The Journey Back Part Two: The Voice and the Addiction

Greetings again and if you missed the first post (or this inspirational fiction I posted as well) please feel free to read that first, although it is not a prerequisite to understanding this post.

Since that first post I have had real troubles implementing any sort of plan to move ahead and then the other day I figured out why.

I have a friend in Ireland that I bumped into online and he contacted me the other day in a panic because he had relapsed into doing heroin and had nowhere else to turn for help.

I consoled and counseled him and gave him all the advice I myself do not follow.

Like magic, I saw him brighten, he called me special and said I really helped him out and changed his life. He told me that he thought fate brought us together and that he really thought of me as a really good person and a friend.

Did I exit that conversation a little extra sad then I came into it?

Yes, I did.


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