91+ Best Swimming Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Swimming is an important sport for both physical and mental health. It improves your overall health and heals the spirit. You can swim and feel good to start a positive day. Motivational swimming quotes will inspire you and encourage you to live healthy as a swimmer.

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Swimming Quotes

I concentrate on preparing to swim my race and let the other swimmers think about me, not me about them. — Amanda Beard

Any time you can get up there and scare a few people, throw up some decent times, it builds up your confidence and also sends a message to other people. — Marianne Limpert

Willing is not enough. We must do. — Bruce Lee

What do do with a mistake: recognize it, admit it, learn from it, forget it. — Dean Smith

I only fear not trying.

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The water is your friend…. you don’t have to fight with water, just share the same spirit as the water, and it will help you move. — Alexandr Popov

The robbed that smiles, steals something from the thief. — William Shakespeare, Othello

In training everyone focuses on 90% physical and 10% mental, but in the races its 90% mental because there’s very little that separates us physically at the elite level. — Elka Graham

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. — Walter Bagehot

Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. — A.A. Milne

Enjoy swimming for swimming’s sake. We have to spend far too much time in the water to not enjoy the process challenging yourself of moving through the water. — Jeff Rouse

With so many people saying it couldn’t be done, all it takes is an imagination. — Michael Phelps

If you want to learn to swim jump into the water. On dry land no frame of mind is ever going to help you. — Bruce Lee

It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up. — Vince Lombardi

A good vacation for me is going to warm weather. Being able to go outside, in the sun, hit the beach, play outside sports. Being active outside. Going swimming, hanging by the pool, having a couple drinks, having a couple of your close buddies around, and just having a blast. — Rob Gronkowski

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The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it. — Woodrow T. Wilson

If you’re going through hell, keep going. — Winston Churchill

Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected. — Steve Jobs

Never give up! Failure and rejection are the first steps to succeeding. — Jim Valvano

Do activities you’re passionate about which make your heart and soul feel perky including things like working out, cooking, painting, writing, yoga, hiking, walking, swimming, being in nature, being around art, or reading inspiring books. — Karen Salmansohn

It’s a good idea to begin at the bottom in everything except in learning to swim. — Unknown

People ask me ‘what was going through your mind in the race?’ and I don’t know. I try and …let my body do what it knows. — Ian Thorpe

Swimming is probably the ultimate of burnout sports. — Diana Nyad

Most of us, swimming against the tides of trouble the world knows nothing about, need only a bit of praise or encouragement and we will make the goal. — Robert Collier

A champion is someone who gets up, when they can’t. — Jack Dempsey

I wouldn’t say anything is impossible. I think that everything is possible as long as you put your mind to it and put the work and time into it. — Michael Phelps

You have to expect things from yourself before you can do them.

If I were dropped out of a plane into the ocean and told the nearest land was a thousand miles away, I’d still swim. And I’d despise the one who gave up. — Abraham Maslow

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Swimming: From the outside looking in, you can’t understand it. From the inside looking out, you can’t explain it. — Unknown

The price of excellence is discipline. The cost of mediocrity is disappointment. — William A. Ward

I actually love swimming, but I just hate jumping in the water. — Natalie Coughlin

Being an actor, you always feel like you’re swimming upstream. People are going, ‘No, they don’t like you. They don’t like the way you look. They don’t like how old you are. — Bradley Whitford

Make each day your masterpiece. — John Wooden

It’s been told that swimming is a wimp sport, but I don’t see it. We don’t get timeouts, in the middle of a race we can’t stop and catch our breath, we can’t roll on our stomachs and lie there, and we can’t ask for a substitution. — Dusty Hicks

Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better. — Pat Riley

Somehow, I kept my head above water. I relied on the discipline, character, and strength that I had started to develop as that little girl in her first swimming pool. — Esther Williams

No man drowns if he perseveres in praying to God and can swim. — Russian Proverb

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. — Aristotle

Remember, a dead fish can float downstream, but it takes a live one to swim upstream. — W. C. Fields

There’s a great metaphor that one of my doctors uses: If a fish is swimming in a dirty tank and it gets sick, do you take it to the vet and amputate the fin? No, you clean the water. So, I cleaned up my system. By eating organic raw greens, nuts and healthy fats, I am flooding my body with enzymes, vitamins and oxygen. — Kris Carr

Susie had no talent whatsoever. She’s a little person who couldn’t even make a final at a state meet coming and showing the world that on sheer guts and determination you can do anything you want! — Susie Maroney’s coach Dick Caine

You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get. — Michael Phelps

Breaststroke is an athletic event; butterfly is a political statement. — Paul Tsongas

I think England has served me very well. I like living in London for the reasons I gave. I have absolutely no intentions of cutting those ties. There is absolutely no reason to do so. Certainly not, so that I can have a swimming pool and a palm tree. — Colin Firth

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She had a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach, like when you’re swimming and you want to put your feet down on something solid, but the water’s deeper than you think and there’s nothing there. — Julia Gregson

I don’t know what it’s like to have a typical father figure. He’s not the dad who’s going to take me to the beach and go swimming, but he’s such a motivational person. — Tiffany Trump

Win if you can, lose if you must, but never quit. — Cameron Trammell

The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender. — Vince Lombardi

The water doesn’t know how old you are. — Dara Torres

I swam the race like I trained to swim it. It is not mathematical. I just let my body do it. It is a lot easier if you let your body do what it is trained for. — Ian Thorpe

I try and just relax and reflect on all the work I’ve done in the past season. That’s one of the most important things, remembering your goals and how to swim your races. It’s also important to get your mind off racing before you race sometimes. — Ian Crocker

I like to get in my own world. When I’m getting ready for a meet, I always have headphones on, listening to rap music to get myself fired up. — Michael Phelps

Procrastination makes easy things hard and hard things harder. — Mason Cooley

There’s an old adage: the sensation of drowning reminds you of everything you ever knew about swimming. — Frederick Weisel

On matters of style, swim with the current, on matters of principle, stand like a rock. I can’t really do the running on hard ground that I used to do. Instead I go swimming as often as possible. — Jamie Dornan

There is no substitute for hard work. — Thomas Edison

Traveling to swimming meets took me beyond my small-town existence, gave me a hint of the exciting world outside of my own home. — Esther Williams

I have always wanted a swimming pool and never had one. — Joan Didion

Swimming what real men do while boys play football. — Unknown

I want people to see the passion I have for swimming and become more involved in the sport. — Ryan Lochte

I told myself there was no way I was going to let this training go to waste. It was my time, and I was ready to go. — Katie Hoff

It’s easy to forget when you’re an elite athlete that everyone else gets nervous as well. Even the best people in the world, at whatever they do, they’re still nervous. — Leisl Jones

If it’s important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse.

I won’t predict anything historic. But nothing is impossible. — Michael Phelps

Swimming is more than a once every four years sport. My goal is to bring attention to swimming to give it some personality. — Michael Phelps

As long as I’m enjoying swimming, I will keep swimming. — Cate Campbell

This life is like a swimming pool. You dive into the water, but you can’t see how deep it is. — Dennis Rodman

Swimming isn’t everything, winning is. — Mark Spitz

In most sports they have a physical effect on your performance, in swimming only psychological. If you worry about what your rival is doing, you take your mind off what you are doing and so fail to concentrate on your performance. — Bachrach

I can’t control what everyone else swims but if all goes well, I know there are no limits. — Leisl Jones

I am not going to allow myself not to perform well just because I don’t feel well. I am bulletproof to the extent that a lot of things can be thrown at me, but it’s about how much I am prepared to let them affect me. — Ian Thorpe

Nobody cared about swimming. You could draw a crowd for basketball. — Merlin Olsen

I love to swim for miles; I could just go back and forth. — Jill Clayburgh

I know April, May and June are a few unbearable months, and working out in a gym and sweating in such dirty hot, sticky, humid weather puts me off. The best way is to swim. I feel so fresh and rejuvenated after swimming, and I believe it’s one of the best mode to fitness during summers. — Ashish Sharma

If I swim in the ocean, I have a shark thought. Not a bad one, but just a little one. — Tea Leoni

My preference is swimming in the sea. I find the sea is more liberating, wild and good fun rather than plodding up and down a pool. — Jo Brand

Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream. — Malcolm Muggeridge

To be really in shape, it’s dynamic. It’s got to be a lot of different everything, always switching it up. So a good day for me would be hit the gym, do some sort of cross training in the gym and then go surfing and then maybe take a jiu jitsu class at night or go swimming at night or go stand up paddle boarding in the evening. — Scott Eastwood

If you should rear a duck in the heart of the Sahara, no doubt it would swim if you brought it to the Nile. — Mark Twain

In ‘Swimming Pool,’ all the colors are very warm, sunny, the pool and all that. In ‘Love Crime,’ everything is so cold, and it’s all inside skyscrapers. — Ludivine Sagnier

Swimming is a confusing sport, because sometimes you do it for fun, and other times you do it to not die. And when I’m swimming, sometimes I’m not sure which one it is. — Demetri Martin

I have been visualizing myself every night for the past four years standing on the podium having the gold placed around my neck. — Megan Quann

Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked. — Warren Buffett

Mainly, I like to have fun. Swimming is all about having fun, and I am firm believer that you should keep swimming as long as you are having fun, but I can say that it becomes much more fun as you get older and learn more about the sport, life, and especially more about yourself. — Scott Goldblatt

I was so surprised. Then again, I was so relaxed in the water, it felt amazing. — Pieter van den Hoogenband

For myself, losing is not coming second. It’s getting out of the water knowing you could have done better. For myself, I have won every race I’ve been in. — Ian Thorpe

While I’m swimming, I sing songs in my mind. — Alexandr Popov

Success is not two cars or a swimming pool. It’s the approval of your peers. — Peter Finch

Aaah, summer that long anticipated stretch of lazy, lingering days, free of responsibility and rife with possibility. It’s a time to hunt for insects, master handstands, practice swimming strokes, conquer trees, explore nooks and crannies, and make new friends. — Darell Hammond

I usually go to the swimming pool if I want to swim. — Song Hye kyo

I used to beat myself up everyday if I did not win an event. I am quite open about those things now and that has been a big change. — Leisl Jones

I’ve always been fortunate in that I’ve been able to put myself in my own zone and relax. It comes naturally. I’m lucky to be that way. — Michael Phelps

I’m really quite exhausted at the moment, but you never know, you are always surprised at what you can find sometimes, and maybe I will find something deep within to find the desire to swim fast. — Leisl Jones

I enjoyed every bit of my swimming career. I think that’s the most important advice to enjoy what you do. — Summer Sanders

Let us swim together in the ocean of our being. — Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Believe in yourself, not only in swimming, but in life itself. You always have to have fun. You have to have an open mind. If you’re not enjoying it, don’t do it. Life’s too short. — Debbie Meyer

I love going to the beach in the tropics and doing whatever I do surfing, swimming or being and the glow when I get a tan that deepens. I walk around with red and gold in my skin and feel like the most beautiful thing on the planet! — Anika Noni Rose

Being happy outside the pool means fast swimming in the pool. — Eric Shanteau

Just do some kind of workout. Doesn’t matter if it’s going for a walk around the block, going for a jog, doing some calisthenics, lifting weights, going to a pool and swimming you name it. But do something that gets your blood flowing and gets your mind in the game. — Jocko Willink

I know I’ve made huge gains in my confidence, and knowing more about my racing and myself as a person. That has made me a better athlete. — Libby Lenton

If you’re not on your ‘A’ game in our workouts every day, you’re going to get absolutely smoked. — Michael Phelps

Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out. — Benjamin Franklin

Based on my experience, I would say that rather than taking lessons in how to become an entrepreneur, you should jump into the pool and start swimming. — Travis Kalanick

Wins and losses come a dime a dozen. But effort, nobody can judge effort. Because effort is between you and you. Effort ain’t got nothing to do with nobody else. — Ray Lewis

I grew up watching ‘Superman.’ As a child, when I first learned to dive into a swimming pool, I wasn’t diving, I was flying, like Superman. I used to dream of rescuing a girl I had a crush on from a playground bully. — Tom Hiddleston

Sure, I’ve felt racism. I think everybody has prejudice. When I was growing up, the dark Mexican kids weren’t allowed in the public swimming pool in Dallas. My light skinned friend got in, and he laughed at us. It didn’t seem like a big deal, because we didn’t know any different. So, I never ran into anything that actually scarred me. — Lee Trevino

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