To the One that Changed my Heart Forever

Hey you.

No this isn’t a hate letter about how destroyed you thought I was, its merely a thank you letter. I don’t mean a thank you for all that small stuff, I mean a thank you for letting me know I have a strong heart.

Thank you for letting me know how to feel.

Before you I didn’t even know that what I felt with you even existed. I never knew that you could feel so strongly about one person. There was a part of me that cared about all the little facts of your life, your family, your ambitions, your pet peeves, and all that other stuff that a normal person would never normally be that intrigued about. It was insightful and I’m excited to know I’m going to be able to experience that again. It’s nice to know that I now know how I am supposed to feel with someone and I won’t settle for anything less.

Thank you for giving me a stronger heart.

When things ended I thought it was the end of the world. I never thought I could meet someone else or think that there could be anyone other than you. That was until my heart healed.  Now I know that even after that massive pain I endured, my heart is still there and functioning.  I am not sad that things are over, I am more happy to know that after it was all said and done I can still feel. You gave me a stronger heart and gave me hope for the future that there is something even greater.

Thank you for giving me hope.

After knowing that my heart could handle the pain I realized that there must be something out there that will make me just as excited again. Knowing that God has someone out there for me that will love me unconditionally forever. The thought of that excited me. No I am not scared to love again, I am the opposite thanks to you.

Thank you for changing me.

Now when I say changing me I don’t mean I changed for you, I mean that I changed to better myself. After everything, I knew what worked with me and what didn’t.  I learned that I couldn’t hold onto the past or it would just cause me pain.  I learned that life isn’t always easy but if you act positive people won’t try and drag you down. You made me realize that I actually have to work for the things I want, and even then they still may not work out and that’s okay.  Since you, I have grown up so much and I thank you massively for that because it was about time.

Last of all, thank you for letting me know that love is real.

Whether things worked out or not, there was a time where the love was real. Where it was strong and passionate and nothing could convince us otherwise. I thank you so much for letting me know that existed. Love isn’t the only thing that is important in life, but without love there is a part of you that is hiding waiting to get out and experience the joy. That was a feeling I will never regret, and I can’t wait until the day where I can experience that passionate of a love again.

Now to everyone that is reading this and made is this far congrats. Remember just because a relationship ends doesn’t mean your chances at love are over. In fact once you have felt love for the first time, your life is just getting started.  Instead of going around hating an ex cause they broke your heart, think about all the good that they taught you. Whether you actually tell them or not, thank them for turning you into the stronger and wiser person you now are today. These people are merely a chapter in the story of life and when the right time comes, you will find that person that finishes it.  Then, when you meet that forever person and know what it is you need to do to keep the love strong, you can thank all of those previous ex’s that taught you how to love throughout time.

4 thoughts on “To the One that Changed my Heart Forever”

  1. Your forever person will be even more amazing. I promise! Those we meet along the way are so important in teaching us who and what we need or forever person to be; you’re right about that. I loved this post. Nice Job!

  2. This is exactly what I needed to read. I can’t help but feel bitter towards my ex husband because of the way in which he ended our relationship, but this has given me a new outlook. Not saying that I will feel less sour straight away but it’s something that I will now do my best to strive towards for a happier and healthier me. Thank you for posting this!

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