When we write

Woke up this morning planning to write a self help tip before I could go far, I felt the urge to write this piece. To celebrate all the writers I have come across and those I am yet to meet.

Despite our diversity,

We find something we share in common,

Something that binds us,

That makes us reason together,

That makes us listen and learn from the other.

That very thing breaks the barrier of






Today I celebrate all our writings

A piece of thought in the mind turned into

Amazing articles,

Profitable tips,

Answers to questions.

All in the bid to add value to humanity

Our thirst for knowledge gave us this common ground we share

Our quest to contribute to humanity keeps us going.

I celebrate our writing today because it will out live us,

It will save someone tomorrow,

It teach someone self-esteem,

It will show someone how to believe in them self,

It will give hope and save a relationship,

It will take someone around the world in their living rooms.

As you read through drop a comment and celebrate the purpose we have this platform. We are here because we write. I celebrate you all.

20 thoughts on “When we write”

  1. This is a great piece. Any piece of writing can have a massive impact on a person, all it has to do is speak to them in some way. We all contribute in our own way and we should remember that as we write.


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