100+ Best Outdoor Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Outdoor is existing, happening, or done outside, rather than inside a building. Profoundly inspirational outdoor quotes will challenge the way you think, and make your life worth living.

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Famous Outdoor Quotes

We’re all about outdoor sports, and we’re not only building on that but also opening it up to other competitive sports and other activities. — P. J. Harvey

I do as much outdoor stuff as I can. What I’ve done is I bought a house in the middle of Hollywood, but I live in the forest. I literally live in an area that looks kind of like where I camped as a kid, but in the middle of Hollywood. It’s called Laurel Canyon. — Greg Cipes

I am happy with our whole team’s performance. We didn’t do everything we had wanted to do today, but that’s OK. We have never had every one of our athletes we have brought to the national meet gain All-American before. This is going to give us some momentum heading into the outdoor season. — Bob Kitchens

Baseball grew rapidly in favor; the field was ripe. America needed a live outdoor sport, and this game exactly suited the national temperament. It required all the manly qualities of activity, endurance, pluck, and skill peculiar to cricket, and was immeasurably superior to that game in exciting features. — John Montgomery Ward

I think (her outdoor track season) made her realize she can compete with the top girls in the state, — Pope John

Some great outdoor party songs, some big hits that will encourage in listeners a little nostalgia when the summer has passed, and the kind of tribal energy tracks that make people move! — David Knapp

Outdoor Life has been around for more than 100 years, and it’s a natural match for our destination. Its target audience is active anglers and hunters, and we have a variety of those types of opportunities here — including some of the best fishing in the world. — Rebecca Allen

I was a typical American boy. I did a lot of outdoor activities, played a lot outside with my friends, loved to go the beach, liked to hike, boating and fishing, and I flew a lot of model airplanes as well. — Alan G. Poindexter

We’ve stepped up our game by expanding Motown Winter Blast and bringing even more excitement to downtown Detroit. Come Super Bowl Sunday, we expect people to not only talk about which team they’re cheering on but also the great time they had at our outdoor extravaganza. — Jonathan Witz

It has always been my ambition to win a major outdoor title and that will be the plan at the Commonwealths. — Jason Gardener

We’re not an outdoor team, obviously; we’re an indoor team. Up here in the Northeast, we’re a little more subdued. I wanted them to see an atmosphere that’s loud, kind of like a basketball arena. Everybody is shouting and yelling and screaming, which the team isn’t used to. — Mac Gifford

People live up here because they love the outdoor world they want to turn a plain old backyard into a living space. — Jason Terry

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We broke it down into indoor facilities and outdoor facilities. The (high school athletic facilities) committee listed what we felt every school needed in priority order. — Gary Anderson

People make all sorts of things out of them. Outdoor lamps. Fish aquariums. I had one in my living room for awhile. — Rick Burkholder

We usually treat the indoor season as a way to keep in shape for the outdoor season. — Joe Bienasz

I’m a big fan of, like, wearing old, vintage slips and stuff as outdoor wear. I got, like, a pair of these little silk bloomers. I think they were even, like, considered underwear in the ’40s. I wore them as shorts the other day. — Zoe Kravitz

I am excited to see that change. An outdoor venue is an interesting take on showing art. It’ll be neat and something different. — Scott Evans

I first got into performing when I was eight. It wasn’t until I started going out for shows for ‘First Stage’ or H.O.T. (Huntington Outdoor Theatre) that I really began thinking of acting as a career. — Chris Sizemore

The 4-Trac is a response to the needs and aspirations of a new generation of consumers. It clearly shows Ford will continue to produce trucks that make a statement for a younger, bolder generation of consumers who want a vehicle that provides more possibilities for them to enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle. — Paul Gibson

We believe that in offering shares of the new Infinity Broadcasting, we will unlock the value of our largest and fastest-growing operating segment — our radio and outdoor businesses. — Mel Karmazin

I’m back in Boston. I own an outdoor deck hockey rink, and I own a boxing gym here also. — Micky Ward

‘Run’ is exciting, about family secrets, the mystery surrounding them and the outdoor sport of parkour. The story itself is full of intrigue and action, but the parkour takes the story to another level. It was an absolutely incredible experience, working with experts from all over the country. — Kelsey Chow

Mammoth is an incredible community and world-class attraction, … We’re committed to creating a vibrant living experience that matches the natural, majestic beauty of the area. 80/50 Mammoth will make the new Village at Mammoth one of the hottest year-round playgrounds in North America. For the first time, Mammoth will be a place where outdoor enthusiasts can experience the unparalleled amenities and services of a five-star resort hotel combined with privileges of owning a prestigious second home. — Sean Combs

I saw that there was clearly a market for outdoor advertising. — Terry Saeger

Our mission is to inspire and inform women to live life to the fullest through outdoor adventures. — Michelle Theall

I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see radio and outdoor come up for sale, and Mel using some of his money to buy them again, if for no other reason than to show he can make it work. — Dennis McAlpine

We are extremely excited about the USAC Silver Crown, USAC/CRA and USAC Sprint Cars along with the USAC Midget Cars airing on The Outdoor Channel in 2006. I personally want to thank everyone involved in putting together the most diversified television package available on any network. We look forward to many years of exciting USAC Racing on the Outdoor Channel. — Steve Farmer

Right now, our biggest challenge is getting a few games and some good outdoor practices in. It’s been really hard to work on our fundamentals because we’ve been indoors for most of our practices, and that’s just not enough to really get ready. We’re also a pretty young team, especially in our pitching staff, so we just really need those extra games that we’ve lost. — Chuck D.

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If I really thought about it, in a way it’s depressing. To work thousands of hours for three-tenths of a second. But in track terms, it’s an eternity … all the hard work pays off. In Finland, (winning a silver medal at the 2004 World Outdoor Championships) made it all worthwhile. — Andrew Rock

We’re pleased to see improvements in all segments, … The company’s stations group had record operating results with each of the divisions – radio, outdoor and television – contributing to the results. — Mel Karmazin

The outdoor warning sirens in Douglas County are being sounded at this time. The National Weather Service has issued test tornado warning. — Bob Newton

Midweek is always quiet, and in the pouring rain there wasn’t too many people out. On any rainy day there’s going to be fewer people doing any outdoor activity. — Shannon McSweeney

That will be our biggest outdoor meet of the season so far. Hopefully this will carry over into next Saturday. — Chris Herriot

We’re in Florida, we’re in the sunshine state, and we’ve got a lot of restaurants that are on the beach that enjoy the outdoor weather and serve their food outside. And so we think it’s a great opportunity for people coming in to dine that they really have the opportunity to bring their entire family, even if that includes a dog. — Cragin Mosteller

We’re so excited to be able to provide this kind of experience for both the community and visitors to the Chattanooga area. Not only is it the world’s largest single screen outdoor theater, but where else can you park your car, throw a Frisbee for a little while and then relax and watch a movie? It’s going to be incredible! — Don Marshall

Most of them do not have access to outdoor activities, which you and I take for granted. In our first year, we took our 100 boys to visit the National Mall, and all of them said they had never been there before. — John Maxwell

For the year, we expect earnings for the Outdoor Group to exceed those of 1997 as seasonal marketing and promotional campaigns are implemented and inventories are reduced during the second half of the year, … For the second quarter, however, earnings for the group are expected to be below year-ago levels. — Peter Larson

We are pleased with the ongoing growth of radio and outdoor (advertising), the television stations and the network. — Mel Karmazin

Steve had a great indoor season, and he started the outdoor season off just the same. To see him come out and start at a high level was good to see. — Kirk Pedersen

New measures, similar to a previous outdoor ban for poultry, are being considered because Switzerland lies on the south-north bird migration route. — Cathy Maret

We have outdoor dining so people can enjoy the beach atmosphere. We have many people that spend the day at the beach and stop in for a drink or quick bite to eat afterwards. We ask that patrons come here in upscale casual dress. No flip-flops, tank tops or cut-offs. — Bob Wright

Our plan is to get everyone healthy for the outdoor championships. If we can do that, and with the addition of our strong throwers in the javelin and discus, I’m sure both our men’s and women’s team will contend for a top-three finish at the outdoor championships. — James Dunn

We have a really fun business. We have a big indoor play yard and big outdoor play yard for the dogs. — Nancy Williams

The Craftsman Collection features an iconic, mission-style design. With Craftsman, we believe we have successfully adapted this classic American form for the new American outdoor room. — John Baker

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Outdoor represents the only area of established media that is still seeing strong growth. — Fred Moran

I think, for both teams, we want move up in the rankings a little bit over where we were last year and where we were indoors. I think we usually consider ourselves a better outdoor team than indoor team, especially with some of the events that are added into the program on the outdoor track. — Jason Dunn

Whether you are looking for farm equipment, construction equipment, outdoor power equipment, related services or information, you will find it at Power Show Ohio. — Dennis Alford

Jeff is a stronger runner in the outdoor 110-meter hurdles. He doesn’t start out as fast as the other kids, but once he gets going, he’s fast as anyone. You could just see his acceleration. — Kim Williams

Look at the assets we bring together, … We bring together a great studio and the most powerful cable networks in the world. We add that to CBS network, CBS’ wonderful television station, CBS Radio, CBS Outdoor Advertising and soon we’re adding (syndication company) King World to it. There’s no company in the world that has that mix of assets. This will be the fastest-growing media company in the world. — Sumner Redstone

Certainly hunting and fishing are a big part of outdoor recreation but of our nine interactive villages, that’s only two of them. We still have seven others. We have myriad different things to do that don’t necessarily have anything to do with hunting and fishing. — Jack Nugent

The outdoor kitchen starts out as something they plan to use maybe one-quarter as much as their regular kitchen. Now, depending on the season, they will use it three-quarters of the time and it becomes the primary kitchen. — Nancy Thompson

We had a very encouraging effort from many of our athletes for the first outdoor meet. — Dave Peterson

That contract is for the city’s facilities only. It’s for street and outdoor lighting. — Johnny Dalton

It is not unusual to find meals or events held, not only in conference center rooms, but also in lounges, restaurants, around pool facilities or other outdoor locations. — Gordon Absher

As parents, we need to send our kids back to ‘old-fashioned’ outdoor summer camps, which have been on the decline as the demand for sports and academics-based camps has risen. We need to fight budget cuts to public parks programs and resist closures of public swimming pools and playgrounds. — Darell Hammond

It’s the adventure, the adrenaline-flowing, risk-taking in outdoor activities that attracts me. — Baba Kalyani

Of course I also want to challenge the current outdoor world record of 2.09. That is something I feel very capable of doing. — Kajsa Bergqvist

I think it’s been a good thing for kids. It exposes them to outdoor things that not all kids might get to try. It’s fun to see the girls fishing. — Jean Parker

There was a mission: To match the cover of ‘Extraordinary’ to the cover of the paperback ‘Impossible,’ which was commercially successful. Consider the outdoor natural setting, the single girl in motion with her hair blowing, and the cursive font used for the title; both covers have these in common. — Nancy Werlin

I was practicing my dry-land paddle skills in a basketball court near North Village one night and an outdoor adventure assistant noticed me. — Alan Lamb

Outdoor follows the same rules as indoor triple jump. The differences are the physical elements of wind, a major factor, and also temperature and weather. — Tomika Ferguson

We’ve been in recently to quite a few creative agencies talking about what we can do from an outdoor perspective. We’re not taking over from them, but we work closely with them. Our role is helping to bring campaigns to life using techniques and technology they might not be aware of. — Rob Atkinson

What we learned from our magazine and programming was that there was a large audience of active outdoor enthusiasts demanding clothing tailored to their hardcore fishing lifestyle. In-Fisherman continues to support the complete fishing lifestyle and Global Manufacturing is equally committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations. — Steve Hoffman

September comparable sales were on plan, with strength in home appliances and electronics partially offsetting slow fall apparel results due to unseasonably warm weather. Other categories showing strong performance included home decor, outdoor sporting goods, jewelry, stationery, cosmetics and fragrances, cameras and accessories, consumables, seasonal items and pharmaceuticals. — Floyd Hall

I do a lot of camping and kayaking, a lot of outdoor things. But climbing a mountain is something I’ve never done. — Bill Richards

We feel the community is talking about a community center, which could be phased in or discussed at a later date. We want to get the outdoor pool solidified. We have to approach this in a financial and judicious way. — Doug Jackson

I have a lot to accomplish here still. I’ve got the indoor 400-meter championship under my belt, and I want to get the 200 championship under my belt. And I want to get some outdoor championships, the 200 or the 400, or maybe both. And I want to try to get the most All-American titles in school history. — Xavier Carter

I created a successful outdoor youth festival – the Liverd festival – against all good advice. It was a great way to explore and investigate social sculptures. Having that as my kind of studio, outside of a museum or precious white-cube gallery, that was a kind of education. — Natalie Jeremijenko

I have never cared especially for outdoor sports and have no desire to excel at tennis, swimming, or golf. I’ll leave those things to the men. — Marilyn Monroe

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Last year our outdoor team was the state runner up. I said at the end of last season, that this year we were going to be looking to win it. If everything goes right, we should be in the mix to win it. — Joe Bienasz

It is a real stretch from the indoor 55 hurdles to the 100 and 300 outdoor hurdles. Right now we are just trying to get her timing down and conditioning up. — John Berlin

There is no major outdoor track title to aim for next year so Birmingham will be a vital part of my season. — Kenenisa Bekele

The plan is to open high and try to jump as high as I can. After that, I go into a rigorous outdoor training session for several weeks to get a good base for the next couple of months. (Today) is probably the freshest I’ll be for a while. — Tommy Skipper

There is an outdoor seating for another 30 people. — Sarah Kenney

Just because a county may drop its burn ban, though, doesn’t mean that all risk of escaped fires is gone and that residents can throw all caution to the wind with their outdoor burning. With dry weather and gusty winds predicted for most of the week, the risk of grass fires will likely grow with every day that passes without rain. — Tom Spencer

More women are participating in hunting, shooting and other outdoor sports every year. These women purchase equipment, food and other supplies while providing jobs and economic opportunities for local communities. They also support the future of hunting by encouraging children to hunt. — Rob Keck

If you lived next door to me and didn’t know what I did, you wouldn’t know I was a celebrity. I don’t have that lifestyle, nor do I want that lifestyle. I want to know that I can have a separate life with my wife and my kids and just be normal and go camping and fishing and outdoor stuff. — Bill Engvall

Growing up, my imagined life as a musician was something along the lines of me lounging in a Learjet en route to a swelling outdoor amphitheatre on a dazzling summer’s eve. — Kat Edmonson

It is important for young people, both boys and girls, to get involved with outdoor activities like hunting and archery. — Gary Morris

I love downtown Seattle. It’s a city that has all of the outdoor activities and is still a very cosmopolitan city. — Greg LeMond

We lost outdoor by a point last year, but scored more points than we were supposed to. The team performed very, very well. It just wasn’t enough. — Deb Vercauteren

Records are hard to come by, especially the outdoor records. The records that have fallen this season are significant ones, and are not easy to achieve. — John Papa

People want to be able to use more of their outdoor space, and they want flexibility. — Deb Anderson

People are dressing like they work in outdoor booths at the flea market. They are really dressing for the weather, and also knowing that when you go out in the morning, you don’t know when you’re going to be back. — Cynthia Rowley

Outside tennis is really good for our team. I think we’re a better outdoor team than an indoor team. — Rylan Rizza

What makes ‘Survivor’ and ‘Amazing Race’ ripe for DVD is the fact that they are action-oriented and competition-based. There are challenges and outdoor racing and different things bred into the contests that allow for repeated viewing. — Ken Ross

Like any outdoor event, we’re a bit weather-sensitive. We have stayed open mostly rain or shine, unless there’s been a dramatic condition that doesn’t allow for it. — Jeff Siegel

When I do outdoor scenes, I tend to find a quiet space where I can sit and carve a walking stick that can turn out to be interesting for me. — Mads Mikkelsen

I hate reality shows. But if I had to be on one, I’d have to say ‘Realtree Road Trips’ on the Outdoor Channel. — Blake Shelton

Our modern design is focused on accessibility to outdoor lighting. Traditional square facilities, including our Dental School, don’t offer much sunlight to students and faculty. — Robert Simmons

She’s just been a great leader for us. She’s worked hard and you like to see your seniors rewarded. But (with the outdoor season approaching), I still think she has better jumps ahead of her. — Patty Vavra

We use the outdoor elements to attract the boys to scouting, and when they attend weekly meetings and do community service projects, they don’t realize they’re learning. — Keith Adams

Our whole mission is to improve the lives of children and adults with disabilities through outdoor recreation. Judging by these kids’ reaction, I think it’s a mission accomplished today. — Ed Bronsdon

Casual hikers with no experience of Leave No Trace (environmentally conscious outdoor ethics) are more likely to have an impact on one single place. That’s the main reason for the ridge runners. — Brian King

Now we will take a little bit of a break. We have about four weeks before our first outdoor meet. Some of the events will be different and the track will be different so we need to switch focus from indoor to outdoor. — Dave Uhrich

We are pleased to present the excitement of the NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships live to our viewers. We look forward to a great event and the opportunity to highlight the outstanding achievements of the track and field student-athletes. — Mike Aresco

Over time, we believe Under Armour has the opportunity to grow the business in international markets and become a player in the athletic footwear, outdoor lifestyle and sporting goods equipment markets. — Jim Duffy

Overall this was a pretty awesome meet for us. We estimated that about 40 personal-best performances were recorded here and I thought we competed extremely well across the board. Hopefully we can carry these strong performances over into the outdoor season. — Eric Houle

Today is not a day to be doing outdoor burning. — Monte Mitchell

Los Alamos County is contributing to the recognition of our 25th Anniversary through a generous gift of $20,000 for the purchase of a permanent outdoor sculpture for the campus, — Carlos Ramirez

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