#Writeitdown: My Life is Mine

The Twenties: Building Yourself The early and mid twenties are the struggle years. These years are filled with confusion and doubt, hopelessness, and depression, but also hope and opportunities. These are the years where we find who we are. The years where we ask questions, important questions, that will challenge how we live and think. … Read more#Writeitdown: My Life is Mine

#Think Youth/Adults

#Think For a Minute See, I’m only 22, so I guess that means, I’m not that much older then you! Do you, have the slightest clue, of where your actions are leading you to? You don’t know it now, because you’re distracted, everything is fabricated the media is related, To all the problems that your … Read more#Think Youth/Adults

Matrimony in the Millennium

Even though we may be twins, the circumstances behind her birth did not in any way determine the events of today. As I sat down to write a heartfelt speech my mind began to wander, there I sat a feathered ink pen in one hand piece of papyrus paper in front of me and beside … Read moreMatrimony in the Millennium

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