What Is A Karmic Relationship? 10 Common Signs

Karmic relationship comes with a magnetic attraction that feels as though it is beyond your control. You see your new partner as perfect, flawless and destined for you.

This relationship is short-lived, and it is characterized by strong emotional feelings and pains that are as a result of the challenges that leave lessons for the two lovers.

Karmic relationship, while it lasts, creates some roller-coaster kind of feelings. The lovers fight all the time and make-up each of the time. Once the fighting is over, it’s as though the relationship never had any downsides. And in no time, they are cuddling again.

Even with the numerous challenges of the relationship, there is a constant fear of break up.

Experts are of the opinion that karmic relationships may occur as a result of past challenging relationships or lifestyle or hardships that made the victims want to move on with their lives to get over the past hurts.

The parties in a karmic relationship feel strongly bonded together even though they may have just met.

Karmic relationship is heavily characterized by passion, instant attraction, strong bond, conflicts, challenges, over-protection, weakness, addiction and so on.

Signs of Karmic Relationship

  1. Can’t let go

The lovers may not have any past histories, yet when suddenly they fall in love, they are overwhelmed by affection, unable to let go, unable to explain, or even understand their strong bond.

They would instantly become afraid of losing each other, any serious thought of separation can make anyone of them fall sick. It feels like sapping all of his or her energy.

Even when things start to fall apart, the partners live with the belief that things will get better soon.

The two lovers have set their minds to believe that there is no life outside of their union. They don’t even want to try options.

The clearer it becomes for an imminent breakup the greater their pain.

Being that some cases of karmic relationship resulted from past hurts and pain, the two partners involved would prefer the present trauma than ever going back to their past pains and depression.

  1. Frustration

For the fact that the relationship lacks a genuine attraction, their envisioned high expectations may not be met which may lead to frustration.

They may appear so happy, inseparable, passionate today but tomorrow their relationship may set them through immense pain and confusion. They are constantly facing ups and downs.

The painful and challenging part of the relationship is usually noticed when their individualistic way of life wins over their initial desire to stick together.

  1. Poor communication

Two individuals coming together with superseding passion, then having suffered frustration will start to have doubts which will lead to constant quarrels that will create some distance and poor communication.

What happens is that the instant attraction has not given them the opportunity to nurture and test their love and to allow it to grow, and so they are now learning the hard way.

  1. Trigger their fears

It would seem as though all their relationship fears have all visited them to bring out the worst in them and to set them as prey for failure.

The constant fights, the pains of not being understood or taken seriously by their partner, the fact that their partner no longer gives them due attention, the trauma, and so on will all become a tool to triggering their individual fears.

And sometimes they may come to realize sadly that their soulmate has some mysterious part of them that they treasure more than they treasure them.

In all, they become saddened and may face their worst fears individually.

  1. Self-centeredness

The more their differences manifest, the more they try to look out for their individual needs, the more disappointed they become, the more divided and self-centered they become.

Finding out the ugly side of their partner may be an eye-opener, and in reaction, they become more and more self-centered.

Couples that suddenly got entangled hardly know anything about each other, they don’t even understand how their partner may react to serious issues, and all of these may contribute to division and self-seeking.

  1. Breakups and makeups

Sometimes it seems as though the lovers can’t survive the next minute together. They may sometimes breakup and quickly come back together. The passion and pains are just too much.

  1. Makes excuses for their partners

With all the pains and confusion, they may still find themselves defending and excusing the excesses of their partner.

Somehow, they believe that they understand why their partner did what they did, or they may start to believe that they deserve some of the odds of the relationship.

When they’re confronted by friends or family, they would take the side of their lover. And sometimes, they may go the extra mile trying to keep their friends and family far away from their life just to protect their lover.

  1. One-sided

In most cases, the relationship will drift to create a monster as one of the two partners becomes self-seeking while the other person makes all efforts to be there for them.

A one-sided karmic relationship is the enabler of abuse. And this abuse can come in so many ways like emotional abuse, psychological abuse, etc.

This abuse is sometimes misunderstood or overlooked until it gets worse.

  1. You are messed

Karmic relationship can actually take a turn for the worse if not stopped on time.

They may be going through emotional pains, trauma, insecurity, abuse, then having lost the trust of their friends, they realize rather too late that they don’t have anyone to talk to.

The two lovers cannot help but undergo some most difficult love lessons even as their lives are in shambles.

Even as things get messy, they still cling to each other as though their lives depend on it, and they may manage some of the damages together because they believe that somehow beyond the pains and agony that their destinies are tied.

  1. It dies eventually

This is the ugliest feeling they may get but experts have described it as a good development.

Their worst fears of seeing the relationship die will happen eventually as karmic relationship is not known to last.

But the reason experts think that losing the relationship is good is because it will give them the needed opportunity to go their separate ways, grow, and learn some important love lessons.

These lessons cannot happen if they are bonded together but will only occur as they disintegrate and go their separate ways.

The Learning Curve of Karmic Relationship

Their learning curve after being through karmic relationship is very deep, and enough to lead them through life.

They learn with firsthand experience from all the negative happenings which will now help them to make amendments and grow.

Karmic relationship will offer them the needed opportunities to even learn about themselves, exposing them to some of the things they never knew about themselves.

If they take full responsibility, then they are ready to start building themselves back.

After this, they will get better and stronger in future relationships.

How to Walk from Karmic Relationship

Karmic relationship is toxic, it does not last, and even for the short period that it may last, it is filled with emotional trauma, fights, breakups, and makeups.

Even though taking a walk may seem extremely difficult, yet it is attainable once one of the partners or the two partners set their mind to it. In fact, they should go their separate ways so as to start their healing process.

But how do they walk away from what they shared?

First of all, they need support or help. If they can get experts to aid them, that would be great but if not, they may start by talking to their friends and family.

Secondly, they should take some deep reflection, think things through. Answer some serious questions like, how has the relationship helped their growth?

What role did they play? What lessons have they learned? And so on.

Thirdly, they must not rush into relationships until they are completely healed from the first.


Karmic relationship may seem harmless at first but toxic later on. You must look out for signs that accompany the victims at first, signs like instant attraction, being overwhelmed by it, and going emotional.

You should be able to check these early signs and think things through before you ever get your heart committed.

 If you are unsure if you are already in it yet, you may want to consider your reactions like when you can’t let go even though you hardly know them, you are frustrated, having poor communication, all your fears of falling in love have come to light, a constant fight, you have to cover up for their excesses or their abuses against you.

If you discover all of these signs, quite the relationship, think things through, learn from your mistakes, and grow.

Do you have suggestions? Have you been through this type of relationship? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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