Trough hell to save an Angel

Trough hell to save an Angel

Once you fell a sleep I heard a meow outside. I got into the porch to check it out, but nothing, there was no sign of a cat there.

The sky was beautiful, a clear night full of shinning stars, a fresh wind and a calming moonlight. I was thinking about you and I felt your smell, that happy smile invaded my face and in that moment a shooting star fell of the sky.

It was not an ordinary star, it was the most brilliant star that I’ve ever saw! It was falling, falling, falling, until… It was not falling anymore, it was flying, it was coming to me. I was not afraid, I loved that light, it was the most beautiful light I have ever seen almost as beautiful as the light of your eyes.

It was an angel, in the shape of a girl, surrounded by light and with small white wings of her back.

I didn’t knew how she was, but I loved her, that light was familiar to me, it was sweet, happy, sincere and I really liked her.

I felt your sweet smell again…

The angel girl came close to me, held my hands and said: “Help me please!”

(I would an angel be asking me for help?)

“Her light is stronger than ever! So strong that the shadows have no longer a place to hide”.

“I made her sleep to protect her, I made Filipa sleep, all the shadows come down to earth, they are all in her room, they came all the way down from hell, they left her mind and are now all around her!

They want to impede her from shinning, they will try everything for her to abandon the light that she has, for her to lose her glow, for her to diminish the light she is projecting so the world of shadows can persist.

Please …

Every star you see is an angel, I have gathered all the angels in the sky but all of our lights combined is too weak compared to Filipa’s light! All it takes is a simple smile of hers to the darkest of night becomes day, for all the constellations to move and for the stars to fall.

She creates worlds with her look and we angels dance at every time she puts her hair behind her hear… But she don’t know this, she cannot see the light that she has and the worst of the shadows is with her now… Help us!”

“I take of her! Nothing, really nothing bad will happen to her! Worry no more angel”, I told her.

I grabbed my car keys and was just about to run out the door but the angel stopped me and said: “Not like that! It will take you took long to get there” … She touched my chest gently with her finger and said: “Kiss your bracelet and you are there!”

The bracelet was a gift from Filipa to me and never took it off since the day she gave it to me. She has a bracelet just like the one she gave me. In fact, it was my bracelet once, but I gave it to her to protect her and so that she knew that I would always be with her.

She never took her bracelet off either since that day and I knew for sure she was wearing it.

“Okay! Thank you!”, I said to the angel.

I kissed the bracelet and felt by body disappear, being transported, … Just before my body and my mind completely disappear, I looked deeper into the angel’s face… “Your face is familiar to me…I look like…” and before I could finish what I was about to say, the angel finished my sentence whispering in my hear: “Lainie!” … and I vanished.

Lainie was the name of Filipa’s cat, which as I always told her, Lainie was a lot more than a cat and now I knew it for sure.


Once I became conscious again everything was dark, the vibe was heavy, I could see a bunch of black legless figures gathered around something … I heard them whispering words in some strange language.

Once they felt my presence they all stood up, then I saw you in your bed sleeping and that all of them were around you!

In an apex, they fly to my front, they are all just in front of my face screaming!! They want to stop me from seeing you.

I look at them straight in the eyes and one by one they bow their heads and let me through, they realized I would kill them if they won’t.

I came close to you but I was not alone, … the darkest, the largest, the most powerful and terrible of the shadows, the one that not even all the angels of the sky could stop, was looking at you will you sleep.

It was looking so intensely into your eyes that it doesn’t even notices me. At that moment I understood that the shadow was not just in front of you but as well inside of your head.

I pushed it away from you and before it has the time to come close again I look it the eyes!

“I love her!”, I told it.

The shadow ignores me and tries to pass around me, I grabbed it by the arm, with by hand grabbed it’s head pushed it against the wall looked it deeply in the eyes and said again: “I Love her!”

The shadow shakes of my grip, tries to go around me once again and once again fails …

“I told you, I love her, give up!”

On this the shadow rises up in the air, screams a deafening scream of frustration and throws itself with full force towards your bed trying to reach you.

But it couldn’t!

Around you was now an invisible barrier, the shadow tries and tries at full speed to get in and all that it managed to do is to hit the barrier in every attempt.

“It’s useless, give up”, I told it.

“I am here now, I was always here, I will always be here, she will never lose herself because she will never lose me”, I said.

The shadow becomes more desperate at the sound of every word I speak, it is hitting the barrier again and again, screaming louder, louder and louder in frustration.

“I love her! We are one when we interlace our fingers, I know I have the purest of the angels when I kiss her hand, My eyes fascinate every I see her arrive, I long for my lips to join with hers and feel … feel the perfection in a form of a girl, kiss the magic and touch the skin of a dream.

I would spent all eternity down on street just to be able to watch her standing in the porch.

I would live 1000 lives just so i could look one second in her eyes, and once I saw my reflection, I knew I had lived 1000 lives in one second.

One second is all it takes for my eyes close… hypnotized by the pure magic of her eyes, nothing else is so perfect, I don’t want to believe it, it can’t be possible, …”

Suddenly I hear your voice …

Not with by hears because are not words that I’m hearing.

I hear you in my heart, vibrating at the frequency of love.

The Shadow grows, it is huge and the world starts to shake.

I look at you, sit beside you on the bed, I pass my hand in your hair, I lay next to you and hold you tight in my arms.

I kiss your forehead and as the world collapses I enter your dream.

Lainie (in the cat form) comes and stays a sleep at your feet.

When you wake up, I will no longer be there, I kissed the bracelet and got back before your mother could see me.

The world had changed, the shadows had vanished, look into Lainie’s eyes and you will realize that all you see now is LOVE.

I love you and even in hell I will keep you safe.

Sleep tight ?


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