#Writeitdown: My Life is Mine

#Writeitdown: My Life is Mine

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The Twenties: Building Yourself

The early and mid twenties are the struggle years. These years are filled with confusion and doubt, hopelessness, and depression, but also hope and opportunities. These are the years where we find who we are. The years where we ask questions, important questions, that will challenge how we live and think. Who am I? How am I going to live out my existence? This is my life. We will learn expectations are unnecessary and money is only temporary to the extent of materialistic satisfaction so what do I want out of this life?

You will go through challenges and battles, but that is only to build your stamina and strength. In a cycle of life circumstances, what will you do to make things different for yourself if you are unhappy? Your twenties are a beginning. This is the time to start and start again in other years but this is the first time where life will have you contemplating it day and night. Who are you?

These are the years where you notice, actually notice, the struggles around you. You will see the struggles that dictate your identity and your existence, your situations and your circumstances, so what are you going to do about it?

Strengths and Weaknesses

Allow your strengths to guide you and your weaknesses to teach you. Learn with your mind open and your mouth shut. Be a sponge to change and to understanding. What makes you uncomfortable will open your perspective. Be respectful and ask questions. Know that you and your life experiences are not the only ways of living. Be open to others and to their existence too.

Know that you do not have to suffer or struggle in silence. Ask for help and do not be ashamed. Realize your humanness and let the lives and understanding of others heal you too. Know that you deserve to be free. Set yourself free.

Live Life for Yourself

The twenties are years where you see your life as something yours. You live for yourself and you will live it for yourself. Learn to say no and move into different stages and places. Learn to accept yourself as you are and make decisions based on the person that you are most comfortable with. Be yourself and do not change for anyone.
Be unapologetic about your identity.
Learn to say “this is my life and I will learn who I am and who I want to be.” Live for yourself.

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