275+ Best Mickey Mouse Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Mickey Mouse is a cartoon character and the mascot of The Walt Disney Company. Profoundly inspirational Mickey Mouse quotes will get you through anything when the going gets tough and help you succeed in every aspect of life.

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Famous Mickey Mouse Quotes

I-Isn’t it about time we were opening our presents? And, uh, speaking of time – What time is it? – Mickey Mouse

Riku’s going to be so mad at me. Still, we have to hurry and search the mansion! – Mickey Mouse

Sora, let me explain. Once upon a time, you lost all of your memories. This girl was the one who helped you recover them. – Mickey Mouse

What? But he’s the one who made us Musketeers. – Mickey Mouse

You don’t think-No! Master Yen Sid! – Mickey Mouse

For a second there, you looked just like…well, you know… – Mickey Mouse

Donald! Where ya goin’? – Mickey Mouse

You’re lying, Maleficent. Not even you would go through this much trouble just for that. What is it you’re really after? – Mickey Mouse

But we shook hands, in our hearts. We’re connected, you and me. – Mickey Mouse

Huh? Have we met before? – Mickey Mouse

Easter means spring’s here! C’mon, everybody! Let’s celebrated spring! – Mickey Mouse

WHAT!? – Mickey Mouse

Master Yen Sid. Gosh, do ya think he’ll be able to do it? – Mickey Mouse

All for one, and one for all! – Mickey Mouse

I have the other Keyblade— the one that belongs to this world. I’ve been trying to get through to you, but the darkness in your heart kept me away. – Mickey Mouse

Donald! Donald… – Mickey Mouse

Oh, Minnie. You’re all the music I’ll ever need. – Mickey Mouse

Datascape? We’re in the journal? – Mickey Mouse

Sora, Riku, Kairi. The truth about the Keyblade is connected to you in many ways. It was in your hearts all along. Sora, everybody connected to you is waiting for you. You are the only one who can relieve their sadness. It could be that your journeys so far were only a warm-up for the next one. Everything you thought was a coincidence is turning out to have a connection. The door to a new journey is just about to open. – Mickey Mouse

If Xehanort really is behind all this, then they won’t stay in the dream worlds forever. Eventually, they’re gonna reappear somewhere that we can go reach ’em. And we can even probably guess the place. Follow the hearts, and you’ll find the way. That’s something Master Aqua told me once. – Mickey Mouse

Yep. She’s out there somewhere, counting on us to come to the rescue. – Mickey Mouse

Thank you, Riku. Say, can we try out that Sound Idea? – Mickey Mouse

Aw, Sora. Don’t tell me your heart’s sleeping, too. – Mickey Mouse

Somebody’s after the princess? Count on us! – Mickey Mouse

What’s the matter, Sora? Hold on! – Mickey Mouse

Say fellas, this is Sora. And it doesn’t matter when we met. Once we make a friend, we’re friends for life. – Mickey Mouse

No! Minnie! – Mickey Mouse

Seven guardians of light? Well, for Keyblade wielders, there’s me and Riku and Sora. And my three missing friends, that’s six. Then the seventh would be… That means… the thirteen seekers of darkness… – Mickey Mouse

Huh, wonder what else I can try. – Mickey Mouse

My name’s Mickey. I’m workin on a problem. That’s why I’m in this world bein’ a Musketeer. – Mickey Mouse

Right. Thanks, Sora! – Mickey Mouse

Gosh, you all did great! – Mickey Mouse

I got somethin’ for ya, Mallerie. It’s a welcome present from us to you! Here ya go! – Mickey Mouse

Sora! Thank you. Princess Minnie is safe. We couldn’t have done it without ya! – Mickey Mouse

Sure, take your time. – Mickey Mouse

Maleficent. I didn’t expect you to be here, in the data world. – Mickey Mouse

Of course I do! And this is him! I’m positive! – Mickey Mouse

Now, we’ve gotta go protect the princess! Donald, Goofy, follow me! – Mickey Mouse

They’ll pay for this. – Mickey Mouse

Wow! No wonder the music sounded like so much fun. But I bet he’s got you to thank for that. Having such a good friend means he could really enjoy it. – Mickey Mouse

This is it guys, when these doors open, we got to make a very first impression. [Donald stands, Goofy licks hair, then stands] Okay guys, we’re on duty, and this place will be crawling with bad guys. – Mickey Mouse

Hey, Goofy, that’s the wrong way! – Mickey Mouse

You’d never let the darkness get the best of you. I’m sure of that. – Mickey Mouse

Maybe you can tell us: is there any way for us to get back home? – Mickey Mouse

Sora, be careful. You’re in a different space, now. It looks like a special space. – Mickey Mouse

It looks like the blocks are all gone, thanks to you. – Mickey Mouse

Princess! C’mon. It’s time to put our Musketeering to the test! – Mickey Mouse

[after using a Mouseketool] We’ve got ears; say, Cheers! – Mickey Mouse

Tell me where you got that! Keyblades are not something you use just to bully somebody around! Here, I’ll show ya! – Mickey Mouse

Golly, it sure feels like I’ve met DiZ somewhere before. – Mickey Mouse

Don’t worry! You’re safe. – Mickey Mouse

[seriously] So, stay alert! – Mickey Mouse

Gee, thanks for letting us share our Christmas spirit with you. Ha-ha! Merry Christmas, everybody! – Mickey Mouse

You betcha! Riku, you’re not alone. Listen careful now, Riku. The light’ll never give up on you. You’ll always find it, even in the deepest darkness! But you have to believe! – Mickey Mouse

En garde! – Mickey Mouse

What are you all doing here? – Mickey Mouse

Wanna bet? – Mickey Mouse

You know what? You’re right, pals. When the bunch of us stick together, we can accomplish anything! – Mickey Mouse

[copies Donald’s line] Captain Pete is the bad guy? – Mickey Mouse

It’s from Maleficent. She’s kidnapped Minnie. – Mickey Mouse

Gosh, everythin’ must be so new and excitin’ for ya! Your Magic Castle Passport brought ya here, right? That means you’re an official resident now–like us! – Mickey Mouse

Hiya, pal! Welcome to the castle! I’m Mickey! It sure is great that you could join us. – Mickey Mouse

It means that we really are inside the data world. – Mickey Mouse

Why, that’s Minnie’s. – Mickey Mouse

And I’m Mickey. I used to be Yen Sid’s apprentice. I came back to him for some more training. – Mickey Mouse

Oh no! The water! I’m in big trouble if I don’t fetch it! See ya real soon, Sora! – Mickey Mouse

Then we better find a way to get to that castle! – Mickey Mouse

Why are you doing this? – Mickey Mouse

And I traded my harmonica to get a chain for your watch. – Mickey Mouse

I don’t wanna break my promise. – Mickey Mouse

You okay? What’s wrong? – Mickey Mouse

I’m not really sure. I can’t help feeling that I met him somewhere before… – Mickey Mouse

Well, whaddaya know! Ha-ha! You’re back! Well, I’m ready when you are, pal! – Mickey Mouse

The worlds gave us this doorway. They want us to be the guardians of their destiny! – Mickey Mouse

Okay…you fellas stay here. – Mickey Mouse

The jig is up, Pete! – Mickey Mouse

Say, fellas, did somebody mention the Door To Darkness? – Mickey Mouse

See you real soon. – Mickey Mouse

Well, I’m not sure. But we’d better hurry and get through. – Mickey Mouse

Aw fellas, you’re my best pals. But this time, I really do need to go it alone. The dangers are greater than anything we’ve ever faced before. If something were to happen to Sora and Riku and me- why, you’ll be the only ones left to keep this world safe. – Mickey Mouse

You seem confused. – Mickey Mouse

Hiya, pal! Good to see ya! This is a really nice café ya got here! I’m gonna make the most of my visit, that’s for sure! – Mickey Mouse

Hiya, Mallerie! Hot dog, I sure am glad to see ya! I hope ya have a great day! – Mickey Mouse

Donald, Goofy, thank you. – Mickey Mouse

That’s great to hear. But, you said that Sora hasn’t woken up yet… Did something go wrong? – Mickey Mouse

The way you looked… – Mickey Mouse

You’ve got an idea? – Mickey Mouse

Who’s my pal? Who’s my pal? – Mickey Mouse

Don’t worry. There’s already lotsa help here. We’ll take care of this fight. – Mickey Mouse

Well, Goofy, Super Goof, he’s got to be non other than… – Mickey Mouse

Aw, poor fella. Ha ha. – Mickey Mouse

Your heart won the battle against darkness, but it was too late for your body. That’s why you’re here— in this place of darkness where hearts are gathered. – Mickey Mouse

Oh, you don’t have to call me that, heh heh! – Mickey Mouse

You and I have seen it! The far-off, welcoming light inside the door to darkness… The light of Kingdom Hearts, Riku — it’ll show you the way. Please don’t give up. Believe in the light. That’s all I ask. – Mickey Mouse

Goofy’s right. As a team, we can do anything! – Mickey Mouse

Gosh, I’m glad you’re okay. – Mickey Mouse

Oh no! It…it’s gone all haywire! – Mickey Mouse

How about a little magic? – Mickey Mouse

Fellas? All for one, and one for all! – Mickey Mouse

Maleficent…you lose! – Mickey Mouse

Uh-oh! – Mickey Mouse

Gosh, we didn’t lose each other exactly. Riku left…well, ’cause Xehanort’s Heartless was still inside his heart, troubling him. And he sure must’ve been suffering. But what I don’t understand is why he looks like that now, when he’s still Riku at heart… – Mickey Mouse

Donald! Don’t! – Mickey Mouse

Don’t worry. Donald’s real brave, and Goofy’s clever. And while I may be small, I’ve got the heart of a Musketeer! – Mickey Mouse

Hot dog! Well, hiya, Pal! Say, are ya’ ready to have some fun? – Mickey Mouse

You sure have lotsa friends to help. So, I guess we better all pull together and finish this battle for good! – Mickey Mouse

And I think we know just the guy to do it. Am I right, fellas? – Mickey Mouse

Gee, do you really think it’s possible Xehanort could have planned things that far in advance? – Mickey Mouse

Oh… Oh no. I remember- Xehanort did give up his body. It was a version of him that was possessing Riku. – Mickey Mouse

Uh, Bugs does. – Mickey Mouse

Calm down, Donald! Start from the beginning. – Mickey Mouse

[not understanding Donald] Yeah and guys that are brave, too. – Mickey Mouse

Goofy’s gone? But why would he leave his post? – Mickey Mouse

This world is in pain, isn’t it? It looks like the corruption… the bugs are spreading there, too. Considering what we’ve seen so far, there must be something behind a Keyhole, and if you can defeat it, the world will go back to normal. – Mickey Mouse

Don’t be. It’s not your fault. – Mickey Mouse

At least I thought it would. I haven’t quite got the fine points down, like…when, or where… It just kinda kicks in whenever it wants to. But I wouldn’t have met you if it hadn’t brought me here. – Mickey Mouse

Riku’s body was taken over by the bugs. So that means…Oh! If we don’t get rid of these bugs, Riku might never wake up! – Mickey Mouse

Why, not let your consience be your guide? – Mickey Mouse

So… – Mickey Mouse

Daisy? Then who got the fax I sent? – Mickey Mouse

It looks like Jafar cast a special kind of spell on this city. – Mickey Mouse

No can do! I already made my choice. No matter what happens, I’m going to be there to help you. I’m not backing down. Unless you don’t believe. I’ll come through for you… – Mickey Mouse

Say uh, Pluto, ha-ha! – Mickey Mouse

A lie? Well…lie or no lie, Musketeers don’t ever run from danger! – Mickey Mouse

C’mon. We’ll be right beside you, ’cause we’re friends. – Mickey Mouse

Yeah. You could get killed. Heh, heh. – Mickey Mouse

You used the darkness to get here? That was reckless. But gosh, I didn’t expect you to save us… Axel. – Mickey Mouse

Gosh, have I been worried about you! Where’ve you been all this time? – Mickey Mouse

Well, then you have to let me help! Maybe I could get the memories back! – Mickey Mouse

Hmm… Well, all right. Thank you! – Mickey Mouse

The Door to Darkness will open soon, but it’s a door we can’t enter. It has to be closed from both sides. To do this, you need two keys and two hearts. Maybe you’re here for the same reason I am. Maybe it was fate. – Mickey Mouse

What you did back then- your mistakes- changed the destinies of three of my friends! – Mickey Mouse

Gee, uh, better let him have it, Bugs. – Mickey Mouse

Donald, are you nuts? What’s going on here? – Mickey Mouse

I have. – Mickey Mouse

Wow, Mallerie! It’s like it was made for ya! What d’ya think, Minnie? – Mickey Mouse

Goofy, Donald! You saved us! – Mickey Mouse

Ok. Everybody, now it’s time for a change of pace. – Mickey Mouse

Gosh, is that a Keyblade? Who are you an apprentice to? I’m Mickey, the sorcerer’s apprentice. – Mickey Mouse

Then I’ve got bad news for you- that day’s never gonna come. – Mickey Mouse

Bad guy! – Mickey Mouse

Now I remember! Xehanort! Ansem’s apprentice! The leader of Organization XIII is Xehanort’s Nobody! – Mickey Mouse

Of course, Riku. I promise. – Mickey Mouse

Oh… But what about Sora and Riku? – Mickey Mouse

Xemnas! No! – Mickey Mouse

I guess it must have been after that when I saw Riku again. He said he wanted to help Sora… but he made me promise- Promise that Sora wouldn’t ever find out about what happened to him while he was out in the darkness. – Mickey Mouse

Come on, I’ll be right beside you, because we’re friends. – Mickey Mouse

I got somethin’ to tell ya. I found out where Ansem is—Ansem the Wise! The real Ansem! He snuck into Organization XIII’s stronghold. – Mickey Mouse

I sure hope you like it! – Mickey Mouse

Wait, Sora. Got any suggestions, Goofy? – Mickey Mouse

Yes. But Sora- – Mickey Mouse

It won’t open! Hey! Hello! Anybody out there? – Mickey Mouse

Oh, gosh! This place sure is big. – Mickey Mouse

I know you wanted to do this alone, but you don’t mind a LITTLE help, right? Let’s go, Riku. – Mickey Mouse

Ya know, it might not be an accident. Maybe it starts workin’ ’cause it’s reactin’ to somethin’. – Mickey Mouse

The letter says for me to return to Disney Castle…or else. – Mickey Mouse

Hurry! Ya gotta get that girl to someplace that’s safe. – Mickey Mouse

I was hoping you’d come back! – Mickey Mouse

Oh! A case… for my harmonica. – Mickey Mouse

Gosh, I wonder who he really was? – Mickey Mouse

Hey, that’s it! Ansem the Wise loved ice cream! – Mickey Mouse

Ansem the Wise. Why didn’t you come to me before things got so bad? – Mickey Mouse

Hiding? Well, tonight you came back to warn us, and that took courage Donald. – Mickey Mouse

Hey, Jiminy, how many more worlds still have bugs left inside them? – Mickey Mouse

That’s strange… Is one Sound Idea not enough? – Mickey Mouse

So, you decided not to go to sleep, huh? – Mickey Mouse

All right, Maleficent. Tell us what you want. – Mickey Mouse

And we’re gonna be the ones to save her! – Mickey Mouse

What? You’ll find one for me? – Mickey Mouse

I know. You came from another world right? – Mickey Mouse

Your darkness belongs to you. Just like your light. Until now, I thought darkness was nothing but bad. But my time with you made me change my mind. You’ve chosen a road I never thought of. Light and dark, back to back. With you, they mingle in a way no one’s ever seen before. I want to see where that road leads. And if it’s okay, I want to walk the road with you. – Mickey Mouse

Riku, can you hear me? I’ll be there soon. – Mickey Mouse

Yeah! We did it! Hurray for the Musketeers! – Mickey Mouse

Do ya really mean you’re gonna try and help me? – Mickey Mouse

Thank you. I promise I’ll bring them both back safe and sound. – Mickey Mouse

Thank you, Sora. I can tell you found us a Sound Idea. Well, I guess we should try and put it to work. – Mickey Mouse

That’s not Ven! – Mickey Mouse

[muffled voice] Doggone, man’s best friend. – Mickey Mouse

Donald? Goofy? You too, Sora? You came back. – Mickey Mouse

But are they safe right now? – Mickey Mouse

A note you don’t remember taking? – Mickey Mouse

Donald, I can’t understand a word you’d said. – Mickey Mouse

Whaddaya know… Riku and Sora. The Sound Ideas you two set free joined together. And when they did, they made a great and powerful harmony. – Mickey Mouse

Keep your ears open! When ya get close enough to somebody, ya might hear ’em mumble somethin’. If what they say sounds interestin’ enough, go ahead and talk to ’em! – Mickey Mouse

Thanks. I sure owe ya one. Some Musketeer I turned out to be. – Mickey Mouse

Well, the Door To Darkness can only be opened by the seven princesses. There’s Snow White, Jasmine, and Belle… – Mickey Mouse

Just hanging out with Max. – Mickey Mouse

Xemnas has probably grown even stronger, and is waiting for us. This battle began with Ansem’s research. Let’s finish it for him! – Mickey Mouse

Somebody left a mysterious message in Jiminy’s notebook. We need to analyze the notebook in detail to solve the mystery. – Mickey Mouse

And Sora… Did something go wrong with fixing all his memories? – Mickey Mouse

We gotta check the rest of the castle now! – Mickey Mouse

Miska moska Mickey Mouse. – Mickey Mouse

Gosh, Riku, something tells me you and I are gonna be good friends, and we’ll help each other out a lot someday. – Mickey Mouse

You won’t be able to defeat that darkness with brute force. I’m Mickey, the sorcerer’s apprentice. Who are you? – Mickey Mouse

Aw, we knew this would happen, I bet Pete’s really mad, huh? – Mickey Mouse

Yep, that’s what worries me too. – Mickey Mouse

Don’t worry. There will always be a door to the light. – Mickey Mouse

Inside this music is a Sound Idea powerful enough to dispel the darkness. Can ya find it? – Mickey Mouse

The power of light should keep Ansem locked up for a while. – Mickey Mouse

Donald, wait! Together, we can stop Captain Pete. Remember how we rescued the princess? – Mickey Mouse

Aw, thanks, Sora. – Mickey Mouse

Captain Pete! How did you get here? – Mickey Mouse

Let’s join forces! Oh no, not now! – Mickey Mouse

Pete’s trying to kidnap the princess? – Mickey Mouse

I’ll see ya when you get back. Oh! One more thing. Let me give your clothes some new powers, Sora. – Mickey Mouse

He made it! – Mickey Mouse

Captain Pete, by the power vested in me as a Musketeer, I arrest you, mister! – Mickey Mouse

Wow! The sounds are all joining together to make even more powerful music! – Mickey Mouse

I couldn’t find a way to save ’em. But I wanted to believe that their sacrifice stopped you for good. Why? How was I so blind? I should’ve seen it, as soon as Maleficent started gathering the seven princesses of heart. – Mickey Mouse

Well, the man in the picture is definitely the one who tried to take over Kingdom Hearts-the one you fellas defeated. But, what you actually fought was his Heartless. Ya see, he wasn’t really Ansem. He just went around telling everybody that he was. – Mickey Mouse

Alakazam! – Mickey Mouse

That’s because I’m in a different world right now. I guess it doesn’t make much sense to you. I can’t go into the world you’re in right now. But, I want you solve a mystery for me. – Mickey Mouse

You can bet Organization XIII will be waiting for you in that castle. I don’t need to tell you how powerful they are. Don’t let your guard down. – Mickey Mouse

You know him? – Mickey Mouse

He must be up to something. Quick, after him! – Mickey Mouse

Hurray! – Mickey Mouse

I can only send a little bit of my power here. But I have a request. – Mickey Mouse

We just need a way for Jiminy to realize that. – Mickey Mouse

Pete said he was headed for the opera house. And that’s where we’ll find Her Majesty! C’mon, Musketeers. We’ve got a princess to rescue. – Mickey Mouse

Yup. She’s worth her weight in gold, all right! – Mickey Mouse

I thought you’d already know. You and I, we’re friends, Sora. So, remember… You’re not fighting this battle all by yourself. The light that never goes out, even in the deepest darkness…You already have that light within you! – Mickey Mouse

Thanks to you and your hard work, all the bugs are gone from the data world. Thank you so much. – Mickey Mouse

I just love the holiday season! Getting together with friends and presents… Did ja get your shopping done? – Mickey Mouse

You know, you and me both were looking into what the Organization’s been up to, but what I saw didn’t look like much. Almost like they’re trying to buy some time… – Mickey Mouse

It’s like each of you is holding on to a little part of the other. Your hearts are always in tune, so they’re free to sing. Gosh, I hope I can be part of the team someday. – Mickey Mouse

Thanks, Sora! Don’t know what I woulda done without ya! – Mickey Mouse

Aw, fellas. We’re not even real Musketeers. – Mickey Mouse

Grab her! – Mickey Mouse

Master Xehanort! We were right about you! – Mickey Mouse

Yep. I’ve been trainin’ under the great Yen Sid. – Mickey Mouse

Look out! – Mickey Mouse

Oh, boy! Bibbidi Bobbidi Stew! – Mickey Mouse

I’m as worried as you are, Donald. But right now, our best hope is fixing up the journal. – Mickey Mouse

Minnie! There’s no audience. – Mickey Mouse

Gee. I hope they’re not lost. – Mickey Mouse

All for one… and one for all! – Mickey Mouse

Sora? Funny.. Just hearing that name kinda makes me wanna smile. – Mickey Mouse

Everything’s under control, Goof. – Mickey Mouse

Sorry I couldn’t come sooner, Riku. – Mickey Mouse

This place is inside the data world, too? – Mickey Mouse

Pete’s here?! How’d you get in? – Mickey Mouse

There should be a computer leading to another world in this mansion! I’m sure we’ll find it if we search hard enough! – Mickey Mouse

I know I’ve met this fake Ansem before, and I’ve seen the leader of Organization XIII, too. Hmm, kinda felt like bein’ around the same fella. – Mickey Mouse

Not you too, Donald? – Mickey Mouse

Hmm? Where’d you get that key? – Mickey Mouse

Gosh…I guess you’re right, pals. We friends need to stick together. Master Yen Sid, we’ll be back! – Mickey Mouse

But you’re not a Musketeer. And this mission is fraught with danger. – Mickey Mouse

Ha-ha. Hiya pal, I’m Mickey! Oh, boy! This is gonna be great! – Mickey Mouse

Ansem did say anything could happen… – Mickey Mouse

Shh! You gotta board the train and leave town! The train knows the way. – Mickey Mouse

Hey, Mallerie! Seein’ ya run around all full of energy like that… Why, it makes me awful happy! – Mickey Mouse

All right. I’ll show ya what a Musketeer can do! – Mickey Mouse

Finding Ansem’s research data will have to come first. I’ll explain everything later. Please be careful. – Mickey Mouse

What’s this gadget for? – Mickey Mouse

Well everybody that’s our show. Thank you for spending Christmas Eve at the House of Mouse. Here’s wishing everybody a Merry Christmas and a safe trip ho-ho-home! – Mickey Mouse

That was amazing! What happened? – Mickey Mouse

Beyond the Keyhole… Sora, try using the Keyblade. It might do something. – Mickey Mouse

They’re doing what their hearts command. We can’t interfere. – Mickey Mouse

Minnie! – Mickey Mouse

Inside this musical score should be a power that can sweep away any darkness. But you gotta be careful. In between those clefs and notes are monsters- not as strong as the big one, but still pretty strong. – Mickey Mouse

[finishes redecorating the living room] Well, I don’t need my sunglasses, but it’ll do. Hmm, something’s missing.[notices the star is not on the tree] Oh yeah! [remembers how he yelled at Pluto] Oh… yeah.[Mickey walks outside slowly to Pluto’s doghouse carrying the star] Uh… hey, pal. I finished decorating. Well… almost. There’s just one thing left. [gets no response] Aw come on, Pluto. Who’s my pal? [no response] Pal? Buddy? Hello? [goes inside the doghouse and gasps as he discovers Pluto is gone and has left his collar behind; Mickey then sees Pluto’s paw prints in the snow leading to the sidewalk]Oh no. – Mickey Mouse

If it’s all right with you, can I go help Sora and Riku out? – Mickey Mouse

Gosh, I guess that explains things. It’s almost like they’re trying to buy some time… – Mickey Mouse

Now, Sora! Let’s close this door for good! – Mickey Mouse

Don’t you worry, Aqua. I believe in Ven, too. Gosh, he’s been as good a friend to me as anybody. And if both you and me believe in him with all our hearts…then he’ll have two lights to follow instead of one. – Mickey Mouse

Aw, we don’t hate it. It’s just kinda…scary. But the world’s made of light AND darkness. You can’t have one without the other, ’cause darkness is half of everything. Sorta makes ya wonder why we are scared of the dark. – Mickey Mouse

Why do you want the data? – Mickey Mouse

Thank you, Sora, but it’s no use. A monster’s possessed that music. And he’s releasing darkness that stops anybody from going in there to fight him. To dispel the darkness, we need a Sound Idea. – Mickey Mouse

Sure. Just tell me what you need. – Mickey Mouse

Lie? Well, lie or no lie. Musketeers don’t run from danger, and as long as we wear these uniforms, neither do we? – Mickey Mouse

[after being carried by Donald] Hey! Hey! Put me down! – Mickey Mouse

I’ll find you a new ride home. – Mickey Mouse

But, he made us musketeers. – Mickey Mouse

Hmm. It looks to me like a new message gets addd every time a world inside the journal is repaired. – Mickey Mouse

No, Sora. That’s how it feels to say goodbye. Since meeting you here in the data world, I’ve come to remember a lot of things. Things about the first time I left home to go on an adventure. About the first time I made friends, long ago… This all brought back so many memories. And now I understand. The notebook didn’t only contain the record of your journey. It also held everything that each of us felt. Our hearts. I promise you. We will tell everything that happened here to Sora and Riku. That way, we can all remember this adventure, together. Memories link hearts to each other. They link us to each other So… we’ll be friends forever. – Mickey Mouse