50+ Best Sailing Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Sailing is the sport or activity of using boats with sail. Profoundly inspirational sailing quotes will challenge the way you think, change the way you live and transform your whole life.

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Famous Sailing Quotes

Sailing is a big outlet for me. It’s one of the key things I’ve been able to do by commingling science with sailing and my love of the sea. Also, I have several motorcycles, and I like to go on motorcycle trips. Craig Venter

Hopefully, this team will start winning and they don’t have anybody else to boo and it’ll be smooth sailing in San Diego for a while. Phil Nevin

Whether the boat you are sailing is big or small, the winds are the same. A sailor goes from one point of land to another, but in the circus we sail from one dream to another. With a smaller boat, it’s easier to navigate around the icebergs. Daniele Pasca

We have a number of sailboats in the club, and we don’t want to be known as just a powerboat club. We want sailing people, too. Dave Taylor

Their elegant shape, showy colours, and slow, sailing mode of flight, make them very attractive objects, and their numbers are so great that they form quite a feature in the physiognomy of the forest, compensating for the scarcity of flowers. Henry Walter Bates

As a cabin boy on a Norwegian sailing ship I earned five kronen a week in addition to my keep. Fritz Sauckel

We had been busy building up fibre infrastructure under the ground in Hong Kong and underneath the homes of people, so when we launched IPTV, it was relatively smoother sailing than in other territories. Richard Li

The romantic appeal of solar sailing has ensured that its advocates consistently come from the worlds of both science fiction and science fact. Thomas Mallon

We’re going from being in a dug-out canoe to our first sailing ship. We’re not even up to steam engines yet. Mark Hastings

Amazing Sailing Quotes

I think if humans are really going to explore the solar system, or go beyond our immediate neighborhood, we are going to have to go with nuclear power. Nuclear power really is the development of the steam ship compared to sailing ships. Steve Howe

We’re still sailing right now. We’ve done nothing yet. Verron Haynes

There is nothing more enticing, disenchanting, and enslaving than the life at sea. Joseph Conrad

Many of the skippers said it was more like sailing in a real regatta. Rarely do you get to use all three sails, but we did this time. The wind created havoc as all boats came to the line for the starting gun. George Domenech

Three fishers went sailing away to the west, Away to the west as the sun went down; Each thought on the woman who loved him the best, And the children stood watching them out of the town. Charles Kingsley

You have to be careful on the deck, because of the hatches, which are holes placed around a sailboat at random to increase the insurance rates. Dave Barry

Being in a ship is being in a jail, with the chance of being drowned. Samuel Johnson

Success soon palls. The joyous time is when the breeze first strikes your sails, and the waters rustle under your bows. Charles Buxton

The fact is, an America’s Cup team is more than a sailing team. It’s anywhere from sort of 80 to upward of 100 people; of designers, engineers, boat builders, an incredible group of people, and there are a lot of nationalities in New Zealand’s team. James Spithill

When I hit it, I thought it was going to go, … Right before I looked up, it kept sailing and sailing and then at the last second it just didn’t get the last few feet. Mike Nugent

You mustn’t miss the moment. There’s only one first sailing into Rio harbor. Bette Davis

We sail within a vast sphere, ever drifting in uncertainty, driven from end to end. Blaise Pascal

With these new boats and our veteran crew of American sailors, I feel this is one of the best campaigns I’ve ever put together. The bare hull of USA-77 just left Newport, Rhode Island two weeks ago and here she is going sailing today, which is true testament to how hard our whole team has worked to make this day possible, Dennis Conner

Flying will give us a gain of some five weeks versus shipping, and is the only way to get GBR 78 there in time for the sailing team to practice on two new generation boats and tune up the second boat prior to the start of the Louis Vuitton Cup, Peter Harrison

Most sailing ships take what they call trainees, who pay to be part of the crew. The Picton Castle takes people who are absolutely raw recruits. But you can’t just ride along. You’re learning to steer the ship, navigation; you’re pulling lines, keeping a lookout; in the galley you’re cooking. Billy Campbell

A sailing ship is no democracy; you don’t caucus a crew as to where you’ll go anymore than you inquire when they’d like to shorten sail. Sterling Hayden

Top Sailing Quotes

Less judgment than wit is more sail than ballast. William Penn

The best that science can devise and that naval organization can provide must be regarded only as an aid, and never as a substitute for good seamanship. Chester W. Nimitz

It has always been our aim to increase the spread of medals. We have directed our funding towards sports where we felt we could improve our performances leading into Beijing (the 2008 Olympics). We are also encouraged by the way sailing and equestrian have bounced back after disappointing results in Athens. John Coates

The government appreciates that Kenyans seek employment in these ships for their livelihood and that many ships sail up and down the Somalia coastline without any incident. However, it advises Kenyans to avoid sailing towards the coastline of Somalia due to the kidnappings and hijackings which we are witnessing, Alfred Mutua

It was the unique hull and rigging design of the Western Shore that gave her such fast sailing qualities. Those records have not been surpassed to this day by commercial sailing vessels. Steven Priske

Strike the words white male from all your constitutions, and then, with fair sailing, let us sink or swim, live or die, survive or perish together. Elizabeth Cady Stanton

We were sailing the boat faster and faster as the week went along. Boat speed is always the key and we were able to come back in a bunch of races. We were real deep today and worked our way through the fleet. Russell Coutts

I’m not like most designers, who have to set sail on an exotic getaway to get inspired. Most of the time, it’s on my walk to work, or sitting in the subway and seeing something random or out of context. Alexander Wang

Clouds do not really look like camels or sailing ships or castles in the sky. They are simply a natural process at work. So too, perhaps, are our lives. Roger Ebert

Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you a yacht big enough to pull up right alongside it. David Lee Roth

The fleet being thus more inclosed will more readily observe the signals, and with greater facility form itself into the line of battle a circumstance which should be kept in view in every order of sailing. William Falconer

I wish I could get all the discourteous drivers on a ship and sail them away and make sure it’s a really horrible, wavy journey and when they get to where they’re going, keep them there. Alvin Martin

This is largely the methodology I’ve used throughout my career – that is, starting with a question as to what might be the properties of a set of compounds that could be invented which were unusual and unpredictable. Many times I’ve felt a bit like Columbus setting sail. Donald Cram

Barack Obama has brought glamour back to American politics – not the faux glamour-by-association of campaigning with movie stars or sailing with the Kennedys, but the real thing. The candidate himself is glamorous. Audiences project onto him the personal qualities and political positions they want in a president. Virginia Postrel

My uncle was skipper on the old Claymore sailing out from Oban to the Inner Hebrides. My father worked for MacBraynes all his life, on freight boats and then on ferries crossing to Skye, Barra, Uist, the small isles and Iona. Johann Lamont

No question it’s repairable. We’ll be sailing again before the trials and everything will be fine. We’re extremely fortunate. Dennis Conner

Truth be known, I am actually looking forward to this round, … The West Series has never competed on this track, so it is pretty much like sailing into uncharted waters. There is no open test so everyone will be on the same page when practice gets underway on Saturday morning. A lot will depend on the crew and that is one of the areas where we excel. Our Lynch Mob crew is very good at getting the job done in short order. Once we have run the track a few times, we should be able to get our Mr. Gas Dodge in race trim in with virtually no problem. Scott Lynch

I still think we have got opportunities to improve that, but some of our other sports have got a lot of work to do. The reason why sailing does so well is because it has really got its act together and some others could learn from them. Keith Mills

Never weather-beaten sail more willing bent to shore. Thomas Campion

It is a ship with a great deal of sail but a very shallow keel. Robert Bork

It so happened that I was on a German sailing vessel on the way to Australia when the ship was captured, and on the high seas I was made prisoner by the French. Fritz Sauckel

The ship is a wonderful resource but extremely expensive and we want to ensure the long-term future of the vessel as an actual sailing ship. Marsh Davis

There is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. Kenneth Grahame

Imagine hoisting a sail and being out there in space. It’s a beautiful idea, and it conjures up the idea of the great sailing ships and whole notion of exploration. Louis Friedman

The green appeal of solar sailing – traveling by light, once chemical propellants have done their dirty job of orbital insertion – ought to be powerful. Thomas Mallon

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