36+ Best Red Queen Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Red Queen is a young adult fantasy novel written by American writer Victoria Aveyard. Published in February 2015, it was her first novel and first series. Aveyard followed up with three sequels: Glass Sword, King’s Cage and War Storm. Profoundly inspirational Red Queen quotes will encourage you to think a little deeper than you usually would and broaden your perspective.

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Famous Red Quenn Quotes

The truth doesn’t matter. It only matters what the people believe. — Red Queen

He knows I’m sinking fast, a stone dropping through the river. And he wants to drown with me. — Red Queen

You better hide that heart of yours, Lady Titanos. It won’t lead you anywhere you want to go. — Red Queen

Farley blinks at me, her expression unchangingSafety has a price, girl.Everything has a price, girl,I fire back, matching her toneNo one knows that more than me. — Red Queen

I feel the heat of the sparks, running up and down my body, setting every nerve on fire. It isn’t a bad feeling though. In fact I feel, well, alive. Like I’ve been living my whole life blind and now I’ve opened my eyes. — Red Queen

You’re a lot like Maven,he says after a long moment that makes my heart raceYou mean engaged to a stranger? We do have that in common.You’re both very smart.I can’t help but snort. Cal obviously doesn’t know I can’t get through a fourteen-year-old’s math testYou know people, you understand them, you see through them.I did a great job of that last night. I definitely knew you were the crown prince the whole time. — Red Queen

The truth is what I make it. I could set this world on fire and call it rain. — Red Queen

Anyone can betray anyone. — Red Queen

Revolution needs a spark,I murmur, repeating what Julian would say in our lessonsAnd even sparks burn. — Red Queen

For hundreds of years, the Silvers have walked the earth as living gods and the Reds have been insects at their feet, until you. — Red Queen

He takes my hand gently. The cold I felt on his skin before is gone, replaced with a delightful heat. Before I get a chance to pull away, he leaves me standing there alone. Lucas gives me a moment to collect myself before noting, You know, we’d get there much faster if you actually moved.Shut up, Lucas. — Red Queen

I can’t read it.I didn’t ask if you could read it,he replies, still pleasantBesides, words can lie. See beyond them. — Red Queen

I have lived that life already, in the mud, in the shadows, in a cell, in a silk dress. I will never submit again. I will never stop fighting. — Red Queen

You will be scrutinized. From now on, you will live on the edge of a knife. One false step, one wrong word, and you will suffer for it. — Red Queen

The power is in me and I don’t want to let go. It feels better than pain. — Red Queen

You are not Silver. Your parents are Red, you are Red, and your blood is red. You are a miracle, Mare Barrow, an impossibility. Something even I can’t understand and I have seen all of you. — Red Queen

I used to think the Silvers were untouchable gods who were never threatened, never scared. Now I know the opposite is true. They’ve spent so long at the top, protected and isolated, that they’ve forgotten they can fall. Their strength has become their weakness. Once, I was afraid of these walls, frightened by such beauty. But I see the cracks now. — Red Queen

I’m an accident. I’m a lie. And my life depends on maintaining the illusion. — Red Queen

I can feel him beneath my hands, his breath coming in quick pants, and nothing has ever felt so real or so important. I know what he’s thinking about—his kingdom, his duty, his father. And me, the little lightening girl, asking him to throw it all away. Something deep down tells me he will. — Red Queen

Their blood is a threat, a warning, a promise. We are not the same and never will be. — Red Queen

This world is Silver, but it is also gray. There is no black-and-white. — Red Queen

The heat grows, threatening to crush the air from my lungs. I survived lightning today; I don’t want to press my luck with fire. But it’s the smoke that’s going to kill me. — Red Queen

Thinking all Silvers are evil is just as wrong as thinking all Reds are inferior,he says, his voice graveWhat my people are doing to you and yours is wrong to the deepest levels of humanity. Oppressing you, trapping you in an endless cycle of poverty and death, just because we think you are different from us? That is not right. And as any student of history can tell you, it will end poorly. — Red Queen

I told you to hide your heart once. You should have listened. — Red Queen

It’s our nature, Julian would say. We destroy. It’s the constant of our kind. No matter the color of blood, man will always fall. — Red Queen

I am finally learning my lesson. Anyone can betray anyone. — Red Queen

Cal betrayed me, and I betrayed him. And you betrayed us both, in a thousand different ways.The words are heavy as stone but right. So rightI choose no one. — Red Queen

In school, we learned about the world before ours, about the angels and gods that lived in the sky, ruling the earth with kind and loving hands. Some say those are just stories, but I don’t believe that. The gods rule us still. They have come down from the stars. And they are no longer kind. — Red Queen

You are now Red in the head, Silver in the heart. A shiver of fear shoots through me. From now until the end of your days, you must lie. Your life depends on it, little lightening girl. — Red Queen

Make no mistake, my girl. You are playing this game as someone’s pawn. — Red Queen

A lie will raise me up, and one day another lie will bring me down. — Red Queen

His eyes harden, shifting into blue steelI’m afraid of failing. I’m afraid of letting this opportunity pass us by. And I’m afraid of what happens if nothing in this world ever changes.He turns hot under my touch, driven by an inner resolveThat scares me more than dying. — Red Queen

We used to beat each other up as children, but now that we’re older—and he’s a foot taller than me—I try to avoid scuffles. He has his uses, I suppose. Reaching high shelves, for example. — Red Queen

My ignorance is becoming a theme. — Red Queen

The shield keeps trying to kill me, but it can’t. Everything is wrong. I am alive. — Red Queen

To look powerful is to be powerful. — Red Queen

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