Letting My Heart Lead The Way

What happens when you follow your heart? Like, trust your gut and follow your heart? Sometimes our hearts can be lead in the wrong direction, but I guess you have follow your heart with facts in mind, with observations and sometimes make some distance between you and your situation, whether it’s mentally or physically. But … Read moreLetting My Heart Lead The Way

A loners manifesto- Working with a loner, not a team player!

It’s not easy to work with a loner, let alone working with a non- team player. Hell, half of my amateur career I have been a non-team player and I assure you it was worse than working with Donald Trump or Kim Jong Un. People around me and beside me were always tempted to shun … Read moreA loners manifesto- Working with a loner, not a team player!

The Power of Positive Statements: Maintaining A Positive Mental Attitude

Over the years, our life experiences shape the way we see things in the world. Our life experiences also change the way we respond to difficult situations. We may find that we’ve picked up a few unhealthy habits that can negatively impact our lives and the state of our mental health. Have you had any … Read moreThe Power of Positive Statements: Maintaining A Positive Mental Attitude

Looking to the Present

  I’ve been struggling to write a blog post over the past few weeks. Mainly because so much has happened and life has felt so turbulent that my feelings have been all over the place. With that came the thought that if I was to write something it wouldn’t be a true representation of how … Read moreLooking to the Present


They say all we have is right now. All we can hope to express and believe in, is the moment we are living in right now. It is raining outside. The lovely, ferocious sounds of the pounding water on my roof, with the lull of the evening wine. The smell of the cleansed air through … Read moreBalance…

The Impressions We Leave

I can think back to when I was a little girl, around about 7 and I was sat at a table with my friends in the canteen at school and they all had finished their lunches. I heard one say “shall we go?” and another looked at me and said “sorry, *insert my name here*” … Read moreThe Impressions We Leave

Attorney Jobs for Beginners

    You can achieve a high social and financial status that anyone wishes to have a career as an attorney. The market for legal staff is growing and law firms realize that they need more legal secretaries and paralegals to make sure the firm is running efficiently and smoothly. However, what confuses most people … Read moreAttorney Jobs for Beginners

Trusting My Intuition- My Best Decision Yet

Last Tuesday I left work with my friend and as we spoke about our work frustrations in town a butterfly landed on my head. A good omen? I hope so. I then headed to meet my boyfriend for our burger date. We chatted and I enjoyed my mushroom and halloumi burger very much. We then … Read moreTrusting My Intuition- My Best Decision Yet