The Knowing Calm of Grace

The Knowing Calm of Grace

It’s amazing how good we are when we’re “on.” We flow with an energy and ease, reminiscent of two old dancers. Two hearts in sync – without question – without retort. Simple gestures. Small moments.

A helping hand. A guiding force.

So simplistic. Ever so fleeting.

Muddied by history and torment.

Smothered by a sea of emotions.

Left behind traces. His past and mine.

Or is it ours intertwined?

A rhythm interrupted by outside forces. Little manipulations, contrived in response to a servants heart. Leeching energies, coming and going – year after year. Leaving us desperate for air – left winded by the takers of this world. Those who leave chasms of distrust and discontent in their wake. A massive moat of malice and misunderstanding.

When we’re “on,” we are void of opposing energies – theirs and ours. Instead, focused on the here and now; the precious space that is time. Willingly embracing the knowing calm of GRACE!

“But to each one of us grace has been given as Christ apportioned it.” Ephesians 4:7

2 thoughts on “The Knowing Calm of Grace”

  1. to be “on” means a lot today…; )…you can get a lot by words, more by touches and the most in believing, Believe in you, in others, in god, in the univers and your world will be better!

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