The Gravity of Sin

It is strange how the bondage of sin seems to have its own gravity field. We try very hard to break free from it and follow Christ yet the gravity of sin keeps pulling on us. Much of this connecting we have is the fact that for many of us that way of life is all we had known before we made the monumental choice of allowing Jesus to break us free. Some feel that leaving behind the sin is leaving a part of them behind and let’s be honest there is a truth to that. We do remove the part that thrives on sin, doing things that separate us from God and the relationship he has for us. So why then do we gravitate back to sin and the things that once separated us from him?
“As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his foolishness.”
Proverbs 26:11 NLT
As human beings in this generation and time on the earth, we know some basic facts about the human body, yet we keep doing things to damage it daily. We know, and it has been proven that smoking causes cancer, yet people willingly light up every day. We know that drinking and driving is wrong and have made it against the law, yet people are still being arrested or dying as a result. We know that doing drugs will mess you up, but that doesn’t stop people. We know that an unborn baby is alive, yet we kill thousands a day in the name of convenience. We know porn ruins men and woman, giving them a false sense of sex and what it means to have a healthy relationship, yet it is running rampant in our world.
Sin has made us fools. It is the root of all evil, it insists on addictions that ruin us. Satan doesn’t need to continually attack us when we willingly do what he wants, as long as we stay away from the message of Jesus he will let us ruin ourselves. Sin has convinced some people that if the world isn’t treating them the way they want then they have the responsibility to make it right. They are confused by the enemy into thinking that by killing others in some sort of rampage they will be immortalized and earn the respect they deserve. This anger and destructive thinking can be traced to the failure to obey the simple command of love one another. There is freedom found in loving one another.
As a believer in Jesus, we are called out of our foolishness into freedom. We are called to be more. We need to cry out for wisdom like King Solomon, not for wealth, revenge or power. Wisdom to make the right choices, wisdom to reach those around us stuck in their foolishness. We need a wise people who are willing to use every tool that Jesus provides for us including the Holy Spirit to move past the foolishness and into the light. Showing love to the unloved, respecting our authorities, being an example to the next generation,
So today do you feel like a wise man or a fool? If you feel like a fool, don’t give up, give in to God ask him to show you freedom. Cry out for him to make you wise. To walk away from the foolish things, you may be doing. Maybe you are stuck in an addiction that may be seen or unseen. Jesus can break that addiction and send you in a new direction. Don’t let the addiction hold you back from what Jesus is calling you to do. Maybe you are feeling unloved and need a friend and don’t know where to turn to. Ask for help, pray that God will send someone to you, open a bible read the word. Jesus will help you get through this and make you wise.
We as believers are no fools. Let’s stop, repent and turn our lives over to Jesus. It is possible to break free from the gravity of sin, Jesus is the answer.
Thank you, Jesus, for your wisdom in my life. If there is an area where I am being a fool and continually returning to my old ways, I ask for forgiveness and for you to turn me out of it. Guide me daily to become wiser and walk with you. When the world sees that I am genuine in my faith and no fool, your light will shine through me. Let me be a light to those around me, sharing your love so others can experience your grace and forgiveness. Amen

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