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Famous Tiger Quotes

He had some great shots, like the two eagle putts, which we normally see Tiger make. They just didn’t go in today, and it didn’t look like he hit terrible putts. The greens really did get a lot quicker this afternoon from what they had been all week. — Tim Clark

Marlon’s going to school to learn the Method was like sending a tiger to jungle school. — Elaine Stritch

If I want to make something known, I have to make a concerted effort to get the word out. Tiger Woods, on the other hand, only has to say something, and it’s tomorrow’s headlines. — Tim Finchem

If we choose to walk into a forest where a tiger lives, we are taking a chance. If we swim in a river where crocodiles live, we are taking a chance. If we visit the desert or climb a mountain or enter a swamp where snakes have managed to survive, we are taking a chance. — Peter Benchley

I wouldn’t have been able to compete if Tiger played in the Mercedes. To get in the way I did, then have the best drive of my speedway career, it was awesome. — Steve Williams

I think I’m bad luck for Tiger because he missed the cut in Charlotte with me. But yeah, those are two of the best players of all time. Tiger’s the best player of all time in my opinion, so when he’s not in the field, it’s a relief because he’s such a great player. — Webb Simpson

Tiger Woods did not always win majors with ease; after his narrow victory in the 1999 PGA, he slumped and sighed as if he’d been carrying rocks uphill all afternoon. — John Updike

If Chris plays the way he is, he’s going to be difficult to beat. But Tiger is Tiger. He gets on those kind of runs where you never know what’s going to happen. — Thomas Bjorn

Cock-fighting, which has attained to the dignity of a literature of its own, is the popular Malay sport; but the grand sport is a tiger and buffalo fight, reserved for rare occasions, however, on account of its expense. Cock-fighting is a source of gigantic gambling and desperate feuds. — Isabella Bird

I started playing in ’98, but I got hooked by playing celebrity golf tournaments. Tiger had a lot to do with it – his passion, the way that he plays. He’s unique and different, and he inspired a lot of my passion. It’s a sport you can’t master. If you’re an athlete, you can do almost anything, but golf is not like that. — Stuart Scott

Ultimately, it boils down to whether an athlete has charisma, believability and the ability to communicate. And Tiger Woods has all of these things. — David Carter

We are pleased to be at the forefront in producing what has become the fastest-growing leisure sport activity in the world, … We look forward to taking the tiger by the tail and moving this marketing phenomenon to the next level — television. — Dick Clark

Goats wouldn’t have seen a tiger from an evolutionary point of view for at least 15 generations but they recognize the smell of the predator. — Peter Murray

Tiger Woods was a month away from 34 years of age when his debutantes began turning up in the news. He was a grown man with a wife and two children. Well, we supposed he had a wife, but that was before we learned she was only an ornament. — Dan Jenkins

She’s a special player. She’s our Tiger Woods. When I told her, ‘Lisa, you got the ball,’ it was an easy decision on my part because I can’t think of anyone better in a big game. — Mike Candrea

My goal is to become better than Tiger. If Tiger is the best player in the world, and I want to be the best player in the world, then I have to be better than Tiger. He’s the benchmark, and I want to get better than the benchmark. — Aaron Baddeley

Freddie was coming on then, and I saw Tiger was coming on then, and the whole field was kind of scoring at that stage and I was kind of stalling, … It was getting to me a little bit. — Ernie Els

Kneeling on the sea bottom in a place known as Tiger Beach, I watched a 12-foot- long female tiger shark cruise over the turtle grass with three silver bar jacks swimming in front of her nose. — Brian Skerry

I want to use these words correctly … that the PGA Tour has kind of devoured some of the other tours, … I always have gone down to Australia, and there’s just no time to go. As Tiger said, it would totally help that. — Fred Couples

I was very mediocre. I put Tiger in some rough spots. Even if I had played well, I just don’t think we could beat them today. — Fred Couples

People are always saying that Darren is an underachiever. He is a superb driver of the ball, maybe the best in the world. Tiger Woods, I know, would buy Darren’s driving. He’s a great long-iron player and a pretty good medium iron player. But he’s a relatively poor wedge player. And that is what holds him back. — Darren Clarke

Someday I’ll tell my grandkids I played in the same tournament as Tiger Woods, … We are witnessing a phenomenon here that the game may never, ever see again. — Tom Watson

I felt like history needed it. I felt like the fans needed it. And most of all, I felt like Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods needed it. — Hal Sutton

My top students all swing differently, … Adam Scott swings like Tiger Woods, and everybody thought I created a swing for Adam that is like Tiger’s. That’s not the case. When Adam came to me at age 19, that’s how he swung. We’ve just refined it since. — Butch Harmon

One of the kids got Tiger Woods’ autographs. It’s just a nice experience for them. — Leo Duggan

Our line should get a lot of credit. We’ve been saying all week that we wanted to have the eye of the tiger and we did that. We want to have it all year. — Andre Patterson

Playing Through: Straight Talk on Hard Work, Big Dreams, and Adventures with Tiger — Earl Woods

Peyton is the Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan of football. I’d give him a little leeway. — Mike Vanderjagt

I live in a high-rise apartment building, so I just have two cats. They’re both pound kitties. One of them, Dick, is an evil, foot-biting cat. When I write a tiger morph, I’m always imagining Dick. — K. A. Applegate

I’m a lot more focused now. When a guy beats Tiger (Woods), it’s another notch in his belt. And it’s the same way if someone beats a U.S. Open champion. — Michael Campbell

I think Tiger even said it – if you’re playing well, you don’t mind where you’re playing. — Lucas Glover

I’m always disappointed when Tiger doesn’t come, but the field is as good as it’s ever been. — Stephen Ross

For me, take Tiger Woods. I always thought he was great, but I never truly understood how good he was until I had the chance to go to Tiger Woods Golf Camp. He taught me how to swing and was hitting the ball, and this dude was unreal. — Larry Fitzgerald

Seven and the Ragged Tiger took six months to record and finish. — Roger Andrew Taylor

We’re going to make an effort to communicate with Tiger and several other players . . . and express our great desire for them come to Milwaukee. — Dan Croak

We have to get away from tiger conservation for the rich, by the rich. There has to be benefit sharing. — Sunita Narain

If we can’t play in Tiger Stadium, we might look to another site in Louisiana. A site where there are hotel rooms. Playing at Lafayette might be a possibility. But we’re not there yet. — Skip Bertman

Having started with only two Airbus A320 aircraft in September last year, Tiger Airways has grown and will continue to grow as one of the world’s leading low-fare airlines. — Tony Davis

On Sunday, when Tiger saw me he said, ‘Hi, Hambone, how are you doing? — Cam Neely

I was so nervous. All I could think of was, ‘I don’t deserve a lesson with Tiger Woods.’ But he instantly put me at ease and gave me some good pointers. — Teri Hatcher

We’re in a celebrity culture, and when I turn on the news today I hear about Lindsay Lohan, Tiger Woods and Paris Hilton and the Kardashian sisters and ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ one thing after another, Kate Gosselin’s new body. — Philip Yancey

Phil’s like Tiger Woods. Everybody gears themselves up for him and wants to beat him. — Chris DiMarco

He’s as marketable now as Tiger Woods. He’s the hottest face on tour. — Jonathan Clark

If this is the first time you saw it, you wouldn’t think much about it. But I think back to when Tiger (Woods) won in ’97, it’s not even the same golf course. — Charles III

Originally everyone was saying they were trying to Tiger proof the course. But most people agree that it probably only helps the longer players. — Stewart Cink

I think we’ve got a tiger on our hands. — Greg Patterson

What I saw in Phil is a guy who is very confident in what he’s doing. I saw him approaching (the Masters) mentally like I’ve always seen Tiger approach it. — David Tom

When you’re 6 years old and you’re in my house, you’re a scout automatically, … My dad was involved when he was a kid. I was a tiger cub (at) 6 years old and (I) got started right away. — Ian Rosenberger

It gives us really a great opportunity now to reduce our cost, to improve our operational efficiency with (a) tailor-made facility specially designed for low cost operations like Tiger Airways. — Tony Davis

I don’t go to dinner with … maybe 99% of the guys on Tour, so why single Tiger out? … I never have had a drink with Phil Mickelson. Why doesn’t anyone talk about that? — Vijay Singh

I would say he has the opportunity to become as big as Tiger Woods has become. He hits the ball so far, but on the other hand, he’s the average Joe. — Mike Kehoe

She’s a tiger out there, a tough competitor, and when the chips are on the table she usually performs. She did a great job tonight. — Mark E. Smith

He’s definitely on the right track. It seems like Tiger got his focus and determination back this year. Obviously he has another eight to go and he’ll have to play great. But never say never with Tiger. I think he has the desire as well as the ability to carry him through. — Luke Donald

Golf got very boring. We brought back colors and better cuts and now everybody does it. I even saw Tiger wore a pink shirt when he won in San Diego. Then I thought my mission was accomplished. — Jesper Parnevik

Having a budget terminal allows low-cost airlines such as Tiger Airways to offer low, low fares on a sustainable and consistent basis. — Tony Davis

We’re back to where if Tiger plays well, he wins. And if he plays really well, he wins by eight. It’s not the Big Five. It never was. It’s a Big Four and a Giant, Humongous One. — Davıd Feherty

Obviously with what happened last year at our event with Vijay overtaking Tiger – those are the two guys who created such a buzz across the game. They are doing it again, in terms of the money list, and that sets up for an intriguing showdown. These are the two players every tournament wants to have. — Jay Monahan

I thought Tiger was probably going to make his putt there. I wanted to give myself a bit of a chance at it, but it just didn’t come off. — Nathan Green

I did play with Tiger in Australia and it was truly, truly a treat. I think I’m looking forward to that. — Fred Couples

When we started, guys thought you’d ruin your swing by lifting weights. Now Tiger and everyone is working hard with trainers. — O. J. Simpson

I’ve never played golf with Tiger Woods. To tell the truth, I’m not sure that watching him pound it 100 yards past me all day is something I’d like to do. — Tim Finchem

I always like to say he’d be another Tiger Woods. — Brenda Jones

When Tiger is on, he’s impossible to beat, … People are scared to say it, but it’s true. — Mark Hensby

He didn’t have the speed of Tiger Woods coming through the ball, but he made good contact, and he hit the ball very well up until he couldn’t play anymore. — Arnold Palmer

I would have given 95 per cent that Tiger would have made that. — Fred Funk

She’s a one-in-a-hundred-million golfer, so her path can’t be judged by other people’s paths. She’s in a position I don’t think anyone has been in, including Tiger or Nicklaus. She’s just better at that age than anybody’s ever been before. — Johnny Miller

Last year, I played good enough to win probably three tournaments. I ran into David Toms at the Match Play; he was unbelievable. Tiger and I beat the field by 7 here. At NEC, I posted a number, and he made a great birdie on 16. New Orleans (a tie for third) is the only one I regret because I feel I gave that one away. I hit a bad shot on 10, and it took me out of my rhythm. — Chris DiMarco

I was very mediocre. I put Tiger in some rough spots. My problems come out in alternate shot when you’re playing with the best player in the world. I was outclassed by three guys. — Fred Couples

I would say with the technology we have today, with the equipment, if you put that in Jack Nicklaus ‘ hands, he’d be a superior golfer than Tiger Woods . — Greg Norman

Great players like Tiger or Nicklaus or Palmer or Hogan, there just aren’t too many of them around. Is Vijay going to challenge Tiger? He probably could in a given year. Is Charles Howell? Is Ryan Moore? He certainly has the potential, but that’s yet to be seen. — Rudy Duran

He really wanted to be Tiger’s partner, and Tiger can’t help but get motivated by that. Jim won’t get caught up in the atmosphere or the pressure that goes with playing with him. You get Tiger a guy who is hitting on all cylinders mentally and won’t get intimidated by that atmosphere, and that’s a big plus. — Fred Funk

I won this event in 1999, shooting 14 under for four rounds to beat Tiger and a couple of other guys. — Ernie Els

We can get back to some type of normalcy we’re used to here and get a Saturday night in Tiger Stadium where we can turn our guys loose and turn the fans loose and for a brief time, three, four, maybe six hours, people can forget some serious, serious problems. — Skip Bertman

It is always exciting to watch Tiger battle to be the best. We congratulate him on another great season and on the accomplishment of continuing to be the No.1 player in the world. — Tim Finchem

We’re going to see if we can open things up with Tiger throwing the ball. — Tony Padilla

He’s got the best swing on Tour. He’s the best conditioned athlete — I think he’s surpassed Tiger — and he seems to want it the most. The guy’s relentless. — Peter Jacobsen

We are talking about the best player in the world here. I never thought about that I have Tiger up there. I can’t control what they do so I was trying to focus on myself. And I’m proud of the way I handled myself this week. — Camilo Villegas

If Tiger Woods calls you up on the phone and asks you to help him, … you’ve got to think he thinks you know something. — Hank Haney

In all likelihood, the only thing extraordinary about Tiger Woods was his golf: he had extraordinary coordination and extraordinary discipline – on the course, at any rate. That discipline was the source of his power. — Sarah Churchwell

I think it’s going to be a year or two before we know (which players will participate), because the whole Tour is changing. We didn’t have a chance for a Tiger Woods or Davis Love or Vijay Singh before. We now have at least the chance to get them. — Dave Kaplan

I think in some ways Tiger has been slightly cheated in his career by not having tougher guys to compete against, like a Trevino, a Raymond Floyd and a Nicklaus. On Sunday, if Tiger went up against those guys, he’d know deep down, ‘These guys are going to kick my butt if I don’t play my best.’ And I don’t believe he thinks that way now. He knows if he’s playing good, he’s got it. — Johnny Miller

I think everybody got to the point that if he didn’t keep doing it, he was going to have a hard time getting there. But they tend to forget that most guys play their best golf in their early to mid 30s. If Tiger follows that routine, he will probably just blow by Jack’s record. — Lanny Wadkins

I got a call from Stanley Rosenberg about the possibility of using Tiger Stadium for the Saints. — Bernard Boudreaux

With Tiger and coach Chavez gone, (people thought) that we couldn’t do it. We did a good job. — Salvador Hernandez

This puts me in great shape for the second round. I love to play well when Tiger is playing ? I haven’t had many chances. To play with him Sunday would be a dream scenario. — Nick Dougherty

Phil is right there, he’s close. Tiger is always close — as long as he’s upright, Tiger’s close. — Rocco Mediate

Surely, it will take a lot to catch Tiger now. — O. Singh

If Tiger Woods hits four really good drives, or Vijay (Singh) or Davis (Love III) or Ernie Els, I don’t know a course they don’t have an advantage on. So you have to keep it in play. — Fred Couples

He looks to be swinging the club as well as he has done for some weeks now and must be secretly delighted with Tiger Woods’ awful start to the tournament. — Richard Friend

I guess it’s a pretty big weekend for both of us. I’m preparing for another big step in my career at Texas. Tiger is looking to place himself in the record books again. I’m sure we’re both excited for different reasons. — David Gilliland

My whole mentality was similar to the Tiger Woods approach. I had a lot of opportunities to jump in training and competition. I focused only on improving these skills. Adversity and racing gave me confidence to get through it. — Jeremy Bloom

Jealousy is nothing more than a fear of abandonment. It is a tiger that tears not only its prey but also its own raging heart! — Francesco Cece

He is quite incredible – it made me think a bit about me winning the French Open at 17 and how professionals accomplish things so young. I had the feeling Tiger Woods did not quite know what was going on and it was like that for me at the French. It was only afterwards that I realized the significance. — Michael Chang

‘The Tiger And The Snow’ is a beautiful movie. I am in love with this idea. — Roberto Benigni

I have done everything I have ever wanted to do. I have swum with tiger sharks, been charged by lions and elephants. I have been shot three times, chased by crocodiles and, God be praised, I’ve made enough money that I can continue to do all the things I want to for as long as I am able. — Wilbur Smith

I think Tiger would be more enthusiastic about the Ryder Cup (if he skipped the Presidents Cup), and not just Tiger, but all the top players. Biennially, it’s fairly easy to get excited about playing. — Tom Kite

When Tiger was here in 2000, he got to see some stock car racing and said ‘Gee, that looks like a lot of fun,’ and I said ‘Don’t worry, I’ll get you in one of those,’ and here we are. — Steve Williams

I was talking to somebody the other day and it’s just like the top guys have almost conceded. It’s like we arrive at the golf tournament and they’ve conceded if Tiger is playing. That’s the feeling that I don’t have. I’m more aggressive. I want to go out there and take it on and if my golf game just gets around like it was, sure, I’ll be there. — O. Singh

Guys have watched Tiger for a decade now and seen him overpower everyone. They’ve taken that as the blueprint and are finding ways to throttle everything up even more. — Larry Penley

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