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Famous Restaurant Quotes

Alinea is not the type of restaurant where you go if you’re in a hurry. Really, it’s about enjoying that three-hour block of time and reflecting on the food, having great conversation with your dining companion. — Grant Achatz

When I arrived in London 11 years ago, restaurant service was terrible. It’s getting better every year. Americans tend to be over-the-top about complaining. — Kris Anderson

The only reason I am not at the restaurant is because I am moving my oldest daughter to college. — Anthony D’Amelio

I love cooking. I’m in the restaurant business. — Bill Rancic

When we first opened we wanted the restaurant to be slow- paced, the bar area with its couches to be medium-paced and this bit to be fast-paced. That’s why we had square tables and wooden padded chairs here. The furniture wasn’t bad but it was harder than it is now. Then we had a rethink and decided that really we didn’t want anywhere in here to feel as though there should be a quick turnaround, so we moved in round tables and curved, leather seats. — Mark Fraser

ultimately, the system proved instrumental in fostering an undeniably unified restaurant staff. — Thomas Keller

We were born in France. It’s our heritage. We want to democratize the French restaurant and people have come. It’s not stuffy or stodgy. — Roger Martin

Since 1890, the Tour d’Argent’s basic recipe hasn’t changed. If you find yourself at the restaurant tomorrow, you will eat duck in the confidence that it was what someone ate a hundred years ago. You will eat it in the expectation that someone else will be served it a hundred years from now. — Bill Buford

I had talked for years about doing a restaurant with Rocky Dudum, who’s been my friend since I first came to San Francisco. Then Rocky’s son, Jeff, said he wanted to design it, so he traveled around the country to sports restaurants like Mickey Mantle’s and Michael Jordan’s, and he came up with a great concept. — Willie McCovey

He is a great individual and perfect for the style of restaurant we represented. — Brian Green

The restaurant business is something that you have to treat like a baby. You have to constantly be there. You can’t trust it to anybody else, because no one’s going to love it like you do. — Action Bronson

Even if you can’t afford to travel the world, you can take your children to the museum, zoo or local park. And don’t be afraid to take them to grown-up spots. Eating out in a restaurant teaches children how to be quiet and polite and gives them the pleasure of knowing you trust them to behave. — Kimora Lee Simmons

There is no best Italian restaurant in Scottsdale — they’re all good. — Joe Garagiola

McDonald’s and other restaurant chains are going to have to get the message out to consumers that if chicken is properly cooked, it’s safe. If they get on it soon, the economic risk will be minimized. I’d do it right now. — Mike Doyle

You wouldn’t have the same art on the walls at every restaurant or the same waiter uniforms. Neither should you have the same service style at every restaurant. — Danny Meyer

Some of the things I think I learned from that were very educational as far as just paying bills – the basics in dealing with a restaurant like that. It was just life – the education involved in running the organization, even on a small level. — Todd English

When I got the call, it was a one-second decision. The opportunity to open a restaurant at Caesars in Atlantic City was an honor and a compliment. And for a restaurant geek like myself, you can’t turn down an opportunity like that. — Tony Fasulo

There’s always been something a little pathetic for me at the work parties I’ve attended, especially thinking back to the restaurants I worked in. I remember a Christmas party in which we all got free T-shirts with the restaurant on the front and our names on the back. — Said Sayrafiezadeh

If we have significant refinery capacity problems due to Katrina, that certainly puts more upward pressure on gas prices, which in turn I think has to affect restaurant demand. — Wendell Perkins

Pizza made me who I am. In the summer of 1998, I dropped out of college and started a pizza restaurant called Growlies in my hometown in rural Canada. My seed money: a credit card with a $20,000 limit. — Ryan Holmes

The goal of Dr. Martin Luther King is to give Negroes a chance to sit in a segregated restaurant beside the same white man who had brutalized them for 400 years. — Malcolm X

Growing up, my dad owned a restaurant in Washington, DC, and food was something I was passionate about. But when I finally got into it, I felt like it was so late in the game; that’s why I worked seven days a week at Craft and Mercer Kitchen. I wanted to see how far I could take it. — David Chang

We’re starting to see something out of the restaurant sector now. — John Fitzgibbons

We believe that the likely impact from this case of mad cow will be positive — not negative — for our restaurant names, — David Palmer

My employees on Baker Boulevard and also Frederick Street will be holding a charity car wash from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday. The event will be at the Baker Boulevard restaurant but they’ll both be involved. It was really the idea of the manager there, Angie Griffin. She called me up Tuesday and I told her I support it 100 percent. — Bill Mason

I only eat meat if I go to a nice restaurant and there is an exceptional dish, or if I’m at somebody’s home for a dinner, I’ll eat whatever is in front of me. Otherwise, I don’t eat anything that walks around and has a face. — Bryan Fuller

The thing I can’t figure out is why I have an undeniable compulsion to clean public spaces, airplane bathrooms, restaurant flatware, hotel gyms and Chapstick containers… yet I have no desire to make my own bed. Ever. Seriously, who made me, and where am I from? — Rachel Nichols

We’ve never done a study, but we think the number of people coming downtown will impact the downtown economy. We hope they will see a restaurant or retail shop they like and come back. — Don Paight

From a great restaurant to a B-minus player can happen in six weeks. — Mario Batali

I have a choice. I can go to a bar or restaurant that has non-smoking. I don’t think it’s fair for the government to tell us what we can do with our bodies. How can you say one business can’t but another business can? — Gary Richardson

I’ve never said I was a chef – I think I make great food. I will never open a restaurant to do, like, tasting courses. — Eddie Huang

To avoid sounding like a cliche, I won’t say I want to get proposed to in Paris, but Paris. I want it to happen somewhere public where people can be excited that I just got proposed to, and everyone applauds, like in a restaurant – that, or somewhere totally secluded… in Paris. — Betty Who

It’s very important in a restaurant to really do the right hiring because there’s no restaurant that you have one cook and one chef and nobody else in the kitchen. Generally you have five, ten, 15 people with you. So that’s really important is to train them right, but first you have to hire the right people. — Wolfgang Puck

But by and large, this certainly isn’t a national movement in the restaurant industry. — Hudson Riehle

We opened Panda Inn on June 8, 1973. The whole family – my parents, a brother and sister – all worked at the restaurant for free. We lived in a two-bedroom apartment in San Gabriel and didn’t have any money. — Andrew Cherng

Most of my recipes start life in the domestic kitchen, and even those that start out in the restaurant kitchen have to go through the domestic kitchen. — Yotam Ottolenghi

He doesn’t have to come to IHOP. He can go to any restaurant he wants, so that’s a good advertisement for us. — Luther Jackson

Nobody thought we could pull it off on our own as immigrants, as people of color ? even the consultants we hired. This is not about money. It’s about creating an economic model of a restaurant that does well ? but not just for the owners, on the backs of the workers. — Saru Jayaraman

I have a restaurant in Milan, and Paper Moon is five minutes away from my hotel, so I always go there for lunch. It’s a casual place that serves good salad, pizza and pasta; the space is tight with tables close together, and it feels buzzy. Food comes out fast, too. — Nobu Matsuhisa

I would still like to own and run a restaurant serving Indian food with a good dollop of Parsi cooking – which you can’t seem to get anywhere. — Zarin Mehta

Nick and Vicky were raised in a restaurant family and they have a very familial Greek way of doing things. Nicholas was the one in charge at first, but bounced ideas off other people, particularly Vicky and I and my mother-in-law. — Chris Cornell

When I am up in Paris then the restaurant which has remained my favourite for the past decade is Guy Savoy. The menu is huge, sophisticated and very creative but I keep to simple choices. — Jean Reno

I learned more from the one restaurant that didn’t work than from all the ones that were successes. — Wolfgang Puck

Wealthy companies set new records in political contributions to buy this veto. Schwarzenegger bends whichever the way the corporate winds blow. Just a few weeks ago, the Restaurant Association, a major opponent of the bill, hosted a fund-raiser for Schwarzenegger in Los Angeles. Coincidence? I don’t think so. — Art Pulaski

From my review of the legislation in place, I don’t think they’ve exceeded the limits to meet the definitions of adult entertainment. It’s no different than a restaurant or bar with entertainment — comedians, a band, or magicians. — Luke Lirot

So many people, whether they knew her or not, felt somehow connected to her. If you went out with her to a restaurant in New York or anywhere in the country because her plays were done all over the country it was like going out with a rock star: people coming up to her and saying, ‘How much your work meant to me. I feel like I have seen my life through your eyes. — Andre Bishop

I’m a big fan of doing ‘Triple D.’ But I don’t want to do it forever, don’t get me wrong! Travel away from my family, are you crazy? But do you know what it does for these mom-and-pop restaurant joints? It changes their lives forever. I mean, their businesses will never be the same. — Guy Fieri

This program is the perfect vehicle for the restaurant industry to contribute in a meaningful way to the massive relief efforts undertaken by the American Red Cross. We urge everyone to make eating at a participating restaurant for lunch or dinner on Oct. 5 part of their schedule. — Doug Brooks

Voices are a good way to get in and out of things. James Carville constantly calls my wife to say I’ll be home late. Mandy Patinkin and Al Pacino call to get me restaurant reservations. — Bill Hader

I myself am not particularly interested in restaurant cooking. I don’t really want to learn how to make a napoleon. I’d much rather learn how to make a very good lemon cake, which you can make in your own home. I like plain, old-fashioned home food. — Laurie Colwin

The restaurant business had a profound effect on my future and that of my two brothers. When we were able to stand on a stool to reach the sink, we washed dishes, and later, when we could see over the counter, we waited tables and managed the cash register. — Ferid Murad

We want the line — which for McDonald’s includes our divisional and regional staffs, owner/operators and restaurant personnel — to make decisions on behalf of customers based on field operating needs. The line ultimately has responsibility and accountability for our business success, — Jack Greenberg

send a strong message and serve as a deterrent to others who may contemplate a fraudulent crime against the restaurant industry. — Tom Mueller

I had worked with him back in ’83 on ‘Weird Science,’ … and we had a great rapport. But then I saw him, I don’t know, five years ago at a restaurant where he was completely out of it and rude, and I thought, ‘That guy is gone.’ — Joel Silver

The only downside is that your yard will smell like an Italian restaurant for a few hours. If that’s a downside. — Mike McGrath

One of the most important services provided by our website is to find a business feature. From this site you can just type in a one word description, such as restaurant or clothing, and you will be given a list of every business in Southlake that fits that criteria. It’s a great tool for newcomers and current residents because new businesses open everyday and it is hard to keep up with them unless you have a database like this to search. — Greg Last

He was all heart. He had the passion and it takes that passion to make something of yourself in the restaurant business. — Bob Wright

When you’re a restaurant critic, you’re not home at night, so breakfast became really important for us. — Ruth Reichl

I can’t see any good reason for them to be in the restaurant business. It’s an anchor pulling through the sand at the bottom of the ocean. — Tom Pirko

‘Seconds’ is grounded in the reality of this restaurant environment, and I did do plenty of research, so there’s that. It takes place in a town that is like a kinder, gentler fairy tale version of reality. Then it takes off into a story that is very strange, very mental. — Bryan Lee O’Malley

I do think that fashion may end up being the ‘killer app’ for wearable augmented reality systems. This is in part because it’s not simply task-oriented – like finding a restaurant or where your friend is currently lounging about – but experience-oriented. It becomes part of your life. — Jamais Cascio

McDonald’s crossed the $20 billion mark for the first time in global sales and also did it while translating 12.7 percent of that into net income, which is very admirable for a restaurant company. — Carl Sibilski

Baxters overdo it. The Baxter is the guy who’s going to take a girl to the best restaurant in town, having no clue if it’s appropriate for her. All that matters is, it’s the best. Anything recommended as the most romantic place, that’s where you’ll find the Baxter. — Michael Showalter

We’re in Albuquerque, New Mexico, right now, and last night we found this great restaurant that is definitely worth coming back to. Believe me, when you find a good restaurant like this one, you make note of it, because bus food can sure get old. They really light up the map. — Clint Black

There are wonderful restaurants in London. I love Indian food and I like Arab food, and I go very often to the Arab restaurant Noura. — Daniel Barenboim

Waiters are like actors waiting in the wings, bantering whenever we passed each other on the restaurant floor, shouting at each other backstage in the kitchen and winking and corpsing above the heads of our audience, the unsuspecting customers. — Richard Eyre

Of course that meant I had to take the EMT Course at Bladen Community College, which I really enjoyed. I learned first aid, which has come in handy numerous times, even when I wasn’t on call. For example, I was eating in a nice restaurant in Wilmington and a person collapsed at the table beside us, — Shirley Leinwand

My dad was in the restaurant business, but I didn’t really think about following him. Had I done better at school, I don’t know if I would have been a chef. — David Chang

I make fun wherever I go… If I go to a restaurant by myself, rest assured, people will be talking about it. I always have a great deal of fun being with people. It’s part of the journey. — Cloris Leachman

Love, like a chicken salad a restaurant has, must be taken with blind faith or it loses its flavor. — Helen Rowland

I’d love to open a restaurant that changes every month. One month it would be a mom and bar spaghetti-and-meatball, Red Sox place, and the next it would be a British pub, and everyone gets in a fight. — Graham Elliot

I have been in the restaurant business since 1979. We have been thinking for the past five or six years of doing something privately. — Mark Damas

We told Dave at the restaurant that Harris is really quick, and that he needed to stay low and attack at angles. We told him not to chase Harris around the mat. You have to give Harris credit though. He’d keep backing up and backing up and backing up, and then he’d hit a double leg that was quick and very deep. — Don Cooley

The comeback of true green olives was part of a Spanish food revival in the early 2000s. I credit Sam and Sam Clark of Moro Restaurant in London with making them cool again. — Bee Wilson

I still remember going to a smart restaurant in Los Angeles, and the maitre d’ knew my name and showed me straight to a table even though we hadn’t booked. I get stopped for autographs by people from Sweden on the tops of mountains. — Kevin Whately

I personally have dealt with any adversity in my life with humor. That’s why I told America to ‘Read my hips!’ on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ or was happy to play along with Jason Alexander and Jerry Seinfeld in the great restaurant scene on ‘Seinfeld.’ — Marlee Matlin

With this successful renovation completed, we will soon begin working on our next restaurant remodel project. We have our ‘order teed up’ and plan to continue to invest in the long-term health of our business by putting our money where we receive the most impact: in our restaurants. — Jeff Powell

I am honored to congratulate the top 1 percent of McDonald’s restaurant managers in the country. We are proud to pay tribute to the best and brightest managers in our system for the critical role they play in delivering a truly outstanding restaurant experience for our guests and our employees. — Ralph Alvarez

My parents always encouraged us to get an education and establish a profession. However, my brothers and I grew up with considerable freedom, whether it was saving or spending our tips from the restaurant or our career choices. — Ferid Murad

I can humbly say they are songs that marked an era. They are meaningful, and it’s marvelous to go into a restaurant and still have people say to you: ‘Hey, ale, ale, ale. — Ricky Martin

The positive things are very shallow; the positive things would be things like: Getting any restaurant reservation you like! Getting to the front of the line! Being given free things! So what? The traveling is monstrous because you get bothered all the time. The hell of going on holiday when you’re famous! You can’t go anywhere! It’s just no fun! — E. Hurley

We have significant new restaurant expansion opportunities in both Canada and the areas where we have established the brand in the United States. — Paul House

When I’m not doing the show, and the work has stopped, I walk into a restaurant and I’m shy; yet, when I’m in the show, when people come up with their phones and want to take my picture, I can handle it because it’s almost like I’m wearing an armour. — Anthony Warlow

While at a biological disadvantage in competitions, women – who even make trips to restaurant bathrooms in pairs – are at a clear advantage when it comes to grouping together and the activities that accompany it: gossiping, sharing, bonding, assisting, scrapbooking, and building networks. — Sandra Tsing Loh

We sit down with the kids every single night, not that I want to every night – sometimes I’d rather be out with my husband having a martini at a swanky restaurant – but we sit down with our kids every night at dinner. — Debi Mazar

I don’t have any family or friends or anybody down there. But just seeing the pictures, and seeing a restaurant or someplace you went to get a drink or something, it’s tough. — Rick Short

One time, my ex-boyfriend and I were in Paris, and we went to this really fancy dinner. We weren’t full after, so we walked from the schmoozy restaurant to McDonald’s, and we finished our date at McDonald’s. It was awesome. — Gigi Hadid

Life in the restaurant business can provide a start in the working world for young people or a stable living for many Americans and their families. — Kevin McCarthy

My father was a restaurant man, laundry man in his lifetime. And I’ve often wondered how and why did I become an actor? Where did I get the so-called talent to express myself? And I look back, and I see that my mother was very animated. I can remember that she used to, what she called ‘bei zhu.’ — James Hong

Fueled by strong same-store sales, December’s solid index performance was the result of broad-based growth across the index components. Three out of five restaurant operators reported a same-store sales gain in December — the strongest level in 12 months. In addition, the Expectations Index posted its fourth consecutive monthly increase, which points toward growth in sales, staffing levels and capital expenditures during the next several months. — Hudson Riehle

He was crushed, it’s just terrible. We’re not sure when that restaurant will open again. — Karla Mundale

I take apart restaurant menus everywhere I go. I kind of tick off a lot of chefs in restaurants because I’ll say, ‘You can keep all of the sauce, keep all of that garbage – just give me that piece of fish. Forget the salad dressing, I don’t need all of that extra stuff. Just give it to me straight up, and I’ll eat it.’ — Montel Williams

We’re a restaurant that serves beer, not a bar that serves beer. — Bill Dunn

I go to a restaurant with a group of women and pray that we can order lunch without falling into the semi-covert business of collective monitoring, in which levels of intake and restraint are aired, compared, noticed: ‘What are you getting? Is that all you’re having? A salad? Oh, please.’ — Caroline Knapp

What we both appreciate in a restaurant is a comfortable atmosphere, and we couldn’t imagine a more comfortable atmosphere than an old house. — Megan Knode

The good news about showcasing chefs and the TV shows is they’ve attracted a lot more smart kids to the profession than 30 years ago. On the downside, though, these young chefs all say they want their own restaurant and their own TV show. — Wolfgang Puck

Frankly, Milan kind of sucks as a restaurant city. It’s so fashion-obsessed that people don’t pay that much attention to the food. — Joe Bastianich

We would really love to see a restaurant come here. — Mike Williams

I can remember the three restaurant experiences of my childhood. All I wanted to do on my birthday was to go to the Automat in New York… but I don’t know if you consider that a real restaurant. — Alice Waters

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