Sisterhood – even with one other woman – is becoming increasingly important the more I mature. It’s more than a friendship, it’s more than a birthright. It’s a promise from one woman to another to witness their journey and to support their journey of growth, to cheer for them at the sidelines and to fight their corner.
And not just any woman. I mean a woman or women who are living life authentically and using every life experience to grow and to better themselves and the lives of those around them.

My most recent sisterhood has developed out of a shared experience of our marriages ending. Some would say that’s quite common and they’d be right. But, beyond the exterior of the life experience lies a commitment by both me and my ‘sister’ to remain stoic in our approach to managing our relationships with our ex partners and to provide a conducive environment for them to maintain their relationship with their children. And aside from this completely, a commitment to ourselves as young worldly-wise women to own our experiences. And to gain more. To regain our independence and to find ourselves again.

And so my approach to nurturing sisterhood and to life generally is to offer the things I feel I lack the most and to offer them in abundance. The logic (if there is one) being that I’m operating out of love. And that when we give of ourselves in a loving, unconditional way we are creating a powerful energetic bond between people. And that bond can reverberate outside of the people immediately involved in the situation. Almost like waves of kindness and generosity healing small parts of woman, small parts of our divine femininity. Healing wounds that then enable us to raise our heads a bit higher and put one foot further out in front of the other.

What do I lack you ask? Well, actually not much at all. If I’m brutally honest I have everything I could possibly need right now. Love, warmth, affection, intimacy, financial security, food, water, security of other kinds, a home, health, happiness, self-belief, friendships, family, intellectual capacity, emotional intelligence, stoicism, power and to some degree freedom. But that last thing will forever be my nemesis. The one thing I battle with, and always have done. There’s another blog-post there but for now all I need to say is that life as a single-parent can be limiting in terms of spontaneity.

So, to my new ‘sister’ I say go to your friends 40th Birthday on the south coast. I offer to have her two daughters at mine for the weekend. I’ll take them out on the Saturday I tell her. They can have Sunday dinner with us, as I’ve invited my ex and his parents up from London I tell her. They can sleep over and I will take care of them with no qualms or fear. Because I know what it means to be able to let go of responsibility every now and again. To reconnect with old friends and live momentarily outside of motherhood every now and again. I know what that kind of freedom means. And to another ‘sister’ I offer her a safe warm home to rest in while she awaits her new arrival and enjoys a break away from her rambunctious toddler. Feeding her, offering her my bed and all the rest and relaxation she can muster, offering her a shoulder to lean on and a listening ear, giving her a massage to lighten her load a little. Because I know what that kind of freedom means.

To my mind sisterhood with awakened women becomes increasingly important the more we mature. I can only speak from my perspective as a woman but to any man reading this perhaps you feel the same way about awakened brotherhood. Sisterhood reminds me that we are healers, nurturers, caregivers but that we are also independent, free-spirited, creative and powerful. That energy harnessed can produce great things. It isn’t about chin-wagging and gossiping, it’s about witnessing lives and supporting growth. Creating family and community.

Give what you desire the most. It’s the fastest, quickest route to creating that frequency of energy in your own reality. Manifestation some would call it. Law of attraction others would call it.

I call it doing what feels right.

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