What Makes a Man Attractive? 14 Scientific Ways

Are you attractive to your women? Do you know what makes a man attractive to women? Maybe you have studied the law of attractiveness and tried hard to get where you are today, or probably you have Inborn features that are most likable to most peoples.

Most of the time, men are at a loss when it comes to knowing what a woman wants, and of course, there is no exact science that can tell us what do women find attractive.

However, we will try our best to highlight in this article what makes a guy attractive to women. You can also learn how to get someone to like you.

Through research and experimentation, psychological science and biological sciences come up with many ideas about the traits and behaviors that make men more appealing to women.

What makes a guy attractive to women?

Every man wants to be attractive to his woman. So that he can build a healthy relationship. But most of the men fail to know precisely about women’s desires. Let’s discuss in detail what women find attractive in men.

How men can appear more attractive?

1. Make Your Partner Laugh

Humor is an attractive trait. Everyone loves to spend time with a person who has a great sense of humor because everyone wants to stay happy. Even the research conducted on human behavior also reveals that a sense of humor matters a lot in being attractive to any person. The ability of a man to make his women laugh and enjoy makes him attractive to that woman. Moreover, you can also build a romantic connection by this super attractive trait.

According to some research, if two people laugh at the same thing, they share value and perspective.

However, men get less attracted to the woman who has a good sense of humor because women’s reward center in the brain is more reactive and responsive to jokes than men.

2. Wear Sunglasses

Sunglasses are supposed to protect the eyes from UV rays. But they also hide facial symmetry through which we perceive someone attractive. As the eyes, which seem to be a great source of information, get covered, Hence, attract the women.

3. Grow Beard and Mustache

Many studies show that the facial hairs of men appear to be attractive to women. Women tend to find beardedness attractive when judging long-term relationships.

Yet many men decide not to get the facial hairs grown due to the pain to keep trimmed. However, different cross-culture studies reveal that both men and women with groomed facial hair appear to be more mature and attractive. So, beard makes you look great and appealing. For being attractive, kempt facial hairs are not necessary, but hairs.

Moreover, the clean-shaved man who even has a masculine body appears to be less attractive to the woman than a man with a full beard. However, it also depends upon what women want. Whether she wants a husband or one night stand the man. Bearded men are more appealing to the woman searching for a long-term relationship.

4. Be Loyal and Sincere

Nowadays, society has reached a landscape of networking. And people appear to be more involved in dating than they are in finding someone to interact with; this can be due to the emergence of dating sites and apps.

When a man genuinely tries to get involved with a woman and attempts to be honest in their relationships, it’s a real turnaround for women because they don’t get honesty very much.

Even though you’re just seeking for short-term, being open and truthful about your motives is one of the best ways to impress women. However, this honest gets appreciated by average women.

Moreover, you can also build trust in a relationship.

5. Be a Good Narrator

The ability of a man to tell the story in an exciting and engaging style attracts the woman. She enjoys it when a man gets interested in sharing a story about what he has done with the other guys or important events in his life.

If a man is a good storyteller, it means he has excellent communication skills. Which are very useful in impressing the woman, and she prefers to trust him.

6. Body Hairs

Man prefers to choose the woman who has a smooth and hairless body. Although, a man who has hair on his body seems attractive to a woman.

Women like the men, who have little bit hairs on their body, even man also don’t want to have long hairs on their body.

A few chest hairs slightly coming out of a V-neck shirt will go a long way in making you visually attractive to the right women. And this is because the hairs of the body are a symbol of growth and reproductive success. So, it contributes heavily to the physical attraction of a man.

7. Be Physical Active

Men not only focus on the facial features of the women. But also note their legs to use as a trait to measure the physical attractiveness.

Similarly, women also pay attention to the men’s legs, calf muscles, and hip ratio. Built calves and a healthy hip ratio are attractive because they don’t just look good; they say you’re physically active.

Toned chest, hip ratio, shoulders, and arms are evidence of a physically healthy man and thinking for his physical condition. And these parts of the body get seen easily through the clothes.  

Moreover, having strong muscles means you are a powerful man who can protect women. And the hip ratio reflects the person’s ability to reproduce and strive for the survival of species.

8. A Feminine Side

Besides facial appeal, men can be more appealing to women when they like something that is not typically masculine. Demonstrating your feminine side will earn you some extra dates and make you look more sexually enticing to women.

 In reality, women find a man exciting and physically attractive when he takes an interest in feminine things and is confident enough in their sexuality to be willing to show their real interest.

However, this trait previously was not included in the list of appealing things. Recent research on human behavior in the university revealed this trait in men had become a more pleasurable and physically desirable function for women today. 

Moreover, the researchers showed that men appear to be attractive to women when they pay attention to their grooming- such as using a good cologne and making their clothes selection carefully. The reason behind this comes from a modern western society where these characteristics are considered feminine.

Further, men who have taken part in tasks that have always been assigned to a female in a household environment – such as cooking, washing, and child-rearing – have often been found more visually desirable by women.

9. Take some interest in Music

Men who like music appear to be more attractive to women. So, try to be into the music and learn their favorite songs. If your favorite song isn’t among the top 40, then you have better chances to impress and attract women.

However, if they don’t like your song, don’t worry; having a diverse taste in music is enough to be appealing for them. The man who walks around with a guitar is more attractive than other men.

10. Intelligence

No matter what your gender or desires, intellect is attractive.

The Journal of Personality and Social Science shows the importance of cognitive appraisal as a differentiator of emotional attraction. You don’t have to be a big intellect or a major geek to turn a girl on, but you do need to be a little smart and ready to indulge in an engaging and rational discussion.

The more random knowledge you know, the more appealing you are.

11. Love Newborns

The men who behave nicely and love the babies get more attraction from women than those who ignore newborns. So, babysit your nephew or niece once in a while. His parents would also enjoy the support. Hence, it’s a win-win for everybody.

12. Integrity

Pure men who behave honestly and bravely in difficult situations are more attractive to women. Integrity is crucial because if you have credibility and are trustworthy, that ensures that you are much less likely to cheat on them and that you are more likely to be loyal and polite.

13. Be Gentleman

Being a gentleman doesn’t mean to pull the chair and open the door for a woman. It would be better to have excellent and impressive manners like saying the words like thank you, appreciated, etc.

Moreover, giving them flowers and gifts will make you attractive to a woman.

14. Approachability

Studies have shown that while women are drawn to attractive men when it comes to short relationships, they look to more approachable gentlemen for a serious relationship. So, approachability is one of the most likable traits for women.


Great! You have now come to know what makes a man attractive. Now following all the tips mentioned above, you can attract women.

However, not all women are the same. So, some of the tips do not work for all but the majority.

Please share your experience with what makes a man attractive in the comment section below.

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