102+ Best Memories Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Memories create our worldview and influence our hopes, expectations, and fears which are all built upon what we’ve experienced before. More importantly, we can use the past to improve the present. It brings meaning to the moment. Sweet memories quotes will remind us each day is an opportunity to make unforgettable experiences, and we need to treasure every moment of life.

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Top Memories Quotes

Memories are like a garden. Regularly tend the pleasant blossoms and remove the invasive weeds. ― Linda Fifer Ralphs

A good memory is one trained to forget the trivial. ― Clifton Fadiman

Memories are contrary things; if you quit chasing them and turn your back, they often return on their own. ― Stephen King

Memories, even bittersweet ones, are better than nothing. ― Jennifer L. Armentrout

Love poems are little bits of memory and story that remind and shape us back into the experience of love. ― Tito Tinajero, Love Poems For Valentine’s Day

No one can ever take your memories from you – each day is a new beginning, make good memories every day. ― Catherine Pulsifer

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Many think of memory as rote learning, a linear stuffing of the brain with facts, where understanding is irrelevant. When you teach it properly, with imagination and association, understanding becomes a part of it. ― Tony Buzan

Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them. ― Bob Dylan

You never realize what a good memory you have until you try to forget something. ― Franklin P. Jones

Memories are the key not to the past, but to the future. ― Corrie ten Boom

If we lose our memory, we lose ourselves. Forgetting is one of the symptoms of death. Without memory we cease to be human beings. ― Ivan Klima

To observe attentively is to remember distinctly. ― Edgar Allan Poe

Memories, all those little experiences make up the fabric of our lives and on balance, I wouldn’t want to erase any of them, tempting though it may be. ― Ben Affleck

The moments we share are the moments we keep forever. ― Author Unknown

Memory in youth is active and easily impressible; in old age it is comparatively callous to new impressions, but still retains vividly those of earlier years. ― Charlotte Bronte

Leftovers in their less visible form are called memories. Stored in the refrigerator of the mind and the cupboard of the heart. ― Thomas Fuller

On this Valentines let me tell you, you are a sweetheart who makes every day the bright and cheerful kind, who brings the warmest memories and the happiest thoughts to mind. ― Catherine Pulsifer

The many memories I will forever treasure. ― K. Hooton, Just Not The Same

Memories are dangerous things. You turn them over and over, until you know every touch and corner, but still you’ll find an edge to cut you. ― Mark Lawrence

So long as the memory of certain beloved friends lives in my heart, I shall say that life is good. ― Helen Keller

Be careful who you make memories with. Those things can last a lifetime. ― Ugo Eze

Memories the one thing that can never be taken away from us. Make lots of them! ― Catherine Pulsifer

The advantage of a bad memory is that one enjoys several times the same good things for the first time. ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Creating memories is a priceless gift. Memories will last a lifetime; things only a short-period of time. ― Alyice Edrich

It doesn’t matter what you did in the past, you can’t change it. The best you can do about your past is to be nostalgic with your family and loved ones about happy memories. ― Zoe McKey, The Unlimited Mind

You may not think you have a good memory, but you remember what’s important to you. ― Rick Warren

Your memories are your jewels! ― Julie Butler

Memory always obeys the commands of the heart. ― Antoine Rivarol

Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely. ― Becky Aligada

Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory. ― Albert Schweitzer

Our memories are the only paradise from which we can never be expelled. ― Jean Paul Richter

Life is all memory except for the one present moment that goes by so quick you can hardly catch it going. ― Tennessee Wıllıams, The Milk Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore

The amazing power of pictures to stay in the memory is well documented. Graham Shaw, ― The Art of Business Communication

Memory is a record of your personal experience. It is a record of trial and error, defeat and success. Past failures will warn you against repeating them. ― Wilfred Peterson

Memories are what warm you up from the inside. But they’re also what tear you apart. ― Haruki Murakami

Memory is very important, the memory of each photo taken, flowing at the same speed as the event. During the work, you have to be sure that you haven’t left any holes, that you’ve captured everything, because afterwards it will be too late. ― Henri Cartier-Bresson

Memory has always fascinated me. Think of it. You can recall at will your first day in high school, your first date, your first love. ― Eric Kandel

Memories were the markers of the journey through life. It was necessary to know where you had come from. Only then could you know where you were going. ― William Shatner

Your memory is the glue that binds your life together; everything you are today is because of your amazing memory. You are a data collecting being, and your memory is where your life is lived. ― Kevin Horsley, Unlimited Memory

Memories are good, as long as we keep them in the rearview mirror and keep moving. ― Unkown

I have memories – but only a fool stores his past in the future. ― David Gerrold

The human brain can remember events, skills, habits, and experiences. The sum of what is remembered is called a memory. ― Frank Knoll, Memory: Renew Your Memory

Memories are bullets. Some whiz by and only spook you. Others tear you open and leave you in pieces. ― Richard Kadrey

Memories are created by what we do not by what we think. ― Byron Pulsifer

We do not remember days; we remember moments. ― Cesare Pavese

The beautiful thing about memories is that they are yours; whether they are good, bad, or indifferent. They belong to you, and no matter where you are now. ― Unkown

If any one faculty of our nature may be called more wonderful than the rest, I do think it is memory. There seems something more speakingly incomprehensible in the powers, the failures, the inequalities of memory, than in any other of our intelligences. The memory is sometimes so retentive, so serviceable, so obedient; at others, so bewildered and so weak; and at others again, so tyrannic, so beyond control! We are, to be sure, a miracle every way; but our powers of recollecting and of forgetting do seem peculiarly past finding out. ― Jane Austen

Memories can be sad, but sometimes they can also save you. ― Takayuki Ikkaku

Your self is created by your memories, and your memories are created by your mental habits. ― Rick Warren

There would be many things to follow, as our friendship has many things. And so much of them reminds me of the happiness our friendship brings. ― Julie Hebert, Things Of Remembrance

Memories are not just about the past. They determine our future. ― Jeff Bridges

Memories were a welcome reprieve from the worries of my day. ― Author Unknown, Rain

Memories are like moonbeams, we do with them what we will. ― Kevin Spacey

To have memories of those you have loved and lost is perhaps harder than to have no memories. ― Hugh Jackman

We must use time wisely for our development and advancement; so that when we are old, we can look back and recollect the pleasant memories and deeds that we have achieved. ― Michael Lee, Use Your Time Wisely!

Memories shared serve each one differently. ― Robert Evans

Sending a harvest of sweet Thanksgiving memories your way. Danielle Duckery, ― Thanksgiving,Christmas & New Year Greetings

In my life I find that memories of the spirit linger and sweeten long after memories of the brain have faded. ― Harry Connick Jr.

Our memory is a more perfect world than the universe: it gives back life to those who no longer exist. ― Guy de Maupassant

I was asked to memorise what I did not understand; and, my memory being so good, it refused to be insulted in that manner. ― Aleister Crowley

Our memories give us voice and bear witness to history, so that others might learn. So they might celebrate our triumphs and be warned of our failures. ― Mohinder Suresh

That’s the thing about memories, you can’t forget them. ― Lex Luthor

The more often you share what you’ve learned, the stronger that information will become in your memory. ― Steve Brunkhorst

If we can’t make memories, we can’t heal. ― Leonard Shelby

Memory… is the diary that we all carry about with us. ― Oscar Wilde

The finest memories are those where we have helped someone without expecting anything in return. ― Byron Pulsifer

Figure out how to be keen on it, make it fun and you will learn quicker, and recollect more. ― Eimantas Gabalis, How To Get Smarter

When our memories outweigh our dreams, we have grown old. ― Bill Clinton

I try to keep the happy memories. If that’s what you call selective memories, I’m good with that. ― Nicole Williams

Those moments you fail are not the end, they are periods in which you recollect thoughts, ideas, and ambitions, and change direction. ― Benjamin Chapin, Think Positive

The happiest memories are of moments that ended when they should have. ― Robert Brault

Photos capture our memories in print, but our memories are always with us in our minds. ― Catherine Pulsifer

Our Christmas message for you, at this special time of year, may your home be filled with happiness and laughter where memories are made. Good times, good memories and the love of family is one of the best we could every receive. ― Catherine Pulsifer

Memories, even your most precious ones, fade surprisingly quickly. But I don’t go along with that. The memories I value most, I don’t ever see them fading. ― Kazuo Ishiguro

Memories are like antiques, the older they are the more valuable they became. ― Marinela Reka

I would like to encourage you to set traditions for your family as well as your home. Making traditions is making memories. Robin Redmon Dreyer, ― Christmas Traditions, Legends, Recipes from Around the World

Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart. ― Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore

Memories may fade as the years go by but they won’t age a day. ― Michelle C. Ustaszeski

Someone said that God gave us memories so that we might have roses in December. ― J M Barrie

Focus on the good memories, discard the not so good. ― Catherine Pulsifer

The town was paper, but the memories were not. ― John Green, Paper Towns

You can never be really happy if you keep holding to those bad memories which makes you sad. ― Anurag Prakash Ray

I don’t want to repeat my innocence. I want the pleasure of losing it again. ― F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise

For some life lasts a short while, but the memories it holds last forever. ― Laura Swenson

Many incidents of those early years are fixed in my memory, isolated, but clear and distinct, making the sense of that silent, aimless, dayless life all the more intense. ― Helen Keller, The Story of My Life

Here’s a basic memory rule: You Can Remember Any New Piece of Information if It Is Associated to Something You Already Know or Remember. ― Harry Lorayne, The Memory Book

No matter how much suffering you went through, you never wanted to let go of those memories. ― Haruki Murakami

Imagination has a great potential to improve your memory. It allows traveling beyond the horizon, attaching various stories or images to the things you wish to remember, in turn it will strengthen your memory. ― William D, Memory

The worst memories stick with us, while the nice ones always seem to slip through our fingers. ― Rachel Vincent

A poem is but a thought, a mere memory caught at play. From hand onto paper, bleeding thoughts emerge. ― Robert M. Hensel

Memories, important yesterdays, were once todays. Treasure and notice today. ― Gloria Gaither

Maybe memories should be left the way they are. ― Melina Marchetta

Everybody needs his memories. They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door. ― Saul Bellow

When you are gone, the only truly important thing you will leave behind are the memories you’ve created. How do you want to be remembered? ― Michael Hyatt; Daniel Harkavy, Living Forwar

The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It’s the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared. ― Lois Lowry, The Giver

There is nothing like an odor to stir memories. ― William McFee

What greater thing is there for two human souls, than to feel that they are joined for life – to strengthen each other in all labor, to rest on each other in all sorrow, to minister to each other in all pain, to be one with each other in silent unspeakable memories at the moment of the last parting? ― George Eliot

Some memories are realities, and are better than anything that can ever happen to one again. ― Willa Cather

Each day is a gift, and as long as my eyes open I’ll focus on the new day and all the happy memories I’ve stored away, just for this time in my life. ― Author Unknown, Each Day is a Gift

The one thing I need to leave behind is good memories. ― Michael Landon

My family legacy is mainly memories, so I especially cherish my few tangible mementos. ― Maureen Killoran

The funny thing is that now that we are grown, the things we remember the most fondly are mom’s red Jell-O salad (made with red hots yummy!) and sitting together and reading the Christmas story before opening our presents. I can’t remember what presents I received, but I always look back on the Christmas story. ― Tawra J. Kellam; Jill Cooper, Homemade Christmas

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