The Color of Glasses…


Glasses, you know, the things you put on your face. Little pieces of roundish plastic with arms that go over your ears… glasses. What color are yours?

If you are like me, color plays a pleasant role in your world. Plums, maroons, navy, deep greens are everywhere in my house because they feel comfortable and calming to me. I like wearing light blue to highlight my eyes and lavender looks good against my pale skin. A cheerfully colored mug for my tea enhances the experience, just as the warm brown of the liquid adds to the smell and taste.

I’ve never owned a white or tan vehicle and hope I don’t have to because I don’t care for those colors on cars much. I like sapphire colored gemstones and the rich purple of amethysts. My water bottle is marbled blue. My dishes are mostly blue.

I find it interesting to see what people gravitate towards in color. My mother loves yellow, she says it feels cheerful. I sometimes wonder if it is an attempt to stave off her sadder side.

Colors are used to represent schools and group associations, countries and locations. The blue of the Aegean Sea, the purple majesty of mountains, the gray of London weather. Color… an integral part of our lives for most of us.

In doing a lot of personal development and soul searching, I have been reading a lot about how to change old mindsets and transform. I’ve steeped myself in writings about changing my belief system to help move past some self-sabotaging behaviors and ingrained negativity. Since I often feel color helps alter my mood, I started playing with ideas about colored glasses, you know, how you view the world around you.

I’m sure you’re aware that everyone sees their world through the lens of their individual experiences. The things you have seen and the experiences you have had all color your outlook on life. I look at others and try to see if I can determine what color glasses their experiences have given them.

An angry person might see the world in shades of red. Someone with depression or learned helplessness might see the world in gray. We attribute blues to be either melancholy or tranquil and greens as nurturing or of growth.

And what of those lovely individuals who seem to manage to change their glasses periodically or regularly? These people impress the hell out of me because they choose how they want to view things and are extraordinarily empathetic.

I have been viewing my world through a lens of change and upheaval the past year. For me that has entailed a lot of grief and so my glasses have been rather gray-colored at best. But now, as Autumn descends on my area of the world and the mountains light up with the rusts, golds, ruby red, yellows of changing leaves, I find that I’m tired of the gray color. I’ve had enough.

I want to choose what color to view things now. I want to put on my rose-colored glasses and smile at those who cross my path. Instead of going into hibernation, I’m finding I feel ready to stretch my wings. Maybe it is because I have always enjoyed the fall season. Or maybe it is just that I’m ready to be moving onto the next stage, a stage of acceptance if you will.

My area of the world is often viewed with some distrust as a beacon of liberalism, hippy, nature freaks, in a relatively conservative and quiet landscape. It is one of the reasons I gravitated here. So, maybe the rosiness of my city is finally seeping into my soul.

The wonderful thing about that rosiness is that I get out of my head better and can enjoy watching others around me. I can listen to try and determine the colors someone else is seeing from their perspective and respond rather than react. I can find some peacefulness in being present in the moment, rather than the anxiety of the future or the depression over the past. I can listen to stories with a better ear.

I can enjoy the sunny yellow and green of my eggs and spinach supper, the red pop of the cherry tomatoes, the bright pink of my lemonade. I can marvel at the sharp lines between my black and white cat’s patches of fur and enjoy the subtle marbling of the tan and white of my rescue dog.

For some reason, rose-colored makes my world brighter, calmer, more intense, more alive and I want to choose that color for now, for as long as I can… Goodbye gray glasses. I’m sure we will see each other again at some point, but for now, I’m throwing you out. I’ve had enough colorlessness and am ready for vibrancy.

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