Powerful Prayer for Husband You Need To Know

Profoundly inspirational prayer for husband will enrich your marriage with God’s Word and bring success, protection, strength and wisdom to his life.

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Prayer Over Your Husband

Dear Lord,

Thank you for my husband. He is an amazing spouse and blessing in my life. He is more than I could ever ask for. I want to be an excellent wife to my husband, one who consistently brings him honor. I know that neither one of us is perfect, but we are perfectly imperfect together.

Father in heaven, may You empower Your son with the power to do exploits today. You are always offering it through Your Word. You sent Your Word to deliver, nourish, and counsel us. Lord, help my husband be success in his job and to gain great fulfillment in his work. Help him to inspire others with his work ethic and positive attitude. Use me to encourage him, bear his burdens, and reflect Your extravagant love for him.

Lord, let him see the fruits of his labor, and in lean times, help him to remember that You are still in control. Give him a hunger for Your Word, Lord. With Your Word as His source of wisdom, I will rest secure in his leadership of our home. May Your Word guide my husband as the leader of our home. I trust Your Word to fill him with the insight he will need for our relationship, his work, and so much more. May he be a light to our family and to others.

You are the God who satisfies the longing soul. You fill the hungry soul with good things. Remind him that only You define him; his purpose comes from You…not his work, hobbies, or even me, Lord. Help him to prioritize his life according to Your will…God, family, and then everything else.

Father, I praise You for my husband, let there be joy in our hearts and our home. Your Word will unite his heart to Yours. His oneness with You will lead his pursuit of oneness with me. Give us a rock-solid marriage built on a firm foundation of faith and forgiveness.

Let our love be a testimony of the tremendous love and grace You have for us. Your ways will become His ways. Your faithfulness to me will become His faithfulness to me.

Give us insight into how to raise our family. Help us to parenting our children to reflect You. Let us speak kindly to one another and our children. May his children know Your heavenly love personally and experience it through their earthly father. Lord, You blessed our union. Protect our bond. Teach him Your ways, that He may be an example to our children.

I pray that give my husband Your heart when it comes to me. When my husband feels disconnected, Lord, give him the courage to come to me and share his heart. Let truth and trust flow through our marriage and home.

Lord, You are gracious and merciful, yet You are all-powerful and understanding. Please guard his heart and mind. Help him to flee temptation and fill him up with the good things he needs. Convict his heart when he is wrong, so we can get back on the right path. May my husband only have eyes for me alone, and I only have eyes for him alone. Lord, give us a close, honest, loving, and vibrant intimacy that keeps us tightly intertwined in mind, body, and soul.

May there be nothing between us; no people, lies, or things left unsaid. I thank you for bringing us together, and I pray a special blessing on his life and our life together. Help me to be the very best wife I can be to him, Lord.

I pray these things with complete confidence in Jesus and Your Spirit at work in our marriage. Amen.