My car is a magic traveling wagon!

My children seem to think my car is some sort of magic teleportation vehicle that also doubles as a toy box/cupboard!

At the moment I have, wait for it, this in my car and boot:

  • A Red tricycle (for a 3 year old, not a mini scale one!)
  • Dolly pram
  • 2 Baby dolls
  • 2 Baby doll Blankets (we don’t want them to get cold mom!)
  • Baby doll clothes
  • Baby dolls nappies and bottles
  • Coloring books
  • Plain paper
  • Pencils, crayons and markers
  • 200 pairs of kids shoes!!!
  • 2000 socks!
  • A pillow
  • Numerous lunch boxes
  • My sons chair bag from school as well as all last terms books
  • My sons school bag (its holidays)
  • A Jacket and scarf
  • Empty Mini Cheddar packets
  • Popcorn
  • Crumbs
  • and a partridge and a pear tree!
  • oh and a 1st aid kit!


I can ask them, shout at them a hundred times to please take their things out of the car but no, as soon as we pull into the driveway they jump out and race to the front door like there are walking dead outside and they have to run or else be eaten!

I mean whats up with that? Its like they have suuuch fun things to do inside that they cannot wait another minute to go inside. But then of course half an hour later, I’m booooored mom, we have nothing to dooooo, boo hoo. Um well why don’t you come and help me clean the car out guys? NOO mom, I cant my tummy is sore, my legs hurt, I’m tired, I’m hungry.

And that’s another thing, when Brave Knight is mooching around the house and I ask him to come and help me with something, how come all of a sudden that’s his Que that he needs to poo! No jokes he can be laying on the couch, playing Lego or Xbox and he is fine, even telling me he is bored. But every damn time I ask him to help me, like to take the dirt out Ill call him again and I get the response, I’m making a poo mom I cant do it now. WHAT!

Then when we go and visit my mom in Hermanus, its a 2 hours trip through 2 mountain passes, the kids sometimes fall asleep in the car not far away from home and when we get there I wake them. So to them it must seem like a teleportation device. They go to sleep in Cape Town and wake up in Hermanus 5 minutes later, as if Granny still lives just down the road. Lucky Cheeky monkeys. I hate driving.

A friend and I were talking about our childhoods the other day and we were saying how parents used to make us sit at the table and eat all our food otherwise we weren’t allowed to get up. Good grief if I tried that all the time with my kids they would starve. We usually need to have a few options for the kids otherwise they won’t eat! Would you like some stew? Are there peas in it, yes, ok then no. Would you like a scrambled egg then? no I don’t feel like egg. Ok… well then just for tonight have some porridge so at least your tummy is full. No thanks I’m not hungry. GRRRrrrr and if you tell them fine then you can go to sleep hungry whats the response I get, OK mom that’s fine. And then you go to sleep feeling like the worst parent ever letting your child go sleep hungry. You cant win. And if you make them sit there until their food is done you will end up sitting there for hours because today’s kids are perseverant. WOW they can test you.

Anyone else experience this with their kids?

1 thought on “My car is a magic traveling wagon!”

  1. Brilliant post, dear Strawberrycat! Well…if your car is a magic wagon, why can’t aliens penetrate into it and stole some toys? For children to know that it’s dangerous to leave their stuff unwatched.

    Best wishes,
    Maria 🙂


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