The First Steps Are the Hardest

One decision is all it takes

One decision is all it takes to change your life. That’s it! There are no complicated programs or mental trickery necessary. All it takes to change your life is simply changing your mindset.

One moment, one decisive choice can alter every day in your life from this moment further. All you have to do (and this is the hard part) is decide what it is you really want.

So, what’s it going to be?

How to make up your mind

Maybe you have been treading water, or otherwise running in place. That’s ok! Maybe, you have been waiting for the perfect time to start your new life.  That day was a year ago. But, the second best day to make that new start is today.

So how do we make up our minds that something needs to change? How do we decide that some facet of our life, or perhaps even our core belief system needs a major overhaul?

  1. Seriously Personal & Deep Moral Inventory: 

    If we are to change, then we need to figure out first what, we want to change. This requires some deep-reaching introspection. We need to delve deep into our soul, examine our inner desires both met and unfulfilled, and choose what we want in our life and also, who we truly are inside.

  2. Gumption to Function:

    It takes real moxie to face down our inner-child in the battle of wills and admit to that internal source that we were wrong and have led us astray. But the bright side? It is only ourselves to which we have to admit that… For now. However, if you currently have faith in who you’ve been till now then surely you can have faith in who you wish to become. So, put your trust in yourself and choose to live the life that you want starting today.

  3. Learn to Laugh at Yourself:

    There is both humbleness and there is humility in the human condition. On one hand, we are told to be true to ourselves. On the other, we are told to act in a certain expected socially tolerable or acceptable manner. Do you see the conundrum here? At times, who we are expected to be is the polar opposite of who we really are inside. How can anyone take themselves seriously whilst masquerading as someone else?

“To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain and play with it.”

-Charlie Chaplin

Logic vs. the Universe

At first, it will feel awkward and maybe even a bit wrong. After all, our whole lives we have been told to do for others. But, the truth be told, no one ever taught us how to do for us!

If we rationalize and diminish away our choices in life simply down to doing what is expected of us then when we are on our death beds and staring up at the ceiling with nothing but time to reflect on our years, what will we feel? After all of that time to make ourselves happy has gone wasted, how much will we long for the chance to go back and do things differently?

The single most important thing we can do now while we have the chance is to find our true calling and our best version of ourselves. In doing so, not only are we being true to ourselves but more importantly, we are also being true to the world in which we live.

Think about it like this. If the Universe serves us up lessons to nudge us to where we should be, then why is it we never seem to listen?

The act of being true to our inner voice is akin to being true to the Universe in which we are an integral part. Being the best version of oneself is the greatest gift we can bestow upon the world because our true self is the gift in which we are given to present to the Universe. Being anything else would be extremely illogical.

Making the choice to change our course

It is never too late to change the hand we have been dealt. It is never too late to alter the fate of our course in this life or the next. All we have to do is choose to be better. Once we have decided that we are on the wrong path and the desire to change is present, the only course of action is to set our internal compass to our own true North and spin the wheel of the U.S.S. Awakened Desire towards home.

We have the power to radically change our stars if we can only stop and remember that the power is within us at any moment to do so. Guess what else? It always has been!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

-Lao Tzu

One major step towards the true you is all you need to do

One major step towards the true version of yourself is all that is needed. Today, tomorrow, and every day. One accomplishment towards being more true to yourself, one positive change in perspective, one more mistake that you have forgiven of yourself is the key moment of inertia that sparks a revolution of character. The momentum is unstoppable when the conviction of your decisions match the actions you produce.

So, go on! I invite you to make one major step towards changing your mindset today! I promise you, it will change your life tomorrow and every day from here on forth. Or, are you too chicken to be human?


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