Soul Mates, sometimes you don’t know you have them.

I remember being 17 years old, sitting in a car with my Two best friends at the time, A Skater that I’d just got to know who was a Guy called Joe, and my best friend from school Sam (affectionately known as Joey) discussing how we couldn’t wait to meet girls but this wasn’t done in the crass sense of the word, don’t get me wrong those conversations took place but this was us talking openly about finding someone to spend our time with, going to gigs, all hanging out together, eventually having families that would all be a family.

Three alternative guys all sat in a beat up Vauxhall Nova listening to pop-punk (which is still the soundtrack to my life that I’m listening to now!) discussing how we are gonna spend our lives with someone amazing (Avril Lavigne or Amy Studt would have been the people of choice back then) and how amazing it’s gonna be having this journey that we can look back on as a trio.

Was best friends with Joey till I was about 22/23 and him, me and Joe briefly shared a house together, this happened just after I split up with my first serious girlfriend (was together for a few years and she was 7 years older then me) and shortly after i started seeing a beautiful younger lady I was working with which ment I really wasn’t there at all and if I was mentally I just faded away, at this point Joey has just come out of a relationship and wanted to just get back out there which to cut this to the shorter version ment that I left the house with mine and his friendship in tatters, it’s one of those things looking back I should have salvaged but I didn’t, and I didn’t speak to Joe for another 6 months either,

Then life got complicated for all of us for various reasons and mine and Joes friendship picked up again and has run a similar course throughout the years, always there for the sofa sessions (points in time where you put on a soundtrack in the background and just talk) we even was housemates for a fair few years when he brought his first apartment, which was equal part awesome and difficult, 

We used to go out and get into all kinds of shenanigans when we had the brief periods of our life when we both were unattached, travelling into London at the weekend with southern comfort and coke our drink of choice in whatever plastic bottle was left around at the flat, 

Our lives have changed drastically in the last few years and both of us have had some hardships that I wouldn’t have wished on anybody, but yet again we’ve found solace in a friendship thats hurtling towards 20 years, and it’s joyous and vibrant as it was way back in the nova looking up at the sky wishing for a perfect future,

Ive spent so much time wondering if I’ll ever find someone to spend my life with that I forgot to look over into the passenger seat and see that I’ve had this amazing friend riding shotgun for the best part of 20 years, 

Love you dude, Thank you for always being there, and here’s to growing older and no more the wiser.

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