129+ Best Selena Gomez Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Selena Marie Gomez is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and television producer. Profoundly inspirational Selena Gomez quotes will fire up your brain and encourage you to look at life differently while making you laugh.

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Famous Selena Gomez Quotes

I’m human, I’m not perfect. I make mistakes all the time, but I guess my job is to keep those mistakes to myself, which I’m already fine doing and just try to be the best I can be for those kids. – Selena Gomez

I realize everybody wants what they don’t have. But at the end of the day, what you have inside is much more beautiful than what’s on the outside! – Selena Gomez

You can’t be afraid of what people are going to say, because you’re never going to make everyone happy. – Selena Gomez

Being yourself is all it takes. If you want to impress someone don’t be someone else just be yourself. – Selena Gomez

And during.. sometimes you wanna just be you with someone who knows all your secrets – Selena Gomez

Haters can keep on hating. – Selena Gomez

Hollywood life is never true. Ever. – Selena Gomez

My car is so bad, I hit poles I’m not kidding I hit things all the times, I hit bushes it’s really bad. – Selena Gomez

I believe in second chances, but I don’t believe in third or fourth chances. – Selena Gomez

I need you here with me we look for our love but we dont find it im searching and searching, I really need you here with me boy were going Round-and Round! – Selena Gomez

I’m in love with love and totally believe in marriage, but that’s not even on my radar right now. I am not putting energy into dating. – Selena Gomez

I’ve very emotional. When I went through my first breakup, I thought it was the end of the world, and I thought I was going to die if I didn’t have him in my life. It was good to cry it out, and just scream, or call my friends in the middle of the night crying. – Selena Gomez

I believe in love – yes, I’m one of those girls. – Selena Gomez

I’ve tried it, and I’ve never been that girl. I’m always going to be the girl you want to take home to your parents, not for the night. – Selena Gomez

I’d much rather be the oddball out than kind of create something of myself that I’m not proud of. – Selena Gomez

My attention span is all over the place, and I overthink things. I’m an insomniac. – Selena Gomez

The Jonas Brothers are all sweet. They’re so amazing to me. They’ve become really good friends of mine, but I’m not dating any of them. – Selena Gomez

As an actress and just as a person, I’ve kind of been in a little bit of a bubble. So it was so great for me to see where I could go as an actress and to be around incredible people who are much more experienced than I am, like Harmony [Korine], James [Franco], and Vanessa [Hudgens]. – Selena Gomez

Artistically, you want to be able to do a lot of things that can challenge you to not just stay in the same thing. – Selena Gomez

Being immersed in the fashion world is very addicting. I have to admit, at first, it was really overwhelming and I would get stressed about putting things together. Now, it’s like trying to figure out a puzzle piece, and I love that. – Selena Gomez

Always be yourself, there’s no one better! – Selena Gomez

This is a very superficial job. I sit in a chair for two hours and get hair and makeup done and talk about myself in interviews. That’s a very vain thing to do. And I do get caught up in it sometimes. – Selena Gomez

I think regular school is harder than my job. You have to deal with kids picking on you, and you wanting to look good and all this stuff. It was way too much pressure. – Selena Gomez

I can make the stars dance – Selena Gomez

I’m really nervous, because it’s actually happening. You forget after a while when you start talking about something that it’s actually going to happen. – Selena Gomez

My perfect guy wears converse, is totally laid back, and doesn’t worry about being cool. – Selena Gomez

Every single problem I ever have is healable by Taylor Swift! If I ever I have an issue, Taylor has gone through it, because she gives the most thought-out answers. And what I love about Taylor is that she does believe in the whole love story and Prince Charming and soul mates. Because of her, I haven’t lost faith. – Selena Gomez

You can’t shut down, you can’t say, ‘What can I do to make this go away?’. You have to let it be painful and get through it. Every day gets better. Because when you’re in love, you kind of give everything and make that person your life. So every day you get more and more of yourself back, and it feels better. – Selena Gomez

I love Dior. I’ve been wearing some of the really beautiful structured pieces – I love a deep neck and how it accentuates a woman in that area. And, of course, Louis Vuitton. I’ve honestly never met someone like Nicolas. He has a really fresh perspective on life in general. – Selena Gomez

I hadn’t really been in that world for too long. It was fun for me, but definitely wasn’t my world. When I went to my first Paris Fashion Week, I had been invited to the Louis Vuitton show by Nicolas. We met there. It was all organic and fun for me. – Selena Gomez

Dancing allows me to go away and not have to think of what I’m doing next. – Selena Gomez

My mom always told me if I love what I’m doing and I’m having fun then just continue to do it. But if it’s not fun for me anymore and I’m miserable, then I’m going to go back to Texas and quit it all, to be honest. – Selena Gomez

I think of myself more as an actress. I do my music because I’m very passionate about my music. I love making music. I love inspiring people. I love making great songs that are just really fun. But that’s all it usually is for me. I love touring and singing great songs. I don’t think I’ll ever win a Grammy one day, and I’m totally fine with that. I do work really hard when it comes to acting and I want to do that for a long time. – Selena Gomez

But I have to tell you, I get it all day, every day, I’m not sexy enough, or I’m not cool enough, or if I did this I would be accepted. Let me tell you one thing: the sexiest thing is class. I promise you that each and every one of you is made to be who you are. That is what’s so attractive and beautiful. Please don’t forget that, even when it gets hard. – Selena Gomez

I attempt to be who I am and it’s fun. At the same time, growing up doing what I’m doing can be a little crazy. – Selena Gomez

The day I got my first letter from a fan, I felt like I’d been touched by an angel. – Selena Gomez

It’s always better to be real. – Selena Gomez

They tell me what to wear, how to look, what I should say, how I should be. Until recently I had given into that pressure, I lost sight of who I was. I listened to opinions of people and I tried to change who I am because I thought others would accept me for it. And I realized I don’t know how to be anything but myself. – Selena Gomez

I constantly find myself changing my mind all the time. One day, I want to do just acting and just that. One day I want to do music and just that. – Selena Gomez

People tell me what to do every single day. They think I’m boring. I’m Disney kid. So, there’s that. – Selena Gomez

There’s one thing I do wanna say. It’s that every single one of you are just beautiful the way you are, every message that I get from you guys it just hurts me. Beacuse , if there is one person who knows what its like to get bullied, I get bullied a lot but you guys are so beautiful, please don’t listen to any of that, ever, ever, ever from your school, from anything. You guys are perfect – Selena Gomez

I used to say that I wanted someone cute and nice, an actor too, so he’d get it. But now I think it would be good for me to date someone who’s not in the business. – Selena Gomez

I love what I do, and I always make sure to tell my fans I’m not perfect, so don’t think I am. I make mistakes. I’m human, and we all are. But I try to be the best I can be, and that’s all I really can do. – Selena Gomez

I’m no beauty queen, I’m just beautiful me – Selena Gomez

These past years have been really transitional for me in every aspect – personally, emotionally and professionally. I was excited and nervous and anxious because I literally had nothing to fall back on. This is my own thing, it’s all me. I spent a year working on the record and really wanted to spend time on what it was going to represent and how it was going to represent me in this time in my life. – Selena Gomez

Disney is a machine, and I’m grateful for it, but I feel like being part of that environment made me crave the reaction from other projects even more. – Selena Gomez

I feel like there’s a moment, in every young girl’s life, whether it happens with your family, or a tragedy or death in your family, or a relationship, where there’s a turning point where you go from extremely hopeful and cheery to wondering whether you are okay with where you are. That’s always awkward. – Selena Gomez

Childhood decisions do not have to define you. – Selena Gomez

I don’t really like dressing up. Some people probably think actresses dress up everywhere they go. I’m in sweatpants half the time with my hair in a ponytail. – Selena Gomez

You are not defined by an Instagram photo, by a ‘Like,’ by a comment. That does not define you. – Selena Gomez

All the people who knock me down, only inspire me to do better. – Selena Gomez

If you love something, set it free. And if it really loves you, it will find a way to come back. – Selena Gomez

Be yourself cause everyone else is already taken. – Selena Gomez

I’m human, so of course certain things sometimes hurt. I just laugh at it. – Selena Gomez

The people who put you down don’t have to stop you from chasing your dreams. Stand up, and prove them wrong. – Selena Gomez

I try my best to be a good person and be the best I can be. – Selena Gomez

you have the right to live a beautiful life – Selena Gomez

If you know who you are, it takes all the power away from that negativity.. I promise. – Selena Gomez

Going through a rough break-up? Nothing a little dance party with friends can’t ease. – Selena Gomez

Trust yourselves. Love and be loved. – Selena Gomez

I am in competition with no one. I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone. I am simply trying to be better than the person I was yesterday. – Selena Gomez

It’s not normal for me to feel jealous. I’m competitive with myself more than anything. And anyway, all of my friends in the business are bigger than me! Most of them are musicians, and I think music takes them to a whole new level. For me, I’m going to try out music, but it will be more fun than anything else. I’m really trying my hardest to become a well-respected actress. All I really want to do is movie after movie after movie. I love acting, and I want to create that so I can be around for a long time. – Selena Gomez

There’s a million reasons why I should give you up. But the heart wants what it wants. – Selena Gomez

You have to treat people the way you want to be treated, because ultimately, you’re not gonna get anywhere if you’re just mean to people. – Selena Gomez

You’re growing and changing, and eventually, you can go from having all these friends to feeling like you have no one, because you’ve been betrayed, or you’ve gone through things. But in this moment, I’m in such a good place with my friends. I feel confident and I’m happy there are people who I can truly trust in my life. – Selena Gomez

I have a right to live my life and just be me with whoever I choose. We just do the best we can. – Selena Gomez

This is a modern fairytale. No happy endings. No wind in our sails. But I can’t imagine a life without. Breathless moments. – Selena Gomez

I’ve learned that I want what I deny. I want someone who is crazy about me, who treats me like a princess. I want the picture-perfect fairy tale stuff. – Selena Gomez

A lot of people would be embarrassed to admit that they were on ‘Barney’, but I embrace the fact. I just had such a wonderful time doing that show. I learned what a camera and prop is, and all that. I learned my manners too, so I guess that’s a good thing! – Selena Gomez

I learned everything from that show, so it’s just a wonderful memory to me. A lot of people would be embarrassed to admit that they were on ‘Barney’, but I embrace the fact. I just had such a wonderful time doing that show… I learned what a camera and prop is, and all that. I learned my manners too, so I guess that’s a good thing! – Selena Gomez

Everywhere you go you hear things that are untrue. You’ve just got to learn that if I don’t say it, physically out of my mouth, on camera, it’s not true. – Selena Gomez

It’s not like I’ve wanted to go out and look for someone. I’m not really good at that. – Selena Gomez

You fall in love, and it completely consumes you. – Selena Gomez

I want someone who can make me laugh and just be normal and understand my lifestyle and how I wanna live it. – Selena Gomez

I’m going to try to pull a Natalie Portman. Natalie went to Harvard while shooting ‘Star Wars’. I don’t know how she did it. I want to have lunch with her and ask her – that seems like a bunch of stress right there. – Selena Gomez

If you have three people in your life that you can trust, you can consider yourself the luckiest person in the whole world. – Selena Gomez

I don’t like hiding. I do like to keep certain things to myself, but at the end of the day, I’m eighteen, and I’m going to fall in love. – Selena Gomez

Success is nothing if you don’t have the right people to share it with; you’re just gonna end up lonely. – Selena Gomez

You reflect on the people who used to be in your life, and it’s like, ‘Wow, I can’t believe that person was ever really in my life.’ But people are put into your life for seasons, for different reasons, and to teach you lessons. – Selena Gomez

I wanted to be like my friends. I hung out with girls who had blue eyes and blond hair and I thought, ‘I want to look like them!’ – Selena Gomez

I don’t actually like dates. I get awkward as I never know what to do. – Selena Gomez

I have a lot of wonderful people in my life – probably five, collectively – who I can tell everything to. – Selena Gomez

My fans are so important to me, and I would never want to disappoint them. – Selena Gomez

Being cool, having a ‘cool’ energy is just not attractive to me. – Selena Gomez

I maybe had a first love and had my heart broken, but reflecting on it, I don’t think that was love. I think as I’m getting older and having more in-depth relationships, maybe I’ll experience it. At the moment, I don’t know, exactly, if I’ve been in love. – Selena Gomez

You are who you surround yourself with. I know that’s such a cliche quote, but it’s true. – Selena Gomez

The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve learned that I have to open myself up to all opportunities. Maybe I’ll get burned and not meet the right people, but I won’t know until I do it. – Selena Gomez

I’m a kid, and a breakup is normal. I have to go through the emotions and feel it out. – Selena Gomez

I want to keep pushing myself so I never feel settled. I don’t really know if it’s going to end up working. I’m stressed out most of the time. – Selena Gomez

I’m super laid back. I’m from Texas. I love my family. – Selena Gomez

I want someone honest, someone who’s very sweet to my family and friends, and polite to the other people around me. – Selena Gomez

I’m just happy to do projects I’m passionate about. – Selena Gomez

I never really said I want to be a role model. But then when it happened I was so down for it. – Selena Gomez

I don’t know if I would’ve had the opportunity to be on ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ if it weren’t for my heritage. I realize everybody wants what they don’t have. But at the end of the day, what you have inside is much more beautiful than what’s on the outside! – Selena Gomez

I’m going to hang out with people, and I’m going to explore myself, and I’m okay with that. – Selena Gomez

I love Nicki Minaj, Eminem, Katy Perry. They are all about being themselves and I love that. – Selena Gomez

I love Katy Perry! She gave me a song for my second album. – Selena Gomez

I’d love to do my own music for sure. I’d love to have a band. – Selena Gomez

I drive the same car that I’ve driven since I was 16. That’s who I am. – Selena Gomez

I’ve never been part of a movie I would watch over and over again, and I’m really proud of it. – Selena Gomez

I’ve had my ring since I was 12 years old. But for me it’s not something I want to go around saying, ‘Hey, look what I have’, It’s a promise I made to myself and God. I think some people misinterpret that as a trend and think everyone’s getting one. – Selena Gomez

I love that I can stay connected with my fans and be able to tell them what’s going on – their opinions are so important to me. But at the same time, it’s very weird. I think the Internet can be a great thing but also really evil. Something can instantly hurt your feelings. – Selena Gomez

I wore combat boots for two albums, then I went into more of the sparkle and glamour. The older that I’ve become, I’ve felt very connected to fashion, especially this past year working with [stylist] Kate Young and creating these relationships with people that I never had before. – Selena Gomez

A perfect date is probably something somewhere where you can kind of communicate and talk to the person. I don’t like movies as first date. I don’t think that’s a good idea because you don’t really get to talk to the person. I think taking a walk or just having one on one time with that person is the best. – Selena Gomez

I don’t think that I’ll always necessarily be, I guess, famous. I think, hopefully I’ll just have longevity at what I love. So, I kind of think it’s about taking the right steps and the right roles, and doing the best you can and praying. – Selena Gomez

Music just affects people’s feelings. It brings out emotions in you and makes you happy and sad. – Selena Gomez

Obviously I like to make sure that my life is separate, so as me as a person, I know that my fans know me. But as an actor I like to do different things and I’m gonna want to try new things that may not necessarily have a positive meaning. – Selena Gomez

There’s a lot of, unfortunately, a lot of divorced families. I come from a divorced family. And you have parents meet someone and they have kids and you’re with that whole having to meet new people and be your family. That’s always a hard thing to do. – Selena Gomez

I was very dramatic as a kid. I loved to entertain. I was taking my bathing suits and painting them black and putting sparkles on them because I thought I was going to be on stage. – Selena Gomez

You have different people who come into your life and they affect you in a way and leave an impact on you. Whether it’s projects or friends or directors, it’s just an opportunity that people give me. – Selena Gomez

At the end of the day, besides everything that I do, I’m still just a 20-year-old girl and a Texan, at that. – Selena Gomez

I have to make decisions that people are a little confused about, in a way, and I just express the appreciation, admiration and respect I have. I just try to be the best I can, but I’m human. – Selena Gomez

I can’t watch the news. It’s extremely unsettling. Certain people can be a little desensitized because of movies, and I’m totally a part of that world, so I understand. But when you’re actually seeing what’s happening, you can’t help but be a little affected. – Selena Gomez

The older you get, the more you have to talk about, and music is a really good outlet. I’ve chilled on it a little bit, and I can’t wait to see what I’m going to step into, now that I have this collection of things. – Selena Gomez

I like to run around. I’m enjoying traveling. I absorb as much as I can, and I get to go to beautiful places that I don’t know if I would ever visit. – Selena Gomez

I really want to go to Ireland. It’s really green I hear and very pretty. So I’d really like to go there and spend a nice amount of time because I always travel but for like a second. I never get to enjoy the places. – Selena Gomez

I got my first car when I was 16, but I didn’t have a license. It was a Ford Escape. And I just let it sit there for two years, because I enjoyed having my mom drive me. – Selena Gomez

It’s important just to be yourself. And probably stay out of trouble. – Selena Gomez

I do agree to a certain extent that it is unfortunate that I have to be a little more aware of being a kid and growing up and figuring out who I am, but at the same time, it’s part of what I love. – Selena Gomez

I feel like I should be able to be 18 and have the friends that I choose and to have fun and live my life. – Selena Gomez

Making new friends is tough. You don’t really know who to trust when you’re away from people that you love a lot. – Selena Gomez

There’s an amount of love that can never – no matter what – be taken away or torn apart, no matter the situation. There are certain people who you will always, always love. – Selena Gomez

You made me insecure, Told me I wasn’t good enough. – Selena Gomez

I don’t know how to be anything but myself – Selena Gomez

Sometimes when you’re in love, there are things you feel that you can’t really explain. It doesn’t really make sense. That’s how I feel when i’m in love – Selena Gomez

I’ve done everything I could to the best of my ability. Thank you for the unconditional love and cyber hugs. You inspire me. – Selena Gomez

I love you like a love song, baby And I keep hittin’ repeat-peat-peat-peat – Selena Gomez

It’s hard enough growing up and figuring out who you are and what on earth you wanna be and it doesn’t help when people are constantly cutting you down – Selena Gomez

You kind of can’t help who you’ll fall in love with. I’d date someone who isn’t in the business in a heartbeat. – Selena Gomez