“Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted”

Nothing is this world is true, literally nothing that you see, feel, touch, smell, taste, think is ultimately true.. everything is just a series of assumptions and points of view that we agree upon. The canvas of reality is empty as we speak, this moment, the present moment, is free of all the assumptions we place on it, yet it let us choose the reality we want to create…that’s how free we all are.

“Nothing is true, Everything is permitted” is a quote from the famous video game series “Assassin’s Creed”.

In the game, the small order of the ‘Assassins’ fights to prevent the powerful order of the ‘Templars’ from controlling the people’s free will! (What a coincidence:D)

The Assassin’s oath is a total reminder that freedom is the innate essence of every man!

“Where other men blindly follow the truth, Remember, nothing is true.

Where other men are limited by morality or law, Remember, everything is permitted.

We work in the dark to serve the light. We are assassins.”

This couldn’t be more accurate!

Every single law, every single moral code, every single society standard is a limitation on our freedom and by consequence a limitation to amount of happiness we can experience in our life.

If we care about our life, if we care about our happiness, about our freedom, we should immediately stop giving 2 f*cks about all the society standards. It doesn’t mean that everyone should go ‘crazy’, keep your integrity side by side with your joy, it just means that I wouldn’t stop being happy, being powerful, being me, more and more and more because I feel limited be the rules of society.

The only rules that you have to obey are the rules of love! Ask love, can I do this? Ask love, am I allowed to have this? can I behave in this way? Can I be myself? Will I get hurt?

Love, your love, your higher self, your intuitive sate of being will guide you, live the truth and the “truth shall set you free”.

Everything that you are inspired to do comes from love and as it knows no rules, it will set you free, free to be you, free to experience life the way you want to experience it, the way you are meant to live…Loved, happy, abundant and free.

When everyone assumes to know the truth, when everyone assumes that life is meant to be this, or that, this hard, this easy, this way, that way, trust this, don’t trust that, do this, don’t do that… Remember “NOTHING IS TRUE”, your reality can be whatever you want it to be, it is whatever you say it is! You can be whoever you desire to be, the way you desire to be, you have no rules, no limits, you are forever free.

When everyone else is limited by moral and society laws, when everyone is limited by other people opinions, when everyone is limited by the should and shouldn’t… Remember, EVERYTHING IS PERMITTED, you can think, feel, act and be in whatever way you to.

Love is real, rules are not and as fake as they are, they got nothing against you.

You are free, you are Loved, you are good and you are powerful!

You are always on top of your world, rules don’t apply to you

“Nothing is true, Everything is permitted”

6 thoughts on ““Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted””

  1. If I may, I’d like to contradict your statement here, you say nothing is true, everything is permitted. But what is the truth? If nothing is then what is?

    • There is no truth 🙂 There is nothing that is true, there is nothing that is real so as nothing is the “truth” you are free to create everything.
      If something was the “truth” it could never be defied, if something was absolutely true, it would be impossible to “break it”. We are the creators of everything we see, we create every single time from a canvas of “nothing” where we insert our preferences, our laws, our desires, our assumptions, our limits, in other words… our “truths”! But no matter how many truths we believe, choose and live by…none of them is indeed True.
      We live in a world of assumptions and truths but we are way far beyond it and so far away free from it.

      Hope it helped 🙂

      • you also said the only “rules” we have to obey are those of “love”..
        isn’t that what Jesus said? that everything is based on love? isn’t that the same man who said he is the truth? aren’t all our moral laws based on Love?
        the assassins used that phrase because they wanted an excuse to kill(btw I loved the way you referenced them, I am such an assassins creed fan..

        • Yes 😉 Jesus knew it and he was here to spread it, spread love, real love and be a guide to humankind. When everyone knows that they are love, that there is only love (in creation), that everyone has love 24/7, rules become obsolete, nothing wrong/bad comes from Love.
          Moral rules such as Freedom, Equality, Abundance for all, yes that are truly based on Love, they are the many qualities of Love and they are meant to guide us to the Love that we are.
          In other hand, society rulles like, tax system, insurances, political control, … social standards, like the way we need to dress, the way we need to behave, the way we need to do this and that are,… can be limitations on Love, Limitations on our free will (Templars, controlling apple of eden to control free will). Rulles imposed on us to keep us small, a sleep and unware of the fact that we are pure Love 😉
          Templars trying to control peoples free will, assassins fighting them for Love/Free Will.

          Check my blog, you may find more stuff that may ressonate with you. 🙂

  2. I sincerely needed and enjoyed this message! We all have to stop confining ourselves to the “rules of society” and instead celebrate the power of love and it’s influence on our lives instead!

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