Vibe ?

Take a trip through my mind, I think it’s one of a kind/
Everyday I be growing, gotta steady my grind/
Never took a break, but taking care of my time/
Only way is up and I know how to shine/
Happiness is key and I’m feeling just fine/
Appealing to the heavens while I’m Building my shrine/                                             Manifesting energy I feel it in my Spine/
Tell you what I want to do my people lets Vibe/

Behold it if I thought then I bestowed it
Flowing with the current rowing
Loving my life now and where it’s going/
Prudent so that means I’m wise, emitting this confidence you can see it in my eyes/
Ti-thin sharing this knowledge so there is no surprise
Missing the mindset to make you rise/ flying
Through sky high, if this was an ocean I’d make a tide
Believing in your self is something that can push your drive I’m/
Going through a transformation right before your eyes
cut the ties of the negatively that can arise
Shoot for the prize, if it’s not helping then tell it bye/
Only stick with the people That’s with you and Down to Ride/

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