Looking to the Present

  I’ve been struggling to write a blog post over the past few weeks. Mainly because so much has happened and life has felt so turbulent that my feelings have been all over the place. With that came the thought that if I was to write something it wouldn’t be a true representation of how … Read moreLooking to the Present

The Confused Ambivert

That’s right. I’ve decided that I’m a mix of extraversion and introversion, but I don’t know where I lie on that spectrum. Somewhere along the line, society couldn’t resist labelling people who don’t sit firmly on either end. Voila, the birth of the ambivert. So yeah, I guess that’s me. But I’m still confused about … Read moreThe Confused Ambivert

Being an Intuitive Extrovert

After another night of erratic sleep I’ve decided to look at my personality type a bit more this morning. A while ago I got called an introvert by someone who’s known me for a very long time though not that well as they are one of my best friend’s boyfriends. If I’m honest I was … Read moreBeing an Intuitive Extrovert

Diagnosis, and you. 

You have not changed due to their words. They have shared an interpretation of you, albeit professional, it arguably remains subjective. Real truth, your truth, can only be found through empiricism. Personal, sensational experience, experienced by you. If you have ever received a diagnosis, it should not define you. It may help you and others … Read moreDiagnosis, and you.