52+ Best Trauma Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Trauma is the response to a deeply distressing or disturbing event that overwhelms an individual’s ability to cope, causes feelings of helplessness, diminishes their sense of self and their ability to feel the full range of emotions and experiences. Profoundly inspirational trauma quotes will challenge the way you think, change the way you live and transform your whole life.

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Famous Trauma Quotes

Parents’ words become their children’s inner voices. Emily McIntire

You have the right to acknowledge your feelings without having to justify them.

In order to change, people need to become aware of their sensations and the way that their bodies interact with the world around them. Physical self awareness is the first step in releasing the tyranny of the past. Bessel van der Kolk

I am not a mistake; I am not fundamentally flawed.

Real trauma is like a giant hunk of scar tissue that the rest of your life accommodates, grows around. Melissa Febos

 You are allowed to ask for help.

Love your soul and let go of the past. Past pain is keeping you in pain. You don’t have to deteriorate. Harbhajan Singh Yogi

 You are allowed to celebrate the fact that you survived.

We don’t yet know, above all, what the world might be like if children were to grow up without being subjected to humiliation, if parents would respect them and take them seriously as people. Alice Miller

 It’s ok to feel. It’s ok to feel bad. It’s ok to let it out. It’s ok to cry. It’s ok to be hurting. It’s ok to be angry.

One of the hardest things was learning I was worth recovery. Demi Lovato

 Thinking suicidal thoughts doesn’t mean I want to kill myself, it’s just means I am hurting and in need of care.

Trauma doesn’t disappear when you ignore it. Stephanie M. Hutchins

You are allowed to be afraid and avoid what frightens you.

There is such a thing as emotional rubbish; it is produced in the factories of the mind. It consists of pain that has long since passed and is no longer useful. It consists of precautions that were important in the past, but that serve no purpose in the present. Paulo Coelho

I’ve managed to survive all this while in the dark. Now that I have the answers I can find my out.

I’ve learned more sitting alone in a small room facing a dark wall & myself than anything I ever read Bill Shields

 I refuse to judge myself according to the standards of a society that makes no place for people like me.

The greatest sources of our suffering are the lies we tell ourselves. Bessel van der Kolk

You are allowed to do things that make you feel better. You are allowed to heal.

The past is far behind. If you still want to look at it, you will painfully stretch your neck muscles. Don’t live in the past, leave the past, but learn from it. Israelmore Ayivor

Think of emotional healing as being like the physical healing of a wound  one step at a time. Keep the wound free of further contamination. Avoid toxic people and environments. Don’t ever swallow any more poison  particularly if you still keep in touch with toxic/unhealed family members.

Trauma is perhaps the most avoided, ignored, belittled, denied, misunderstood, and untreated cause of human suffering. Peter Levine

 It is normal and human to make mistakes.

When a woman finally identifies with her sensuality rather than her trauma, she has at long last discovered the true meaning of self love. Lebo Grand

 I’m not afraid to fail. Failure isn’t permanent.

Life is for the living, not the dead, who belong to the past and are at peace and beyond all further pain and suffering. Daphne Sheldrick

 I don’t need permission for how I live my life.

People are not addicted to alcohol or drugs, they are addicted to escaping reality.

 I’m not a quitter or an embarrassment.

Wounds won’t heal the way you want them to, they heal the way they need to. Dele Olanubi

 I don’t have to be perfect/perform at the same level every time.

Life is tough, so are you Umme Pritam

 You have nothing to feel guilty or ashamed about. None of what happened to you was ever your fault. You did not deserve to be treated badly.

Living was a dangerous past-time, and often quite painful  but there was also such joy in living, such beauty, things that one would otherwise never see, never experience, never know. The risk of pain and loss was a part of living. Jim Butcher

You deserve to heal and feel better.

If storing memories is like putting away groceries, a traumatic event is stored by shoving a bunch of stuff in a cabinet and then any time it gets opened all the stuff falls on your head.

 You deserve to be loved and treated well.

Some people survive and talk about it. Some people survive and go silent. Some people survive and create. Nikita Gill

It is ok if all you did today was breathe.

Trauma is a fact of life. It does not, however, have to be a life sentence. Not only can trauma be healed, but with appropriate guidance and support, it can be transformative. Peter A. Levine

I do not have to prove myself to anyone. I am enough.

In order to get past something terrible, sometimes you have to walk through the pain, not around it. It might be messy. It might make you sob. But if you let yourself cry long enough, you finally reach the bottom of your tears. Michelle Knight

 I can bring joy into my life that has been missing during my childhood.

Hold yourself back, or heal yourself back together. You decide. Brittany Burgunder

 You are healing now. As you grow in love for yourself and your life, stay away from people who don’t align with that self love. You deserve a caring relationship.

I’m not lazy. I’m just exhausted from fighting my way through every single day. Mimi Love

It’s ok to not know what you need.

Childhood trauma does not come in one single package. Asa Don Brown

 When life is sweet, say thank you and celebrate. When life is bitter, say thank you and grow.