99+ Best Uncertainty Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Uncertainty refers to epistemic situations involving imperfect or unknown information. Profoundly inspirational uncertainty quotes will make you look at life differently and help you live a meaningful life.

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Famous Uncertainty Quotes

The experience of life teaches us that being like someone in love is more real, because everything is uncertain. — Abbas Kiarostami

The court will be in an extremely unsettled and uncertain situation until Justice O’Connor’s successor is confirmed and seated. No one including the justices themselves will know for sure whether the nine justices who hear a case will be the same nine who will decide it. — David Garrow

Reasons for this trend are not really known, but may include a desire to do something rather than do nothing on the part of both physicians and patients. Unfortunately, these men may be enduring significant side effects for an uncertain benefit. — Tomasz Beer

We’ve been told in no uncertain terms those bills are going to get shot down. — Greg Meffert

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We’ve got a very uncertain geopolitical environment, and we have an uncertain gasoline situation in the U.S., and all those factors are driving the energy market higher. — David Pursell

We are all working in a very uncertain environment. The longer the instability continues, the more people will need assistance and yet that same assistance will be even more difficult to provide. The first people to suffer will be those who need help most. — Stefano Porretti

I’m still uncertain about the language declaration syntax. — Dennis Ritchie

We were kind of uncertain about ourselves going in. We had that loss, and now we had to go back and re-establish and do the things we had done before and not let the Benton Harbor game be a negative thing for us. We said let’s do a positive thing and go out and play Niles basketball. I thought our kids did just that. We got out of the blocks quick like we needed to. And I thought we controlled the offensive tempo. — Jim Arnold

Let the future remain uncertain, for that is the canvas to receive our desires. — Brian Herbert

You do have a defensive consumer. If the consumer is very nervous and uncertain about what is going to be happening, you don’t know how they’re going to react. — Delos Smith

I was pretty optimistic last year going into the season. The only thing different this year is I have my cousin working with me again. So, there is that comfort aspect and familiarity. It is easier to know what to expect this year, whereas last year, we were optimistic but uncertain about how well we were going to do. He (Tony) is really good at what he does. We are family and just communicate well, even though we don’t always get that right either. For the most part, he is one of the best crew chiefs in the garage. He builds a great race car. — Dale Jr

In these matters the only certainty is that nothing is certain. — Pliny the Elder

We are facing a number of significant short-term issues, including an uncertain global economic environment, ongoing weakness in some parts of Asia and Latin America, and continued price pressures in semi conductors. — Louis Gerstner

We still don’t know who or which group in Somalia took them hostage and why. As we all know, the political situation in Somalia is still uncertain and there are many armed groups there. — Desra Percaya

She’s done a terrific job stepping into an uncertain situation. — Willy Koppel

Investors have few spare tires left. Think of the image of a car on a bumpy road to an uncertain destination that has already used up its spare tire. The cash reserves of people have been eaten up by the recent market volatility. — Mohamed El-Erian

Successful entrepreneurs develop products that inspire their passion. They have to. It’s that passion that gets them through the long, arduous, uncertain and frightening early days of a start-up. — Mitch Kapor

OM has failed to address the serious concerns we have raised about their technology, financial track record and ownership control and governance, … two unattractive alternatives: either even more shares of uncertain value or cash and even less influence. — Don Cruickshank

Religion often partakes of the myth of progress that shields us from the terrors of an uncertain future. — Frank Herbert

People are starting to hedge bets. Obviously it’s an uncertain time, — Jay Bryson

He recently said he loved rugby league and I’ll be simply saying to him, why would he risk that to try something he’s uncertain about. — David Gallop

Most companies we spoke with believe they will return to normal advertising levels but are uncertain about the timing, — Mel Karmazin

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Because a truly skeptical position would be a very uncertain one. — Rupert Sheldrake

We always live in an uncertain world. What is certain is that the United States will go forward over time. — Warren Buffett

The profit recession is here and people are still uncertain as to when things are going to come back. There’s still a lot of nervousness. — Francis Gannon

Make sure you are still living in the present, rather than for an uncertain future. — Alexandra Robbins

I think a lot more people are starting to view gold as a currency of sorts and realize that in this uncertain geopolitical environment, they are fleeing to something that has always been a historical safe haven. — Emanuel Balarie

Until we develop an interim solution and ultimate long-term fix, we’re certain we can do that. But it’s uncertain how long it will take. — Steven Arabia

This strikes us as a lot of cash up front for a highly uncertain benefit: even were such a deal to happen, it would be unlikely to threaten existing joint ventures, — Stephen Cheetham

Knowledge breeds doubt, not certainty, And the more we know the more uncertain we become. — A. J. P. Taylor

Our intent is to achieve a fair resolution of these lawsuits and avoid a prolonged, uncertain and costly litigation process. A final settlement would remove a significant impediment to Nortel’s future success and allow … the Nortel team to move forward. — Harry Pearce

At a certain age you’re always uncertain how other people will take you. — Al Purdy

There is nothing so uncertain as a sure thing. — Scotty Bowman

I am a divorced child, of divided, uncertain background. Within this division I – supposed fruit of their love – no longer exist. It happened nearly forty years ago, yet to me, nothing is sadder than my parents’ divorce. — Sylvia Kristel

Discovery requires courage and acceptance that we are not in control, and that the future is uncertain. — Bryant H. McGill

I am uncertain about shipping our products on time. — Fazlul Haque

He’s been totally uncooperative, … He said they were going to Spartanburg and I’m uncertain where they were coming from. — Joe Howell

We recognize the importance of the cash dividend to our stockholders, and we remain committed to rewarding them for their support, … At the same time, the current weak economic environment and the uncertain outlook are having significant industry-wide effects on revenue, negatively affecting our overall performance. Therefore, the board believes it prudent to reduce the dividend rate for the time being. — James Goodwin

Going into my 20s, I was uncertain, trying to figure out what my relationship to acting is. — Gaby Hoffmann

Latin Americans hold on tight even to pain and suffering, preferring a certain present to an uncertain future. Some of this is only natural, entirely human. But for us, the fear is paralyzing; it generates not only anxiety but also paralysis. — Oscar Arias

It does highlight the innate tightness of energy supplies, not only in the U.S. and China but Europe too, and the general dependence on remote and politically uncertain sources of supply. — Roger Richards

With the outlook beyond 2006 as uncertain as ever, we remain comfortable with our hold recommendation. — Jeremy Batstone

For us Japan is a much higher priority. We find there are challenges in China — the stability of people, intellectual property, uncertain cash flows. They are hard-working people but they don’t have democracy. When they have a transition to democracy there are going to be huge challenges. — Azim Premji

People are just uncertain (on U.S. rates) and that sort of uncertainty will make it very difficult to get real directional moves in euro/dollar. — Ian Gunner

In these troubled, uncertain times, we don’t need more command and control; we need better means to engage everyone’s intelligence in solving challenges and crises as they arise. — Margaret J. Wheatley

Tyco and WorldCom’s comments soothe the market short-term, but it’s a dead cat bounce. Things are too uncertain right now for markets to rally. — Jack Baker

For Xerox to continue building momentum in this uncertain economy, we need to accelerate our drive to improve efficiency while delivering competitive products and services to our customers, — Anne Mulcahy

Laws fixed, certain, and uniform, are said to be the distinguishing traits of civilized from savage communities. In these last, seldom are any laws, unless it be the arbitrary and uncertain will of the strongest. — Levi Woodbury

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Traders are uncertain of the full effects Katrina will have on production. Added to the poor consumer confidence figures on Friday, investors will have no confidence for a quick recovery in time for the next reporting season. — Mark Chesterman

Our bill recognizes that we are in a period of economic uncertainty, so we give people immediate tax relief, which we think will help them get through this uncertain time, — Richard Gephardt

The best scheme of Phonetics is a stiff uncertain thing. — Thomas Edward Brown

I was uncertain about some of that, and with his experience with the board, that was a big issue I talked to him about, — Rick Clark

When you have an asteroid threatening Earth, it’s uncertain where it’s going to hit until the last minute; the decision to take action has to be coordinated by the international community. — Rusty Schweickart

I was surrounded at the time by about a dozen of the enemy, whose clubs rattled upon me without mercy, and the strokes of my sabre were rendered uncertain by the energetic pushes of an attendant who thus hoped to save me. — Richard Francis Burton

Knowing that the uncertain peace and order situation is a major impediment in attaining economic growth for the island, we are anticipating that the current peace efforts will strengthen the enabling environment for investment and growth. — Jesus Dureza

Our outlook for the balance of the year remains quite cautious as we continue to face the uncertain economic environment, and as we rebound from the Sept. 11 event, … Our team remains focused on maximizing our operating performance in this challenging retail environment by executing our customer focus strategy while appropriately adjusting operating expenses, inventory and capital spending. — Brad Martin

I’m not itching to sue Amazon or Wal-Mart… they sell a lot of books. But the future is very uncertain with books. — John Grisham

Relatively speaking, Japan looks the least uncertain market in regard to politics and the economy. — Hitoshi Yamamoto

A threatened nation can react to uncertain dangers solely through administrative channels, to the truly embarrassing situation of perhaps overreacting — Jurgen Habermas

I have met too many people who are looking for work, worrying about their mortgage, uncertain about their health insurance, and doubting that things will get any better anytime soon. Not just concerned about the present, many of us are doubting the future. — Brad Schneider

We have no knowledge about the documents in possession of ABC News, nor the significance of those documents, but we do know what we have repeatedly told our employees since October 25 — and that is in no uncertain terms that they are to preserve all documents and materials, — Mark Palmer

Where the law is uncertain there is no law. — Proverb

What is clear is that (the) uncertain macro environment and brand turnaround begun too late are not just short-term hiccups, — William Schmitz

While an uncertain market may overshadow the impact of some of our restructuring initiatives in the short-term, the implementation of various operating efficiencies and the selective refocusing of business units will allow us to strengthen our foundation for future growth in addition to maintaining a commitment to building long-term shareholder value, — Charles Johnson

If, in reading the following pages, you are uncertain as to whether a specific statement is meant seriously or not, simply apply this rule of thumb: If the statement makes you consider filing a lawsuit, I was kidding. — Dave Barry

Stability is somewhat returning as some of the uncertain factors are being cleared. Chances now look higher than before that quantitative easing will be abolished next week. — Hiroyuki Fukunaga

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I have always believed that astrophysics should be the extrapolation of laboratory physics, that we must begin from the present universe and work our way backward to progressively more remote and uncertain epochs. — Hannes Alfven

Whether it happens today or on another occasion, the timing is uncertain but the fact that rates have to go up is clear. These things are priced in so I don’t see much impact. — Philippe Gijsels

The more ambivalent you are and the more uncertain you are, then you can get something that you cannot anticipate. — Elia Kazan

And now I see what has been there all along, what I’ve noticed but never truly understood until now. Eli is as uncertain as I am, as we all are. Life has surprised him like it has me. Has hurt him like it has me. — Elizabeth Scott

What an uncertain thing, marriage – what an elusive thing, happiness! — Elizabeth Bibesco

The tenure of a literary reputation is the most uncertain and fluctuating of all. — Charles Dudley Warner

Our need for certainty in an endeavor as uncertain as raising children makes explicit ‘how-to-parent’ strategies both seductive and dangerous. — Brene Brown

I was a little uncertain before the race, but now the confidence is back. — Marlies Schild

I was very unhappy with the lack of situational awareness I had in the couple of days after Katrina. I never want to be in the position again where I don’t have real eyes on the ground to tell me what is going on in no uncertain terms as opposed to waiting to get reports coming through the media or inconsistencies from the field. — Michael Chertoff

He made three or four or five 15-, 16-footers. I was uncertain if he could make that consistently. … He’s one of the premier post players in the ACC. — Dean Keener

We live in a very uncertain world, and I think that uncertainty of itself generates an environment which we should not make a decision that deprives future generations of the deterrent effect that the nuclear weapons have provided for us and for almost all of my life. — Des Browne

Our challenge in this new century is a different one, … It’s really to defend our nation against the unknown, the uncertain and, what we have to understand, will be the unexpected. That may seem on the face of it an impossible task but it is not. — Donald Rumsfeld

He was drugged and pretty much unresponsive. We were concerned and uncertain what to do. — Jerri Duncan

I am uncertain if race was a factor in Mr. Dilks’ assault on me in August and his subsequent threats, but I can assure you that I feel my safety has been severely threatened. — Chris Duffy

It is easy to be certain. One has only to be sufficiently vague. — Charles Sanders Peirce

We have a very good picture about the fourth quarter, as we said EPS and revenue growth is expected to be higher, but we can’t put an exact number on it in this uncertain environment. — Jorma Ollila

Some scientists believe climate change is the cause of unprecedented melting of the North Pole, and that effects these very uncertain weather patterns. I think we should listen to those scientists and experts. — Dalai Lama

I struggled with each of these studies and I was uncertain about what they meant, and often confused, and then I tried to put together what I was seeing. — Robert Jay Lifton

We live in a pretty bleak time. I feel that in the air. Everything is uncertain. Everything feels like its on the precipice of some major transformation, whether we like it or not. — Sean Lennon

Now you are entering a much more uncertain period. — Ethan Harris

Human life is proverbially uncertain; few things are more certain than the solvency of a life-insurance company. — Arthur Eddington

I was taking my first uncertain steps towards writing for children when my own were young. Reading aloud to them taught me a great deal when I had a great deal to learn. It taught me elementary things about rhythm and pace, the necessary musicality of text. — Mal Peet

I gladly accepted the commission but was uncertain about what the end result would be. On the one hand, Cuban music was conquering the world; being heard everywhere, and our small island was already producing one of the popular musical genres of the 20th century. — Alejo Carpentier

I think the market is scared by uncertainty and that’s what this election is giving us. And the most uncertain sector fundamentally is technology. — Brian Belski

She was a woman of mean understanding, little information, and uncertain temper. — Jane Austen

People are really uncertain about whether we’re going to see a lot more earnings disappointments or whether we’re towardÊ the bottom of the cycle as the Fed started to ease. — Kate Warne

A woman of faith is fearless. There is no ambiguity, no uncertain trump in her life. She can live a principled life because she studies the doctrine and teachings of a perfect teacher, the Master. She is a noble example to all who know her. — Margaret D. Nadauld

Frankly, there wouldn’t have been much point in me coming unless I was prepared to go and see the head of the Tamil Tigers and make clear in no uncertain terms what the international community expects of him and his colleagues in coming weeks and months, — Chris Patten

In a difficult and uncertain environment, Renault remains on track to meet its 2012 objective. — Carlos Ghosn

Many intelligence reports in war are contradictory; even more are false, and most are uncertain. — Carl von Clausewitz

I like to write about teenagers because it’s such an uncertain and dramatic time. — Adam Rapp

We’re eager to retail the cars because we’re uncertain from week to week what they’re worth. — Steve Rogers

My world view is that it can all go to hell in an instant, and you have to be ready for it. That’s pretty much the central theme running through my work. It’s about people’s awareness of how uncertain life can be and their trying to guard against that. — David Morrell