to listen to the woman is one of the biggest mistakes a practitioner can make. Helen Varney

Any humane, modern society must provide a reliable, well-financed, state of the art health system, which supports and promotes a prosperous and morally responsible society. Joseph Rain

What the sick need is teachers not treaters, health schools not hospitals, instruction not treatment, education in right living not training the sick habit. Both they and their advisors must get rid of the curing idea and the practices built up thereon. Herbert M. Shelton

Here is the problem Poor Americans consume too little healthcare, especially preventive healthcare. Other Americans often rich Americans consume too much healthcare, often unwisely, and sometimes to their detriment. The American healthcare system combines famine with gluttony. Otis Webb Brawley

Everything teeters between pathos and bathos here you are, violating society’s most fundamental taboos and yet formaldehyde is a powerful appetite stimulant, so you also crave a burrito. Paul Kalanithi

If there is one thing I’ve learned about hospitals, it’s that they aren’t interested in healing you. They are interested in stabilizing you, and then everyone is supposed to move on. They go to stabilize some more people, and you go off to do whatever you do. Healing, if it happens at all, is done on your own, long after the hospital has submitted your final insurance paperwork. Eric Nuzum

Indian Nadi System of Medicine is not much part of traditional Ayurveda, Unani, or yoga but part of a few ancient oral and family medicine traditions of India. Amit Ray

Cheerfulness is the best promoter of health and is as friendly to the mind as to the body. Joseph Addison

Western doctors are like poor plumbers. They treat a splashing tube by cleaning up the water. These plumbers are extremely apt at drying up the water, constantly inventing new, expensive, and refined methods of drying up water. Somebody should teach them how to close the tap. Denis Parsons Burkitt

I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you. Joyce Meyer

Doctors are great as long as you don’t need them. Edward E. Rosenbaum

He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything. Thomas Carlyle

Don’t you remember that love, like medicine, is only the art of encouraging nature? Pierre A.F. Choderlos de Laclos

The reforms we seek would bring greater competition, choice, savings and inefficiencies to our health care system. Barack Obama

On the day I swore to uphold the Hippocratic oath, the small hairs on the back of my neck stood up as I waited for lightning to strike. Who was I, vowing calmly among all these necktied young men to steal life out of nature’s jaws, every old time we got half a chance and a paycheck? I could not accept the contract that every child born human upon this earth comes with a guarantee of perfect health and old age clutched in its small fist. Barbara Kingsolver

Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account. Anne Wilson Schaef

It is hard to look at the tumor and not come away with the feeling that one has encountered a powerful monster in its infancy. Siddhartha Mukherjee

Looking after my health today gives me a better hope for tomorrow. Anne Wilson Schaef

Time and time again, throughout the history of medical practice, what was once considered as scientific eventually becomes regarded as bad practice. David Stewart

I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health. Voltaire

At one time, the treatment for a certain kind of psychosis had been to push an ice pick up through the orbit of the eye, into the frontal lobe; the ice pick was then stirred around until it reduced the problematic brain tissue to non functioning porridge. Alastair Reynolds

Medicine sometimes snatches away health, sometimes gives it. Ovid