In life, we are constantly bombarded with things that cause fear. As humans tend to fear the unknown. We have a fear things that haven’t happened yet. Most of these things are out of our control.

     I work at a Factory and was told everyday that I was such a great worker. They put me on a task and wanted me to do 60 or 360 everyday. All I can do is do my best as I watch so many people around me getting laid off. I start fearing that I could be next.

Instead of thanking God that I still have a job, I worry about the unknown. I have no control over the situation. I soon realized that I was causing extra stress that I did not need in my life. Am I going to get laid off? I don’t know. It hasn’t happened yet. Sometimes you have to put it in God’s hands and let his will be done.

I love my job, but if I lose it, God will open up a bigger door. I haven’t lost my job so why am I worrying? Because I am human. Now I am learning not to worry, especially things that I have no control over, that may never happen.

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