You Can’t Have One Without the Others

There are some who write off the Holy Spirit as something Jesus promised the early church and now he is just around but doesn’t do much. The gifts of the Spirit promised in the New Testament in their eyes does not apply. But I, like many others disagree and believe that the Holy Spirit, who … Read moreYou Can’t Have One Without the Others

Sharing Passion to the Passionless

Ever try to share about Jesus and the love he has shown you, only to have the other person just laugh it off? Of keep coming back with arguments against? We try not to be hurt when this happens, yet it isn’t easy to just shrug it off. Many times, it has to do with … Read moreSharing Passion to the Passionless

God, are you listening?

Do you think God cares about what you say to Him? Does he actually want to have a relationship with you? Why would God in heaven be interested in me? We wonder these things and many others, but the truth is God desires to have a relationship with you. One that has a two-way conversation. … Read moreGod, are you listening?

‘Whatev’, A Roadblock to Passion

Apathy, malaise and laziness are all symptoms of something much deeper. When you come to realize one of these or any combination have started to creep into your life it becomes time to react to the it. Now we may have bouts of laziness because we are just so busy in life and just need … Read more‘Whatev’, A Roadblock to Passion

Growing Doubt

I was paralyzed with self-doubt this morning. So I blogged it out! If you’re going to plant something, make it your: Feet. Humility. Kindness. Reliance on God. Don’t plant doubt. Doubt is a weed. Grows fast and takes over everything. No fruit or flowers can grow With doubt around. Doubt will have your well-maintained yard … Read moreGrowing Doubt