The art of patience.

The art of patience.

This is my first post at BayArt, very exciting! I didn’t want to write something just to post but then creativity knocked on my door a couple of nights ago, and I thought it would be perfect for this!

On Monday night, as most nights, I went to bed thinking of the next day, how desperate I am for a change, a new, more meaningful and interesting job, move to another city, visit home, my beautiful homecountry Cyprus, more often (I miss my family and my best friends, being an expat especially in your 30s is not a walk in the park, I write about it a lot on my personal blog) get out and explore. But I cannot do any of this right now.

Financial reasons keep me ‘trapped’ in Southampton and my current life for now. In my effort to save money and repay my debt I’m left with very limited options on what I can do to reach my goals faster but also enjoy the present as much as possible.

I have to be patient until I can afford to make the changes I wish and oh my sometimes it’s extremely tough to exercise patience.

But what helps me get through when I feel I can’t wait any longer? Well, on Monday night, whilst lying in bed thinking about all this,  I’ve written a poem and posted it on my blog the following day. I would love to share it with all of you and find out what helps you get through your daily struggles.



I think I’m going crazy.

My mind playing tricks.

A storm.

A storm of thoughts


Will I ever make it?


Am I good enough?


I’m stuck


I’m running out of time!


I’ll never get out of this.

Is this it?

It can’t be it.

But then,

then I remember.


My family

My people

My dog

My guitar

My favourite memory of the sea

The beauty of the world

The destination

New beginnings

Fresh start

I take a deep breath…

and the storm eases.

The rain stops.

I’m ready.

Ready to do it all over again.

Ready for the next day.





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1 thought on “The art of patience.

  1. Beautiful. While your will be on the verge of breaking, your imagination will allow you to push through the tough times. Imagination of the times the, small joys and the big ones, things making you happy and everything you mentioned in the poem will strengthen your faith and will ease the time of waiting. Thanks for this beautiful post.

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