100+ Best Underdog Quotes: Exclusive Selection

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Famous Underdog Quotes

We know we’re the underdog playing at Lakota West. … We look at it as us against the world. — Ben McGrath

Glee is more then just a show now. It’s become a wonderful culture celebrating the underdog and glorifying individuality. — Darren Criss

When I first met the world, basically, or introduced myself to people, I was in ‘Superbad,’ and I feel the same way I felt promoting ‘Superbad’ in an underdog style that I feel promoting ‘Moneyball.’ — Jonah Hill

John Thompson took something that could be perceived as almost menacing, because he was so big and was so serious looking, and used that to his advantage to create Hoya Paranoia, … Every game they played, John was the underdog and yet he had Ewing and Wingate and Williams. That takes a masterful genius to do that. — Jim Calhoun

People look forward to having the underdog come up and win. Fortunately, we didn’t allow that to happen. — Louis Hinnant

We’re having the time of our lives. Are we not the underdog —- third place, Sunbelt League? We’re like the little engine that could. We just keep going. We think we can, and we do it. — Nikki Green

The classic epic fantasy is good versus evil, underdog against power. — Laura Anne Gilman

I love being the underdog. It’s one of the reason I like making horror movies, because a lot of people don’t like them or are prejudiced against them. So it’s one of the many reasons I like horror and it’s also the reason I like low budget, because it automatically makes us the underdog. — Jason Blum

I’m very competitive by nature. And I like to be the underdog – It’s the best way to win. To come from behind and win is a great feeling! — Zac Efron

I love stories about misfits and underdogs. — Elizabeth Banks

I think the crowd will be behind Robinson because when I see somebody that short getting up like that, I’m thinking the same thing. It gets my attention. I think I’m the underdog even though I won it last year. — Josh Smith

I’ve always been an underdog. I feel like I beat the odds. — J. Cole

I was scared to death. C.J. had a double-double against them the first game, but I knew we weren’t the same team and they hadn’t lost on he road in the conference. It was the ultimate underdog situation. — Bobby Gonzalez

I’m a big fan of the misunderstood, the vilified, the underdog, the breaking of myths. — Dominic Monaghan

Who’s the favorite or who’s the underdog – we have nothing to do with that. We are who we are and Pittsburgh is who they are. — Mike Holmgren

I think people have misconstrued that. I don’t think we’ve been playing the underdog card. We’ve been playing the us-against-the-world card. I don’t care if you’re a favorite or not, you can still play that card. I think it’s us. We believe in ourselves and we believe that nobody believes in us except us. That’s the approach we’re going to continue to take because that’s all we need is each other. — Ben Roethlisberger

It feels a lot like my first year. We know we can be competitive with them, it’s just a matter of us playing our game. As far as being the underdog is concerned, yes we are the underdog, but we’re going to go out there to do our jobs also. — Mike Thornton

In America, it’s quite admirable if someone’s done well or been successful at whatever it is. Whereas in Britain, they’re not. They only like it when you’re the underdog. — Richard D. James

There’s a place in me that can really relate to being the underdog. — Halle Berry

Underdog isn’t even the word to describe us. I don’t know what we are. I mean, we’re under-under-under-underdogs. — Andrew Bogut

I’m a sucker for any band named after a work of literature. Los de Abajo take their name from Mariano Azuela’s famous novel ‘The Underdogs,’ and that says a lot about who they are and the music they make. — Daniel Alarcon

People only rooted for the underdog in movies, not in middle school. — David Wright

It bothers me to know there is the possibility that I as a Christian would be not only an underdog, but that I would be trodden upon if I claimed that I was a Christian. — Lee Greenwood

With but few exceptions, it is always the underdog who wins through sheer willpower. — Johnny Weissmuller

In the end, glorification of splendid underdogs is nothing other than glorification of the splendid system that makes them so. — Theodor Adorno

Nobody makes me bleed my own blood. Nobody! — Ben Stiller

I want to show that the underdog can win. I believe we’re all the same: you, a slum girl, my mother. — Vikas Swarup

Last season, we kind of compared our season to the Patriots and Red Sox. They’ve shown how you can be an underdog and still win. You still give it your all. — Amy Ryan

We thrive on those situations. We like to be the underdog and like to go under the radar. — Patrick Beilein

I don’t think we’re worried about who’s the underdog or the favorite, we just get to the postseason and now you have the opportunity, … Hopefully, we can seize it. — Matt Clement

It isn’t conscious, I don’t think, in most cases, … If a team is supposed to win, they’re supposed to make plays and the underdog usually is not expected to make plays. Sometimes there are more bad calls that go against underdogs than go against favorites, let’s put it that way. — Rich Brooks

Don’t talk to me about aesthetics or tradition. Talk to me about what sells and what’s good right now. And what the American people like is to think the underdog still has a chance. — George Steinbrenner

I don’t think anybody chooses to be an underdog. — Billy Bob Thornton

I’ve always been seen as the underdog in everything I’ve ever done in my life, and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. The lessons have just made me stronger. — Victor Ortiz

I know I’m always rooting for the underdog in a fight, and I love to be constantly surprised. — Gina Carano

Maybe I have this little underdog thing now, not being out there for three years and coming back. You’ve seen that in the past with some other athletes and it’s nice to feel the same way. — Martina Hingis

When you’re at home, you’re expected to win. The pressure is on you to get it done. On the road, you’re pretty much in the underdog position. It’s much better. — Mark Jackson

And in England there has always been something deeply pro-Arab, of course, not among all Englishmen, and anti-Israeli, in the establishment. They abstained in the 1947 UN partition resolution… They maintained an arms embargo against us in the 1950s… They always worked against us. They think the Arabs are the underdogs. — Shimon Peres

I love comedy. Playing the underdog, and getting the laughs is my form of entertainment. I could think of nothing different that I would want to be doing at this time in my life. — Eugene Levy

I feel like I’m more of the underdog, which is kind of nice. — Katie Hoff

You know, America loves the underdog and I’m no longer the underdog, so if people are going to start taking shots at me, I’m ready for that. — Kid Rock

You know, we’ve been an underdog all year long. And that’s fine. I don’t worry about the odds-makers and all that stuff. Nobody even gave us a chance near the end of the season, after we ran off 11 straight games, that we would even play for the NFC Championship, let alone the Super Bowl. — Mack Strong

Going from underdog to top dog is exciting, but it comes with problems. — Gary Linden

I think it’s the greatest underdog story in the history of American sports. — Mark Frost

I think it changed the atmosphere in this city a little bit, … We’ve always had good clubs, not always veterans. We’ve always had young kids but nothing to this extent during my tenure. Some of those kids are from the area. It really caught on. It energized the town, and created a tremendous amount of interest in the team. You know, they were kind of the underdog kids, and people root for that. — Bobby Cox

Relentless, hungry, a bunch of different words. All underdog words. We’re fighting from the bottom trying to get up to the top. We’re just going to stay that way. — Leroy Hill

We’re the underdog in a lot of matches, which makes us tougher. — Adrian Gonzalez

Of course. There’s no pressure on us when people tell us we’re the underdog. Being an underdog is pretty good. — Joshua Tinch

The outside perception and inside perception of Microsoft are so different. The view of Microsoft inside Microsoft is always kind of an underdog thing. — Bill Gates

Perception is everything. Mariah was totally seen as the underdog (because) those albums were considered failures. — Mimi Valdes

That was a great experience. We were a decided underdog in that game, and we came on and won it. — Chuck Knox

I think we are. And being the underdog definitely fuels our fire. — Mike Ellis

If you’re an underdog, mentally disabled, physically disabled, if you don’t fit in, if you’re not as pretty as the others, you can still be a hero. — Steve Guttenberg

That’s why I wrote ‘Fighter’. I have that need in me to help people. I am all about the underdog. — Christina Aguilera

When you step into an arena like the Civic Center, with so much history that they’ve made in there, yes you do come in as the underdog because they’ve done what they’ve had to do over the years to prove themselves as possibly the greatest program in the country. We’re trying to establish ourselves as a powerhouse school as well. It’s going to be a tough challenge to see where we are as a team. — Seimone Augustus

I always loved the Clippers. You root for the underdog. Obviously, everybody in L.A. is a Laker fan, but deep down inside, you root for the Clippers. If you’re a true Los Angelean, that’s how it happens. You always want the Clippers to do well. — Baron Davis

You can’t be the underdog when you are playing in Canada. We have all the pressure. We have to win. There is nothing taken for granted. — Justin Pogge

I think people have always liked in me the combination of being the underdog because I’m a tiny woman but I have enormous authority in myself. — Linda Hunt

Against Juventus we were massive underdogs, so to beat them was fantastic. — Steven Gerrard

Consciousness-one level is understanding where we are in space. Consciousness two is where we understand our position in society: who’s top dog, who’s underdog and who’s in the middle. And type-three consciousness is simulating the future. And type-three consciousness, only humans have this ability to see far into the future. — Michio Kaku

I don’t think we saw this coming. I thought we were ready. But there are not many conferences who can boast a 12 seed as good as West Virginia. We approached this game like we were the underdog having lost to them, but maybe that wasn’t the right way to do it. — Tom Collen

We relish the underdog role. The dream continues. Cooper High School is in the state final. — Kurt Pauly

I think just looking back at this game, we all have to sit down and think about the energy level that we brought out the second half of the game. We’re the underdog every game now and we just have to bring that energy out with us every game from the beginning. — Carlos Arroyo

The average American is for the underdog, but only on the condition that he has a chance to win. — Bill Vaughan

We’ve been playing pretty well and think that success will hopefully carry over to the tournament. They’re always going to treat us as an underdog being a mid-major team, so hopefully that can work out in our favor. — Matt Shaw

When I see something unjust, I have to intervene – it’s hard for me to watch the underdog suffer. — Kristen Bell

Phil had Michael (Jordan) and the upper hand against Riley in the past, but this time Riley comes in with Shaq. Phil is the underdog now. — Bill Walton

Playing in front of a hostile crowd is motivation for us. We are used to being the underdog in every big game. We just have to hustle more and win all the loose balls. — Gary Clark

I fought for the underdog for a level playing field. — Jeanine Pirro

Records and things like that are made to be broken. The odds can come out on a game and you might be the underdog. Is that saying that the underdog wins? No. I don’t think we put a whole lot of stock in that. — Mike Rucker

My favorite driver is always either the bad guy or the underdog. — Bo Jackson

I would like to be able to have more preparation time as a coach. The less prep time you have the more you leave the game to chance. The more likely an underdog is going to win that sectional final or a team less drilled in scouting and fundamentals might get through if you have less time to prep. — Lance Randall

My mother enjoyed few things more than investing in the underdogs and showing them that they were special and could achieve their dreams. — Geoffrey S. Fletcher

I’ve always felt like the underdog, and I’m comfortable with that label. — Pink

Hate it or love it, the underdogs come out on top. — Curtis Jackson

I’m the most underdog underdog there is. — Barry Goldwater

With our success last year, we’ve had a target on our back all year, especially in our conference. So to get to this point of year and be an underdog again, it’s a bit of relief. — Adrian Tigert

I think (defensive line coach) Tim Cross made a great statement: ‘It isn’t about if we can play with them, but we need to win,’ … I was informed today that we were underdogs. I was informed of the amount (21 points). I will tell you, in my coaching career, this is the most I’ve ever heard that I was an underdog in a game other than a basketball game that I did win. Obviously, we have quite a test. — Greg Robinson

We knew we were the underdog coming in here. We tried to tell ourselves we could win, but we got off to a bad start; couldn’t get our offense going. — Derek Tapscott

I love an underdog. No, I don’t necessarily mean the cartoon. I mean like David, as in Goliath, or the Bears, as in The Bad News Bears. — Nancy Lublin

America champions the underdog. We champion the underdog until he’s not the underdog anymore, and he annoys us. — Ricky Gervais

The Lone Ranger is going to be one of those iconic characters that never rides off into the sunset. We need heroes like him – an underdog who fights the good fight, doesn’t kill, and has some serious mojo when the chips are down. — Mel Odom

It feels great and all that but there is one thing I really miss is being the underdog and really taking it to Fenton. It’s not as much fun as when were trying to beat Fenton because we always thought of them as the top dog. Last year was great but now we just want to stay on top. — Tristan Putnam

People may look at us as an underdog because we are not doing as well, but we have a chance to restart. — Marcus Williams

I think we’re kind of the underdog in conference. If we keep playing like we have been, we should turn some heads. — Chris Valaika

She was a champion of the underdog and took on a number of causes. She was interested in people who didn’t have as much as others did. — Ed Richardson

We’ll take the underdog role and being under the radar. We return some elite kids from a championship team from last year. That being said, there is still a long way to go. — Jake Kiser

The path of begging will always result in our being treated as an underdog and we have been treated as such for too long. — Cde Mugabe

We were a 17-point underdog (against Houston). For pro football, that’s huge. — Jerry Glanville

Our job is to go down and do everything in our power to win, … I don’t want to go down there and just be competitive. I want to win. Would I say we’re an underdog? Probably so. But we were an underdog last week, too. — Phil Bennett

Seattle doesn’t look like an underdog to me. — Teddy Atlas

We’ve got to start getting some positive momentum. A win is very important for us and the positive momentum will snowball. And the longer we stay in games, the more pressure it puts on other teams knowing that the underdog is still competing. — Brian Durocher

People want to see the underdog win once in a while and this is a chance for the kid with the good heart. — Paul Gordon

Beware of barking at underdogs; don’t fight with people who have nothing to lose. — Dory Previn

I think we wanted it more. From the start, we were saying that we were going to win this with our drive. It was anyone’s game. We were the underdog and we knew it. — Meaghan Fisk

He was an underdog all the way. It was real surprising for him to finish second. — Jim Jordan

Philly has a little bit of an underdog sense of itself and it doesn’t even realize how great it is. — Keith Bellows

We’re the underdog always and we like that. Even though we are the higher seed, we’ve proven nothing to Marquette because they beat us pretty good when we played them. They have good size inside and we had no answers for (Andy) Miller inside the lane. They are very big and strong and we have our work cut out for us. — Chad Ambuehl

We’ll come up here and give them a battle tomorrow night. I’m sure we are a 20-point underdog again, but we’ll see. — Butch Waller

But, it’s much easier to do that than produce the movies from scratch. It excites the same thing in me, whether we build it from the ground up, or whether we come on when the movie is done or almost done. The idea of supporting the underdog and getting a smaller movie out there in a big way is equally exciting. — Jason Blum

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