Against popular opinions, sex has nothing to do with proving your adulthood or living a wonderful life without explanation. Sex is simply a choice and should be enjoyed when ready mentally and physically.

In my recent travel to Abuja, Nigeria for some business, I was graced with my very good friends and we got talking about our sex lives and the latest happenings in our lives. ┬áIt was interesting to know that among all of us, I was the only one left out and immediately felt bad that I wasn’t getting enough sex.

But while the conversation was getting more juicy, one of my friends asked why I haven’t been “getting some“.

At first I smiled and began to explain how I haven’t had the chance to get into relationship with anyone or even consider sex, that I feel I might be revirginising myself. I had to pause immediately after saying “revirginising” not because it doesn’t exist but because at that point I was pouring my heart out, not thinking of the present me but the future me.

Self love is very important in this our age of fake profiles and identities all over the social media that project something different than the real.

It is popular now to see teens talking about different sex positions and how many people they’ve been with as if is an achievement of some sort.

Getting into every pants is considered the best way to show how much we love each.

As an adult shouldered with many responsibilities, I have to get my priorities straight and use my youthful age wisely, to enjoy all the pleasures later.

Currently my country is suffering from lack of youth participation in governance as many youths are seen as an object of entertainment and tools of distraction and nothing serious.

Speaking from my revirginising period, I can testify that I have done so much for myself and my community. Giving myself in totality for a cause has shown me where my energy is most important and how lives are changed through my sacrifice.

Take out time and see how pleasurable life is without sex, for there lies true ecstasy.

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