Saturday Saturday Saturday! Enjoy the weekend!

What is on your plans for the weekend? Maybe a lot, maybe nothing.

What ever you plan on doing, just have fun!

There is a lot to get upset about in this world today, don’t let your weekends get consumed with anger and hatred. Have fun with the weekend and enjoy the company that you receive during the time you have to relax. Fall is setting in and I absolutely love this season, even though it is sad to see summer leave us. Get outside, wherever you are, and enjoy some fresh air to free your mind and embrace nature.

Keep your eyes and mind watching over Florida

There are always issues around the world and right now Florida is getting hit pretty hard with the incoming storm. I have many friends and some family that live down there and I have so many prayers heading there way to keep everyone safe and not let too much damage, if any at all, occur to their belongings.

Share some pictures and adventures with a friend or loved one

If you are adventuring out of your normal weekend routine, be sure to take some pictures with whoever you are with, especially if it is just you, yourself, and you :). You don’t have to document your entire life or record everything you do, but when you’re doing something out of the norm, capture it for memories and stories later on.


Enjoy your weekend folks.


Stay classy!



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