Preface – Week One

Hey all! So just to fill you all in, this is the first post of a mini weekly series that I’m creating documenting my accomplishments and shortcomings of training for my first half marathon. Yes, a half marathon. 13.1 miles of crazy, but considering it’s only a half marathon, I would like to think that … Read morePreface – Week One

Born or Made GAY? 

I recently saw a news about a young Nigerian boy who was ridiculed and paraded openly in his community for being hermaphrodite.  I still wipe and of heavy heart as I write this! Not just because of the evil done to this boy but because of the set of people involved in this act. Learned … Read moreBorn or Made GAY? 

Prove Yourself To Yourself – Not Others. 

There are many things in life that is worth spending time over but not proving yourself to others. Nah! That’s illegal.  Is time to live your life because is yours and not because your friends say so.  Be your own boss and take responsibility of your actions.  Work hard because you have to – not … Read moreProve Yourself To Yourself – Not Others. 

Searching For Meaning 

The longer I live, the more there is to learn and be better than I was yesterday. But often I ask myself, am I more of a spectator or a contributor to my society and the world at large?  Am I satisfied with my present contribution? And the answer is NO! so I train myself … Read moreSearching For Meaning 

2017 Eclipse list??

List for 2017 Eclipse season ? Hi everyone! Have you made your list before the 2017 eclipse on the 21st of August? If not now is the time and needs to be done before at least the 7th of August. If you want things to change for you under the influence of the Eclipse now … Read more2017 Eclipse list??

How To Inspire Manners In Your Children. 

1. When entering the house greet your children or even hug them. This should help develop their sense of love and self worth.  2. Be good to your neighbours and never backbite. Never speak ill of other drivers when on the road. Your children listen, absorb and emulate. 3. When calling your parents, encourage your … Read moreHow To Inspire Manners In Your Children. 

Work Smarter Not Harder. 

Our journey in life have taken another turn and is not about hard work anymore  but working smartly.  21st century is here to stay and things are no longer done the old way where you put in so much effort into a work/project the same way you did yesterday and a day before.  Every business … Read moreWork Smarter Not Harder. 

The House Inside A Home. 

In my experience, I’ve come to understand that we are limitless in our thinking, imagination and creativity – that’s a function of the spiritual being, housed inside a body,  which in God’s freedom to mankind can be just a house or a home where people want to come to, feel welcomed and not judged.  It … Read moreThe House Inside A Home.