The Power of Positive Statements: Maintaining A Positive Mental Attitude

Over the years, our life experiences shape the way we see things in the world. Our life experiences also change the way we respond to difficult situations. We may find that we’ve picked up a few unhealthy habits that can negatively impact our lives and the state of our mental health. Have you had any … Read moreThe Power of Positive Statements: Maintaining A Positive Mental Attitude

A Dose Of Cool

Let me ask you something. How many times have you said “Cool” or “That’s so cool” today? I’ve probably muttered it to myself when going through my Twitter feed about fifty times this morning alone. But how did the word “cool” in itself grow to become… well, cool? I was thinking about this whilst brushing … Read moreA Dose Of Cool

The Confused Ambivert

That’s right. I’ve decided that I’m a mix of extraversion and introversion, but I don’t know where I lie on that spectrum. Somewhere along the line, society couldn’t resist labelling people who don’t sit firmly on either end. Voila, the birth of the ambivert. So yeah, I guess that’s me. But I’m still confused about … Read moreThe Confused Ambivert

Social media image and your life purpose?

Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Snapchat, and the list goes on for the most popular sites of social media. Author Kelsey Sunstrum wrote an article exploring how social media and the image it portrays to the world effects all of us psychologically. If read most can find some truths within it. Sunstrum states, “One’s self-image is the person we actually are … Read moreSocial media image and your life purpose?

Paradoxical Intention.

Hello. I’m a new author on this site, PsychPerspectives. This post will describe paradoxical Intention and it’s potential usage in your everyday life. Paradoxical Intention was coined by Dr Victor Frankl. He was a neurologist and psychiatrist who survived the holocaust, after being imprisoned in Auschwitz. I discovered this when reading his book, Mans Search For Meaning. He was able to find … Read moreParadoxical Intention.

The hidden injury.

PsychPerspectives posting on behalf of Yasminmay to raise awareness of brain injury. Author: yasminmay I awake with a startle. I can’t speak, I want to speak, but the sounds come out like a gurgle. There are lots of people around me, but they are people I don’t know. They are looking at my eyes and talking in hushed tones. … Read moreThe hidden injury.

Is it a square or is it a circle? No, it’s a squircle.

Or more commonly known as the ‘fundamental attribution error.’ You have to be able to see things from both sides. If your truth is the only truth than tragically you are missing at least half of the world. Perhaps you’re missing even more than that. If you can’t see a situation from a different perspective … Read moreIs it a square or is it a circle? No, it’s a squircle.

10 Autism Myths. 

PsychPerspectives. Below are 10 common myths about Autism Spectrum Conditions. To clarify definitions, Autism Spectrum Condition is an umbrella term for: Autism (below 70 IQ, non-verbal or verbal. Asperger’s syndrome (average or above average IQ) High-Functioning Autism (basically Asperger’s, but with a delay in language development; unable to talk until approximately 5 years old) The 10 Common … Read more10 Autism Myths.